For each category of models, we have compiled a rating of epilators for 2019-2020, compiled according to reviews and ratings from buyers of online sites.

Laser epilators

Once upon a time, only salons offered laser hair removal. Now it is not necessary to go to the master – there are laser models for home use. Laser hair removal technology looks like this: an infrared beam acts directly on the hair follicle, which, unable to withstand the radiation, dies after several treatment approaches. After several successive regular epilations, hair growth in these places stops completely.

Laser hair removal can be used on any area of ​​the skin, including the face. You can evaluate laser epilators and decide which one is better to choose in 2019-2020 in the selection below.

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X

  • Power – battery
  • Modes – 5
  • Price – 17,592 rubles.

Portable diode model for all skin types and epilation areas, including the bikini area and face. Equipped with a skin color sensor, LED display, and power control. The kit comes with a charger to replenish the battery life. Full charge time is half an hour. There is a pulse counter.

Rio LAHC6 Yes Laser

  • Power supply – from the mains
  • Modes – 5
  • Price – 21,600 rubles.

Convenient home epilator with a wide informative display located on the base, which is powered by the mains. The model can be used for all areas, including the face and sensitive areas of the skin. There are 2 types of hair removal – point and scanning, at the user’s choice. At the same time, an area of ​​1.3 cm2 is affected. Available 5-level power adjustment, as well as blocking the device.

Beurer IPL7500

  • Power supply – from the mains
  • Modes – 3
  • Price – 13,000 rubles.

Network model for all types of zones, equipped with a contact sensor that recognizes contact with the skin. The laser cartridge is designed for 150,000 pulses. The zone of active radiation coverage is 3.1 cm2. Power is adjustable – you can set one of 3 levels.


The principle of hair removal is the use of a pulsed light beam. The epilator emits light in the form of flashes that heat the melanin contained in the hair. From heating, the capillary nutrition of the hair follicle stops, the hair dies, after which it can be easily and without pain removed from the skin.

The skin treatment process is simple, painless and effortless. It is considered one of the safest due to the absence of mechanical effects on the skin. The effect lasts about 2 months until the follicle recovers. An additional effect is the thinning of the hair structure after several sessions. It is worth noting that the darker the hair and the more melanin it contains, the faster and easier it is removed.

To understand which epilator to choose for home use, take a look at our top of the best models marked by users.

CosBeauty Perfect Smooth

  • Power supply – from the mains
  • Modes – 8
  • Price — 14 990 rubles.

Flash epilator with skin tone sensor, flash counter and slip mode. Additionally, skin cleansing (photopeeling) and photorejuvenation modes are available. In addition to choosing a program, the user can adjust the intensity of the flash exposure. At the same time, a skin area of ​​4.5 cm2 is treated. The reserve of the cartridge is 300 thousand pulses.


  • Power supply – from the mains
  • Modes – 7
  • Price – 6390 rubles.

Comfortable ergonomic model that fits easily in the hand without causing hand fatigue. Built-in skin color sensor. Can be used for all zones. The cartridge is designed for 250,000 flashes, each of which covers an area of ​​2.8 cm2. Comes with a case for storage and carrying.

Philips BRI956 Lumea Prestige

  • Power supply – from the battery / from the mains
  • Modes – 5
  • Price – 32,145 rubles.

A modern functional model that can be powered both from the mains and from the battery. The kit includes separate nozzles for the face, bikini area, armpits. There are 5 modes of operation. The radiation affects the area of ​​the skin in 4.4 cm2.

Owners are provided with a free Philips Lumea IPL mobile application, which helps to use the company’s products at 100%. Like most modern models, it is equipped with a skin color recognition sensor.

Tweezer epilators

This type is also called mechanical. The structure of the epilator is a rotating tweezers made of metal or ceramic. During rotation, the tweezers grab the hairs and pull them out.

The epilation process can be somewhat painful, especially in sensitive areas. Therefore, many models have several rotation speeds – from 1 to 3. With the right speed, epilation becomes effective, the hairs do not break, and the process itself causes a minimum of discomfort.

Among the models included in the consumer preference rating, you can find a good and inexpensive epilator, which is better to choose to maintain smooth skin.

Braun 5-500 Silk-epil SensoSmart

  • Power supply – from the battery
  • Tweezer material – metal
  • Speeds – 2
  • Price – 3585 rubles.

This model has received the title of “Customers’ Choice” due to its capabilities. The epilator can be used with foam by rinsing the head. The body has a built-in light for better control of hair removal. Additionally, there is a nozzle massager, a limiter for sensitive areas, as well as a nozzle to improve the fit of the head. Can be used on all areas including face, bikini and underarms.

Panasonic ES-ED93

  • Power supply – from the battery
  • Tweezer material – metal
  • Speeds – 2
  • Price – 5012 rubles.

Another leader of the rating, according to the reviews of the owners. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, the charge is enough for 30 minutes of continuous operation. Full capacity recharge takes 1 hour. The double head is equipped with 48 tweezers, additional shaving and peeling heads, as well as a contact limiter. The head of the epilator is floating, can be used with foam, and also rinsed. During operation, you can turn on the backlight.

Philips BRE644 Satinelle Prestige

  • Power supply – from the battery
  • Tweezers material – ceramics
  • Speeds – 2
  • Price – 4270 rubles.

Multifunctional two-speed epilator with 32 ceramic tweezers. The battery provides up to 40 minutes of continuous operation, after which it needs to be charged for 1.5 hours. Among the advantages – a washable head, the ability to use foam, the presence of backlight. Additional attachments include: a massager, a point and peeling nozzles, a trimmer, and a limiter. The epilator and accessories are stored in a convenient case. Can be used to remove facial hair.

Rowenta EP8050

  • Power supply – from the battery
  • Tweezer material – metal
  • Speeds – 2
  • Price – 4010 rubles.

A laconic comfortable model that has received high marks due to its reliability. With this epilator, you can pluck hair, including using foams, massage, peel, and also epilate sensitive areas. At the end of the work, the head can be washed in water. On the surface of the head, 24 metal tweezers are located in a checkerboard pattern to capture hairs from 5 mm in length. All accessories, charger and the epilator itself are stored in a case.

Braun 9-567 Silk-epil 9 Legs, body&face

  • Power supply – from the battery
  • Tweezer material – metal
  • Speeds – 2
  • Price – 7487 rubles.

With this epilator, you can easily remove hair from any part of the body, including the face, armpits, bikini area. The floating head can be used with softening foam, rinsed under water, and the body also has LED illumination of the working area. In addition, the kit includes a razor head, a facial massager, a dot nozzle for removing single hairs, as well as a limiter for delicate sensitive skin. For storage, a soft case with a clasp is provided.

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