Gifts for the New Year can be very different. But their choice often turns into torment, as a result, everything ends with the purchase of banal calendar cards with the symbol of the next year, boxes of chocolates or beautiful tea packages.

But if you know exactly what a person is fond of, choosing a gift becomes much easier. We figured out what might be interesting for those who are fond of fitness or sports.

Smart watch for activity control

One of the most popular gadgets for sports and fitness enthusiasts is, of course, smartwatches and bracelets. There are a huge number of models on the market now. Which ones should be considered first?

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 One of the most popular fitness bracelets. Supports 30 different types of workouts, can be used in the pool, in addition, there is NFC for payment (although it does not work with all banks). The cost is about 4000 rubles. If your budget is tight, or you’re just not sure if your fitness buff will love wearables, you’re good to go.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 is a new model from Samsung that has a unique body composition analysis function. If you put two fingers on the touch buttons of the watch, they can count the amount of fat, skeletal muscle, water in the body – before you had to use smart scales for this. Accordingly, the dynamics of changes in these parameters will help evaluate the effectiveness of training.

Huawei Watch GT Runner – a special version of the new Huawei Watch with a sporty twist. Very light, with advanced TruSeen™ 5.0+ heart rate monitoring technology and support for up to five positioning systems for precise running route planning. Another plus of these watches is high autonomy. Even with frequent training, they can work 7-8 days without recharging (officially – up to 2 weeks, but this is ideal).

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    Review of smart watches Huawei Watch GT 3: new OS Harmony and excellent autonomy

TV for personal training

TV somehow fits more with aimless wallowing on the couch than with sports. But self-isolation and the periodic closure of fitness centers have fundamentally changed the situation. Many have switched to virtual training – they began to be developed by the same club instructors. So it is the TV during the lockdown that can become your personal trainer.

If we consider TV as a gift for a fitness enthusiast, we can recommend KIVI 55U740LB is a model from a new line with 4K resolution, a rich assortment of inputs for different devices and a unique pointing remote that makes navigation much easier.

But it has one more feature: the proprietary KIVI MEDIA application. It contains several sections: for example, “Channels” with a package of free and paid air channels, “Movies” with the ability to launch movies directly from the main screen through the OKKO and MEGOGO applications, “Games” (both pre-installed for Android TV, and more complex for downloading via a cloud service with a joystick connected via Bluetooth). But in our aspect, the “Training” mode is especially important. Here are collected sets of exercises from famous fitness bloggers, as well as a free online training service that takes place three times a week. If circumstances do not allow you to visit the fitness center, you can always choose a workout in accordance with your level and physical capabilities. You can replace yourself with going to the gym both online and in the recording.

Multicooker for a healthy diet

Everyone dreams of eating right, but not everyone has enough time for this. And any technique that will help you quickly prepare healthy meals will be accepted with a bang.

It can be, for example, multi...
It can be, for example, a multicooker. It allows you to boil, stew, steam and even fry with little or no oil. Moreover, most models have a delay start, that is, you can cook some dishes exactly at the moment when you come home from work or finish your workout.

Good option – Polaris PMC 0521 IQ Home. This multicooker is relatively compact, while it has a 5-liter bowl – enough to cook lunch or dinner for the whole family. It has 15 programs, including “Milk porridge”, “Cottage cheese”, “Simmering” … This model supports control from a smartphone: by the way, there are even more cooking programs in the application (about 50). Polaris PMC 0521 IQ Home integrates perfectly into the Yandex and VK ecosystems, so it will work with both Alice and Marusya.

There are very simple devices
There is a very simple device that lovers of proper nutrition will also appreciate – a smoothie maker. This is actually a miniature blender, only it cooks already in a glass. You just need to disconnect the motor unit, put on the cover – and you can take it with you.

One of the popular models of such blenders is Deerma Juice Blender NU05. It has a fairly powerful 140W motor and a single button to turn it on. Unlike a multicooker, the device is very compact and does not take up much space in the kitchen.

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Headphones to keep you jogging

Playing sports is always more fun with music. In principle, ordinary TWS headphones can be used for this, but with active movements they can fall out. In addition, not all models have protection against water and sweat. Therefore, many people prefer to have separate headphones for classes – these can be presented as a gift for the New Year. There are options simpler and more serious.

Harper HV-303 cost about 1000 rubles, so you definitely won’t be ruined. Made with a rigid neckband, that is, if they fall out, they will not be lost. They are connected by wire, so they will never be discharged.

HONOR Sport AM61 – Inexpensive wireless headphones for sports. They have a soft and adjustable bezel – you can fit it as you like. If you get tired of listening to music, just take them out of your ears and hook the right earpiece with the left one – they have magnets. The battery lasts for 10-11 hours of music.

Respiratory Muscle Trainer

A very unusual thing, more like a baby pacifier or mouthguard with electronics. This simulator creates resistance to exhalation, due to this, the muscles responsible for breathing are trained. The manufacturer claims that regular exercise helps to increase lung capacity, develop deeper inhalation and exhalation, and increase oxygen uptake. We did not check, but the gift is at least unusual.

By the way, we have a selection of gifts for a variety of hobbies. For example, in this article we proposed to become Santa Claus for a gamer. They also thought about what to give to a fan of Apple technology.