Are you a new parent wondering how Pampers differs from regular diapers? Now we will explain everything.

pampers ot podgusnika

What is a diaper

This is an analogue of underwear, designed to absorb secretions and keep clothes or bed clean. Usually diapers are used for children and in the care of bedridden patients. In addition, they are used by astronauts, divers, pilots, fitters, climbers, and even for animal care. But most often newborn babies need them.

And what is Pampers

This is the brand name of Procter & Gamble, which produces diapers and wet wipes. In Russia, the word “pampers” has become a household word. Diapers of this brand were the first to enter our market and gained incredible popularity.

They perform the same function as other diapers, keeping the skin clean during the baby’s bowel movements. And if the products of the Huggies or Merries brands were the first to go on sale, perhaps diapers would now be called by their names.

Is there a difference between Pampers and diapers

There are many different sizes of diapers on the market. They are intended for people of different ages, disposable and reusable.

But Pampers products are for single use only for babies weighing 2.5 to 16 kg. Otherwise, when talking about Pampers, a person means the same diapers or brand that produces them.

The American brand Pampers was founded in 1961. Disposable diapers were invented and developed by Procter & Gamble researchers Norma Lueders-Baker and Vic Mills.

The first Pampers models were significantly different from the products manufactured by the brand today. They consisted of down pulp, polyethylene and viscose layers, which made them very heavy.

Since then, the design of the brand’s diapers has changed. Today it is thin and light underwear with an elastic closure and an absorbent gel layer, comfortable for babies.

Pampers offers 7 types of diapers. Breathable diapers Premium, Pure Protection and Baby-Dry became the next novelties of the brand. They already contain a layer of caring cream that protects the baby’s skin from diaper rash and dryness.

Pampers Premium

Disposable underwear for babies made from environmentally friendly materials. The panties are equipped with an absorbent insert, which includes wood pulp, processed wheat and corn.

The breathable product does not irritate the skin and does not provoke diaper rash. The model does not contain chlorine and fragrances, being safe for small allergies. The special shape with a cutout for the navel provides a perfect fit and protects the delicate tummy of a newborn whose umbilical wound has not yet healed.

Pampers Baby-Dry

“Smart” diapers will leave your baby’s skin dry even at night. The inner layer of the model with pearl microgranules effectively adsorbs moisture, leaving it inside. The protective additional layer evenly distributes moisture inside the diaper.

The model is equipped with air channels that keep delicate skin dry. The stretchy sides of the briefs provide a perfect fit and comfort for your little one. The diaper has an indicator that will tell mom that it’s time to change the diaper.

Pure Protection

Hypoallergenic diapers with cotton content are very comfortable for baby’s skin. The breathable design provides up to 12 hours of leak protection, and a built-in moisture indicator lets you know when it needs to be replaced.

The diaper does not irritate the skin and does not provoke diaper rash. A nice bonus is a charming print on each product.

Summing up, we’ll clarify that Pampers is a brand that produces diapers for babies of the same name. There are many similar diapers on the market. The difference can only be in the dimensional grid of individual manufacturers, but in terms of comfort and safety, models of the same price category are practically no different from “diapers”.