Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro will make the atmosphere in the house healthier as it removes all volatile chemicals that can cause allergic reactions and chronic diseases, as well as viruses, bacteria and fungi. This device is recommended for rooms up to 60 m². It is capable of passing up to 500 m³ of air per hour. Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro is equipped with three filters: pre-filter, carbon and HEPA. As the air gradually passes through them, it becomes perfectly clean and safe. The device is installed on the floor, equipped with a display, electronic control, indicators of operation and filter contamination.


Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro comes standard with:

  • Documentation;
  • Plug cable.


The Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro air purifier has a modern design, and the main body parts are made of white plastic.

Main characteristics

Installation floor
Power consumption 66 W
Maximum air exchange 500 m3/h
Control electronic
Smartphone control WiFi
Maximum noise level 68 dB
Dimensions (mm) 735/260/260
The weight 8 kg

Functions and Modes

This device is always ready to give you fresh air and purify it not only of pollutants, lint and pollen, but also of formaldehyde and viral elements. The XiaoMi Pro Air Purifier has a built-in high sensitivity laser sensor that can detect pollutants as small as 0.3um. In addition, performance is automatically adjusted by assessing the degree of contamination. The air purifier shows the time and current settings on a compact OLED display. The brightness is adjusted automatically.


Undoubtedly, the Mi Air Purifier Pro is a powerful and effective tool for combating dangerous and harmful substances contained in the air.