We have collected devices in different form factors in the rating of wireless headphones in 2020: both completely wireless (TWS) and overhead. All models in our top are equipped with a microphone and can work as a headset.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+

The updated Galaxy Buds+ wireless earbuds came out with the Galaxy S20 line earlier this year. The model received a stylish design, a very comfortable vacuum design with interchangeable ear pads and a powerful sound. We wrote more about Buds + in the review.

The Buds+ can last up to 11 hours on a single charge, and in just three minutes in the case, they have enough power for an hour of music playback. The gadget connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth 5.0 and can work with both Android and iOS. However, the full range of headphone features will be available when connected to Samsung models.

Headphones are available in four vibrant colors: white, red, black and pearlescent. A model from Samsung can be bought for an average of 9,000 rubles.

Marshall Monitor II

Full-size headphones from the renowned audio manufacturer Marshall will be a good choice for true music lovers. Due to their design, they provide the best sound quality and powerful bass: if it is simply impossible to install large speakers in earplugs and earbuds, then overhead models do not have such a problem. Here are 40 mm drivers with a sensitivity of 96 dB.

The model is equipped with an active noise reduction system that can be configured in a separate application. Headphones work without recharging up to 30 hours – which is very long for a full-size model.

The headset folds easily (the bowls are mounted on movable hinges), so it is convenient to carry it with you. The device also comes with a storage bag.
We have already tested the Marshall Monitor II headphones, you can read more about them in the review.

Sony WH-H910N

You can also find good on-ear and wireless headphones from Sony – for example, the WH-H910N model. Like the Marshall headset, they can also be wired via the 3.5mm jack. However, users note that Bluetooth sound is better. The frequency range of this model is even wider than the human ear can perceive – 5-40000 Hz. Headphones also work with Handsfree, A2DP, Headset, AVRCP profiles. But support for Apt-X, unfortunately, is not provided.

To control the sound, you can use the touch buttons on the cups. Noise reduction here is digital, but quite high-quality – nevertheless, the design of the “ears” in itself well isolates a person from external noise. The model is available in black, blue and red. Prices for Sony headphones are traditionally not the most budgetary – from 20,000 rubles. An interesting fact: for this money you can buy about ten pairs of Xiaomi AirDots.

Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro

Music lovers will also like the headset from the American brand Anker – this is the flagship model of TWS headphones, made on the basis of the new ACAA (Astria Coaxial Acoustic Architecture) speaker system. Simply put, a dynamic and armature driver are combined here, due to which high sound quality is achieved in all ranges. You can customize the sound to your taste directly from your smartphone: using the Hear ID application. In addition to the standard equalizer, 22 presets are available for different musical genres.

The earbuds come with a case that can last up to 32 hours. On a single charge, the gadget will last up to 8 hours at medium volume. There is also fast charging: just ten minutes in the case is enough for two hours of playback. Qualcomm’s Qualcomm Quad Mic System is used for noise reduction and clear voice transmission during calls.

Jabra Elite 75t

The updated Jabra Elite 75t model not only became more compact, but also received a more powerful battery – now the headphones can work without recharging for more than 7 hours. The battery case lasts for two full charge cycles, and in 15 minutes the headset replenishes the energy reserve for an hour of playback.

Like the previous Elite 65t model, the headphones boast balanced sound in all ranges and rich bass. You can set the equalizer in the Jabra Sound+ smartphone app. Noise cancellation here is only passive, but of sufficient quality, since the earplugs themselves isolate well from external sounds.

HONOR AM66 Sport Pro

The HONOR AM66 Sport Pro are some of the best true wireless earbuds for sports in 2020. They are securely fastened in the ears due to the shape of the earbuds and do not fall out even during active training. They are protected to IPX5 and are not afraid of splashing water, rain and sweat. Also, there is a magnet on each earpiece – they can be connected to each other when they hang around the neck.

The headset works without recharging up to 18 hours, and charges in about an hour. On the wiring that connects the headphones, there is a remote control for sound and calls. Compared to other models in the ranking, HONOR is quite inexpensive – they cost about 4,000 rubles.

HUAWEI FreeBuds 3

The FreeBuds 3 headphones from HUAWEI are the first active noise canceling earbuds. We talked about them in our review. And although the noise cancellation here works worse than in full-size models or earplugs, it is much better than in other in-ear headphones.

It is best if you use FreeBuds 3 with a HUAWEI phone – only on Android EMUI devices will all the gadget’s functions be available, such as colorful animation when connected and automatic mute when taking off the headphones.
The model has high-quality sound (which can be configured via a smartphone application) and works without recharging for about 4 hours. This is not a record value, but very decent for compact TWS headphones.

Jays m-Seven True Wireless

The model from the Swedish company Jays is a classic vacuum earbuds in the form of droplets, somewhat reminiscent of Galaxy Buds or Jabra. The device also comes with three sets of ear pads for a comfortable fit. The headphones themselves are equipped with 6 mm drivers with a high sensitivity of 85 dB. The gadget connects via Bluetooth 5.0 and supports Handsfree, A2DP, Headset and AVRCP wireless profiles.

The headset can work without recharging up to 9 hours – and this is very cool. At the same time, it takes only an hour to charge, and the model can work up to 38 hours from the case. The earphones are IPX5 water resistant and are suitable for training or jogging in the fresh air – even in the rain.

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