The season of country trips and road trips is ahead – which means you will spend more time behind the wheel. Going on a trip on unfamiliar roads, you always need to be on the alert: any surprise can ruin the experience. That is why most often lovers of frequent trips prefer have a recorder in the car, which constantly records everything that happens. We analyzed the range of stores to make it easier for you to understand which dash cam is better to buy.


  • Economy class video recorders (up to 6000 rubles)
  • Middle class video recorders (up to 15,000 rubles)
  • High-end video recorders (from 15,000 rubles)

How exactly can you form a rating of the best DVR models in 2019? First of all, by their ability to perform the main task: to record video in good quality during the day, at dusk, and at night on an unlit track. In the daytime, even an HD recorder with a bad lens will be enough. But at night the difficulties begin. Due to the fact that the registrar takes a dynamic picture. The higher the speed of the car, the faster you need to manage to process changes. And in order to process these changes, it is necessary to provide a sufficient amount of light energy on the matrix, or rather on each pixel of the matrix in a very short period of time. Therefore, a DVR with poor optics and a small matrix inevitably has problems with picture quality.

Which DVR is better to buy: rating of models-2019

Of course, the processor also affects the quality, but modern processors from all more or less well-known manufacturers can handle HD resolution. It is also worth noting that when using a good expensive matrix from a global optics manufacturer, which is indicated on the packaging to attract the attention of consumers, is not a guarantee of picture quality, since all the advantages of such a matrix will come to naught if a lens with insufficient photosensitivity for this matrix is ​​installed.

And the last important point is the software. According to experts, if you take 2 devices for a car with exactly the same processor, matrix, optics, etc., then the picture quality will differ, because manufacturers have different attitudes towards software development. Those. if the processor, matrix, and so on are the bricks of the house, then the firmware is the bonding cement, without which the house cannot stand.

It is difficult to say which car recorders 2019 are better – usually those that are more expensive. Therefore, in our ranking We have divided devices into three classes: the most affordable, middle class and top models. So you can find the best option for any budget.

Economy class video recorders (up to 6000 rubles)

Such models do not always cope with the darkness. But, if you rarely drive at night or buy a DVR to use it only during the holidays, it is quite possible to limit yourself to an inexpensive model. In addition, the 2018-2019 models use algorithms that increase the detail and readability of license plates even when shooting at night.

Neoline G-Tech X72

  • Video recording: 1920×1080 at 30 fps
  • Viewing Angle: 140°
  • Magnetic mount
  • Anti-glare filter

One of the simplest and most reliable models in the Neoline line, equipped with a powerful processor from Novatek, a SONY sensor and a lens with an aperture of 1:1.8. Suitable primarily for those who do not like to leave the device under glass while parking. The magnetic mount allows you to quickly remove the recorder and put it in your pocket or bag, since the size is quite small.

Of the other nice features – the same algorithm for increasing detail and readability, which we wrote about a little earlier. There is an anti-glare filter (a rarity in this price segment) and a HOT-KEY button, with one press of which you can protect the recording from erasure and activate the parking mode.

Navitel DVR R200

  • Video recording: 1920×1080 at 30 fps
  • Viewing Angle: 140°
  • Compact dimensions
  • License for Navitel Navigator as a gift

Perhaps the smallest and most affordable DVR that is not ashamed to recommend. We have already tested it in different conditions: we were completely satisfied with the result, taking into account the cost of the device for only 3000 rubles. It shoots in Full HD, the coverage angle is rather big, 140 °. There is a “G-sensor” mode to block the video in the event of an impact. The “picture” is not the brightest, but the main thing is that all the details are visible even in poor lighting conditions.


  • Video recording: 2304×1296 at 30 fps
  • Viewing Angle: 140°
  • Own battery
  • Motion detector in the frame

The model is not new, but quite relevant. There are few functions, but, most importantly, the quality of the recording allows you to easily see the license plates of passing cars. There is a photography mode (useful in case of an accident) and its own battery (though only 400 mAh). In the parking lot, you can use the activation mode when motion is detected in the frame.

Middle class video recorders (up to 15,000 rubles)

This is the “golden mean”. As a rule, such devices use good optics, fast processors – as a result, even a video shot at night has sufficient detail.

Neoline Wide S55

  • Video recording: 2304×1296 at 30 fps
  • Viewing Angle: 150°
  • GPS radar database
  • WDR system for difficult conditions

Nothing superfluous: only video recording and GPS-base with police radars for timely warning. The resolution of the videos can be adjusted from Full HD to Super HD, they can be automatically stamped with license plate, coordinates, and date / time. The HDR function allows you to get a good image even in difficult conditions, for example, when direct sunlight hits the lens. By the way, you can optionally install an anti-reflective filter on the lens (not included). The screen is quite large – 2.7 inches.

Carcam Combo 5

  • Video recording: 2304×1296 at 30 fps
  • Viewing Angle: 160°
  • radar detector function
  • Built-in GSM modem

Let’s face it, not the most compact model. But it is multifunctional, that is, it combines several devices. Of course, first of all, this is a recorder with a good 160° angle and Super HD resolution. In addition, the device recognizes all major types of police radars and warns about them. It can also work as a GPS tracker, that is, it allows you to track the movement of a car in real time using the Camcloud.ru cloud service. There is a built-in microphone and support for additional cameras – and all this for almost 9,000 rubles.

Navitel RE900

  • Video recording: 1920×1080 at 30 fps
  • Viewing Angle: 140°
  • Registrar+navigator
  • Own battery

Another hybrid device: this time with the functions of a DVR and a navigator. It already has licensed maps from 47 countries installed, and also has a slot for a SIM card: you can use mobile Internet to get up-to-date information about traffic jams. Again, we recommend it because we ourselves tested this model. The recording quality is good even in the evening, and the built-in battery provides battery life for 40-50 minutes.

High-end video recorders (from 15,000 rubles)

The main advantage that manufacturers of top models are actively declaring is shooting in 4K. But in reality, this is nothing more than a marketing ploy: in fact, devices simply interpolate video in high resolution. As a result, there is practically no gain in detail, and the video takes up much more space on the memory card. So it’s not worth chasing 4K here, but devices in this price category have many useful features that budget gadgets lack.

Neoline X-COP R700

  • Video recording: 1920×1080 at 30 fps
  • Viewing Angle: 135°
  • GPS coordinates of security cameras
  • Lane control

This navigator is assembled using high-quality Sony optics and one of the most powerful Ambarella processors today. Writes video in FHD with a viewing angle of 135. If you download a mobile application, you can view videos from your smartphone, and save them there. One of the nice features is the availability of an updated database of speed cameras, roadside and public transport lanes.

There is no radar detector unit in the device, but you can buy it and connect it separately – then the device will also inform you about local police ambushes. By the way, Neoline X-COP R700 also tracks your movement in the lane. If the car begins to slowly move off it (this happens when the driver loses attention or falls asleep at the wheel), a loud signal will sound.

BlackVue DR750S-2CH IR

  • Video recording: 1920×1080 at 60 fps
  • Viewing Angle: 139°
  • Additional camera
  • Remote control

An interesting model appeared in BlackVue. The DR750S-2CH IR DVR is very compact, while it has a main and an additional camera, that is, it can capture what is happening behind the windshield and in the cabin. Moreover, BlackVue Over the Cloud technology allows you to control the device remotely: for example, see what is happening around if an alarm goes off. There is a function of tracking the car by GPS, recording sounds in the cabin.

When we ranked the best video recorders of 2019, we relied mainly on our own experience. But before buying, we also advise you to study not only prices, but also reviews – for example, on the same Yandex.Market.

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