The most budgetary gifts: the choice is more than it seems

If your budget is limited, but you want to make a good gift, do not despair. In general, it is very convenient for gamers to choose inexpensive gifts – first of all, these are games. Go to the store on Steam, Origin, or another platform your friend plays on and see what titles are on sale. Perhaps your friend has foreseen such a plot twist and has already added the desired game to the desired one – then choosing a gift will be easier for her.

Another option is donation. Your colleague loves to play Tanks, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money on his gift? The solution is simple – throw some coins into his virtual account. Oddly enough, but many will be very happy with such a present. And this doesn’t just apply to tankers: people spend money on nice skins for heroes and weapons in most online games. So that a friend’s wife does not swear that he spends the family budget on pixels, spend a little instead of him.

Subscriptions are another great and budget gift for a gamer. Whether it’s paid access to games in Battle.net or renewing your account in an online game.

Carpet HyperX Fury S Pro Medium (HX-MPFS-M)

If you do not believe in virtual gifts and want something more material, pick up a mouse pad for your gamer – also “inexpensive and cheerful”.

HyperX decided not to come up with flashy designs for their rugs and created the Fury S Pro line, which includes accessories in a discreet black color. In the category up to 2000 rubles, you can take a Medium size model (36 by 30 cm), if you add a little more – Large or Extra Large. According to the materials, everything is standard here – a fabric on which the mouse easily slides, and rubber that does not slip on the table during gaming battles.

Logitech G G305 Lightspeed Mouse

If you have a beautiful cup in your hands...

If you have a beautiful banknote with a face value of 5,000 rubles in your hands, you can definitely choose a more or less decent gaming gadget as a gift. Before buying, be sure to find out what peripherals your friend has – otherwise other caring friends have already given him three mice.

Logitech’s bright, symmetrical design is a wireless mouse for all gaming genres, with 12,000 dpi customizable resolution and six programmable keys for the ultimate gaming experience. The gadget is powered by an AA battery and will last up to 250 hours on a single charge.

Bloody B820R gaming keyboard

Quality gaming keyboard
A high-quality gaming keyboard with mechanical switches will be useful not only for a gamer, but also for a person who types a lot – users note that typing on such a keyboard is much more convenient. The Bloody B820R model is equipped with optical mechanical switches that respond to pressing instantly – in 0.2 ms. Also, the keys are strong and reliable, which is especially important when using the keyboard frequently. Their service life is 100 million clicks.

The model has a bright RGB backlight, which can be customized to your taste using the function buttons. It is also possible to create your own lighting effects and share them with friends. The top panel of the keyboard is made of aluminum alloy, and all internal parts are protected from water with a special coating. That is, if you spill something on it, it will not stop working.

Gaming smartphone

Now mobile gaming is higher
Now mobile gaming has reached the level where the graphics in games for smartphones are not inferior to popular projects for PC. But in order to fully appreciate the possibilities of mobile games, you need to have a suitable smartphone – preferably with a gaming processor and a high-quality screen with a high hertz. Typically, such models belong to the flagship segment and cost more than 60,000 rubles. But we found a decent budget option – Infinix HOT 11, which can be bought for 12,000 rubles.

The smartphone runs on the MediaTek Helio G37 gaming platform and uses the Dar-link Ultimate booster for the best gaming performance. The 6.82-inch screen supports 90Hz refresh rate and 180Hz sampling rate. We also note good autonomy: a 6000 mAh battery will provide up to 13 hours of active gaming.

The smartphone is equipped with a triple camera with a 50 MP main sensor and an 8 MP front camera with dual flash to take selfies even in the dark.

Computer chair COUGAR Armor S

Comfort during the game is no less important than good peripherals. COUGAR Armor S will make long hours at the computer as comfortable as possible: adjustable backrest, armrests and seat height will help you adjust the chair to the desired height and build.

Game console Nintendo Switch

Almost a classic from Nintendo, the Switch will be a great gift for a gamer who often plays on the go, and not sitting in front of the monitor. We advise you to choose models with which a game is already included in the kit – so the purchase will turn out to be much more profitable.

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