An indispensable attribute of winter fishing is an ice drill, only with its help you can drill a thick layer of ice. However, its use is not always possible. The replacement was an ice drill, supplemented by a cordless screwdriver. In order for the tool to work smoothly in the most difficult climatic conditions, you need to figure out which screwdriver to choose for an ice drill.

Types of screwdrivers – pros and cons

  1. Classic hand held ice screws.


  • affordable cost;
  • simple design.

Disadvantages of the tool:

  • useless with an ice layer of more than half a meter;
  • when you need to drill a large number of holes, you have to make serious efforts.
  1. Petrol motor drill.


  • power and efficiency;
  • specially designed for drilling holes in ice.


  • high price;
  • high noise level;
  • significant weight.

For winter fishing, a hole with a diameter of 150 mm is quite enough; the vast majority of gasoline powered drills are designed for drilling wells with a diameter of 200 mm or more.

Thus, many experienced anglers prefer to use an improved ice drill design for drilling holes in ice – supplemented with a cordless screwdriver.

Important parameters

Considering that the main function of the tool is to drill holes in a significant layer of ice, it is important to choose a screwdriver with the appropriate power. It is best to choose the model with the maximum value. There are also models that do not need to be connected to the mains.

When asked what screwdriver to use for an ice ax, experts with many years of experience advise taking into account the following operational parameters.

Battery voltage

The optimal parameters range from 18 to 36 V. The voltage determines the performance of the tool, that is, the speed of rotation and the ability to cope with heavy loads. The higher the value, the faster and easier the tool will go through any thickness of ice.


The optimum value is in the range from 40 to 80 Nm. The characteristic shows the material of what density and hardness the tool works with. The larger the parameter, the easier the ice ax drills through the ice.

Battery capacity

The optimal value is approximately 4 ampere-hours. The characteristic indicates how long the tool will work without additional recharging. For winter fishing, it is preferable to buy a screwdriver with the most capacious battery.

When studying the question of which cordless screwdriver to choose, it is important to familiarize yourself with the following parameters:

  • strength – the body of the tool must be reliable, resistant to mechanical stress, easily withstand shock;
  • resistance to extreme temperatures – the technical characteristics of the device indicate at what minimum temperature operation is permissible.

It is important to determine which adapter to choose between the electric tool and the ice ax so as not to allow the screw-shaped rod to scroll in the finished product. The optimal shape of the adapter is a hexagon.

Which screwdriver battery to choose

The following batteries are considered the most popular:

  • lithium-ion – lightweight, quickly recharges, can fail after exposure to extremely low temperatures, in addition, a tool with such a battery is expensive;
  • nickel-cadmium – resistant to sudden temperature changes, able to withstand and work at temperatures of -150 degrees, but the tool is heavy;
  • Nickel-metal hydride – the rarest type of battery, less heavy than nickel-cadmium and resistant to cold.

According to experienced anglers, the best solution is a screwdriver with a nickel-cadmium battery. Such a tool is able to work for a long time in the cold, but in case of force majeure it is better to have an additional battery with you. To keep a spare battery from getting cold, it’s best to keep it in your pocket while the first one is in the tool.

Which ice ax screwdriver to choose – an overview of the best models

Bosch GSR 18-2

Bosch GSR 18-2

Compact model weighing 2 kg. The battery voltage is 18 V, the maximum torque is 80 Nm, the battery capacity is 3 Ah. The type of charger is nickel-cadmium, the model is supplemented with work area illumination and a convenient carrying case.

Bosch GSR 18 VE-2-LI

Bosch GSR 18 VE-2-LI

Professional, durable tool powered by a 3 Ah Li-Ion battery (two included). The tool fits comfortably in the hand thanks to rubberized pads. The voltage (battery voltage) is 18 V, the maximum torque is 88 Nm. The weight of the tool is a little less than 2.5 kg. For convenience of work illumination of a working zone is provided, and for comfortable transportation – a compact case.

Makita 8414 DWAE

Makita 8414 DWAE

Professional impact screwdriver weighing 2.4 kg. The maximum torque value is 65 Nm, the battery capacity is slightly less than 2 Amp-hours (two pieces are included), the battery voltage is 12 V, the battery type is nickel-cadmium. Transportation of the tool is carried out in a convenient case.

Makita 8434 DWFE

Makita 8434 DWFE

The cordless impact driver is compact and lightweight – it weighs 2.5 kg. The maximum torque value is 65 Nm, the battery capacity is 2.8 Ah, the tool voltage is 14.4 V. The device has high performance and durability. Powered by a nickel-metal hydride charger.

Hitachi DS18DSFL

Hitachi DS18DSFL

Compared to other models, this screwdriver has less torque – 41 Nm. Battery type – lithium-ion, capacity – 1.5 Amp-hours (two pieces are included in the package). The voltage is 18 V. The device is light – 1.7 kg, transported in a case.

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Some practical advice from experts

To upgrade a manual ice ax, you will need:

  • screw rod from a classic ice ax;
  • adapter;
  • automatic detail – screwdriver.

What screw do you need

As a rule, experts recommend using screws from hand-held ice axes of the Mora brand. They are ideal for automating the tool needed to organize a fishing spot. The Swedish brand offers a wide variety of models, among which it is easiest to adapt the products of the following lines to a hand-held fishing device:

  • Mora Nova System;
  • Expert Pro;
  • Ice Micro.

With a limited budget and certain skills, you can try using an ice drill of well-known domestic brands Tornado or Barnaul.

If you choose an ice drill of other brands, pay attention to the design of the product – it must be of a collapsible type in order to disconnect the handle from the auger necessary for further work.


This structural detail must also be of a certain type. If the original model of the ice drill is the Mora brand, it is enough to purchase an adapter nozzle. It is important to choose a part in accordance with the ice screw series:

  • Mora Nova System line – an adapter with a diameter of 22 mm is suitable;
  • a product line with a handle that extends when necessary – an adapter with a diameter of 18 mm is used.

The cost of parts varies in the range of 700 rubles.

Adapter tail shape

Only the tail part in the form of a hexagon prevents the free scrolling of the rod in an electric tool.

In case of severe frost

In especially severe winters, the ice layer can reach 120 cm; the standard tool length is not enough to organize a hole. To double the length of the ice screw, you need to purchase a rod insert.

How to make an adapter at home

As a basis, the Mora adapter is suitable. The right side of the part remains unchanged and is a hexagon in a circle.

The left part must be selected in accordance with the shape and design of the tail of the screw rod.

  1. The tail part is made in the form of a hexagon.

The simplest situation is when the diameter of the inner part of the pipe is 12 mm. The adapter is made from a conventional hexagonal key in the form of the letter “G”. A shortened part is cut off from it, a mounting hole is drilled at a distance of 2 cm from the edge of the product. The hole must be cut with an M4 thread.

  1. The tail section of a different design.

An adapter for a modernized, automatic ice ax must be ordered, but the cost of such a product is unlikely to exceed the price of an original adapter from a well-known trading company.

Video Tips

In continuation of the article, we suggest watching a video on how to choose an ice ax screwdriver and use it correctly.

In order to choose a suitable screwdriver and not find yourself in a difficult situation at the fishing spot when the model does not fit, you should know what parameters it is desirable for it to have. And based on the above rating, you can quickly decide on the choice of a suitable model.