The main task of the grinder in the garden is the separation of large natural debris: bark, branches, cones, foliage into smaller parts and their disposal in this way. A variety of appliance manufacturers offer consumers the best model that can only be purchased from them. But which garden shredder to choose and how to do it right, we suggest reading below.

Types and features of shredders

All garden choppers differ in three key criteria: blade system, engine type and power.

Knife system

Disk the system consists of a shaft and several (from two or more) strong steel knives, which are assembled in the form of a disk. When the shaft moves, it sets the course for the knives. Such a shredder does an excellent job with small and soft debris: leaves, stems, grass, thin branches.

Milling the system is made in the form of a gear and consists of one element, it lacks several separate knives. It is considered more reliable and powerful, it can grind even large branches with a diameter of up to 5 mm.

engine’s type

Petrol choppers are the most powerful (up to 8 kW), work with large debris (branches up to 6 mm thick), do not depend on the electrical network. Can be used autonomously even in large areas. Well proved in municipal and large farms and gardening enterprises. Noisy, heavy, clumsy. Most often produced with a metal case and weighing about 50 kg or more.

Electrical shredders have less power than gasoline ones, they work with small debris and branches of 3.-3.5 cm (maximum – up to 4-5 cm). They turn on from the mains, so they are more suitable for private courtyards. Quiet, inexpensive, lightweight due to the plastic case and compact dimensions. With the right choice, the models will not disappoint in domestic use.

Power and performance

This criterion is divided into three groups of shredders.

Amateur (domestic) – choppers for a private home with a small amount of work. Power up to 1.6 kW, electric motor, blade chopping system. Lightweight and mobile, they work with branches up to 3 cm in girth. Good as a utilizer of weeds, grass, stems and foliage.

semi-professional – medium power models, often have additional functions (retraction system, reverse), usually electric type. They process small plant debris and branches up to 3.5 cm.

Professional – very productive models with a gasoline engine, power 3.8 kW, some models are even more powerful. There is always a function of retracting branches through large funnels. They work with debris up to 6 cm thick. Heavy and very noisy.

Overview of the best models

Bosch AXT 2000 RAPID

One of the most popular models. The well-known manufacturer has proven itself in the market, which guarantees quality, durability and performance. Great option for a small private backyard. Lightweight, reliable, functional, with a system of sharp knives and a special protective cover. The case is plastic.

Bosch AXT 2000 RAPID


Economical model with knife cutting system. Processes branches up to 45 mm in diameter, suitable for summer cottages or suburban areas. The case is plastic, lightweight, the connection system is electrical, there is a capacious compartment for collecting processed products.



Powerful and productive garden shredder from an Austrian brand. Drum chopping system with a cutting shaft, the maximum recommended branch diameter is 42 mm. Very large funnel for loading branches and roller tightening mechanism. A good helper for active gardeners.


Expert advice

To determine which garden shredder is best, experienced gardeners and professional sellers recommend considering the following criteria:

  1. Purpose. This takes into account the size of the site and the area that directly needs regular cleaning from branches and leaves. It is important to choose the right power and size of the chopper for the intended scope of work, so as not to make unnecessary expenses if the chosen model suddenly does not fit. So, for a standard farmstead of 6-9 acres, an ordinary garden electric chopper is quite suitable, while the dimensions of the site are larger and the equipment is supposed to be more powerful. But if almost all the space is occupied by a garden, then even in a modest area, an inefficient model may not be able to cope.
  1. outgoing product. Different models differ in the degree of grinding – they make small and large sawdust, pieces of wood, shavings. The small fraction is beneficial for those who make the compost themselves, but the large elements at the exit are successfully used to decorate the site and to protect the soil around trees or in flower beds.
  2. Safety. This criterion considers the presence of a protective cover, spatula or handle for pushing the branches inside, or a special function of automatic feeding, when the branches themselves are “sucked” into the chopper. Also, experts recommend paying attention to the blocking and reverse (reverse) functions, which help if too large a branch enters the device.
  3. Convenience. The first is the availability of an electric line in the cleaning area. Usually, for small areas, mains-operated models are recommended, but if the shape of the site, for example, is narrow and elongated, and the outlet is at the very beginning, then you either have to carry armfuls of garbage to the house or work with extension cords. Both of these are not very convenient. An alternative in such cases is a gasoline machine. The noise level can also be attributed to convenience: for gasoline shredders, this parameter is higher than for electric ones. Powerful choppers work louder than their less powerful counterparts.
  4. Design. The lightweight plastic body and wide wheels make it easier to move the shredder around the site, while the metal body is considered more durable. Narrow and small wheels are suitable only for moving the device along garden paths or for working near the house – they will get stuck in loose spring and autumn soil.

What types of garden shredders are better and how to choose them correctly, we suggest watching the video:

The video tells about the choice of a garden shredder according to several criteria, as well as recommendations from a specialist and an overview of popular models.

A garden shredder in a summer cottage is a convenient and often used thing. And in order to choose it correctly, you should know how to do it. We hope that the above information will help you.