The process of cooking is no longer limited to boiling and frying foods. More and more people are choosing to bake their meals.

And ovens can help a lot with this. They can be gas and electric and allow you to cook delicious, healthy food without oil and fat, with a golden crust.

The current review is about the Weissgauff EOV 19 MB electric oven with independent installation and an oven volume of 50 liters.

The door of the model is made of double glass, disassembled to facilitate the process of washing from dirt. The oven itself is finished in black. The control panel is made of enamelled steel. There is an electronic thermostat, timer.

The oven has 9 built-in modes: top and bottom heat, top and bottom heat with convection, grill, top heat, top heat with convection, bottom heat with convection, grill with convection, oven light and defrost mode.

Supports hydrolysis cleaning. Simply pour a little water into a baking sheet and place in a working oven. The released steam will soak all dirt and grease, which can then be easily removed with one movement of a soft cloth.

The inner surface of the oven is covered with innovative SMART CLEAN enamel, which prevents the accumulation of unpleasant odors and frozen fat.

The oven control is rotary, Soft Switch switches are installed, distinguished by their reliability and smooth switching.

The volume of the oven allows you to cook a large amount of food at a time and bake different dishes on different levels of the oven. The Weissgauff EOV 19 MB has 4 tray heights. The oven is not equipped with telescopic rails.

The oven belongs to the A class of energy consumption, does not consume electricity more than the required level.

The set includes: a baking tray, a drip tray for collecting fat, a horizontal grill for the grill.

The maximum heating temperature is 250aboutC, minimum temperature 40aboutC, no microwave function.

The oven weighs 35 kg. It has the following dimensions (HxWxD): 59.3 x 59.5 x 53.5 cm.


The Weissgauff EOV 19 MB oven is a complete household appliance capable of preparing various dishes. It is well suited for both average dishes and professional use.

Due to its functionality and design features, dishes with different compositions will equally well turn out in it, convection will provide a tasty, crispy crust, and the temperature range will allow you to create dishes of various degrees of bakedness.

*Prices are valid as of 11/16/2021