The gate is an important part of the fence of a private house, it is the protection of a personal plot and the organization of a convenient check-in on it. This is the “face” of your yard. The range of existing gates is very large, they can be purchased by choosing on alurol.ru. But how not to get lost in the variety of designs? Let’s try to figure out what kind of entrance gates are, and which one is better to choose according to the method of opening, depending on the use in specific cases.

Swing – the most ancient, simple, easy to use and reliable type of gate, they are similar to ordinary hinged doors.

swing gates


  • They require almost no additional care.
  • They are inexpensive.
  • It is possible to install an electric drive on them, for automatic opening of the gate.
  • There is no upper crossbar, which allows transport of any height, different dimensions to enter.
  • Long service life.
  • Always available in sale materials and accessories for repair.

But there are downsides:

  • To open them, you need a large free area in front of the gate, where they will open.
  • It is necessary to think over the system for fixing the wings in the open and closed positions so that they do not accidentally open from the wind or slam shut during the departure of the car and scratch it.

There are options for swing gate designs:

  • With doors of the same width
  • With one large part, and the second small, which is simultaneously used as a gate – in this case, the large leaf will be under greater load from the winds, and its support – from the weight. From this, distortions of the sash may gradually occur.

folding (accordion) – at such a gate on the ground there is a guide along which the rollers move when the gate is folded.

Folding gate


  • Do not take up much space when opened and do not require free space before leaving
  • It is possible to connect an electric folding gate mechanism and automate it.


  • For the operation of the rollers, it is necessary to constantly monitor their condition, clean the guide along which they roll from debris, ice and snow. Therefore, this design is not very convenient in the northern regions.

Rollback (sliding) – the design of the gate is similar to the barn door. To open the passage, the sash is rolled to the side, parallel to the fence. In the private sector, such gates are quite common.

Sliding gates


  • Space in front of the gate is saved, as open sliding gates take up space along the fence, which is usually empty anyway.
  • The ability to automate the opening of the gate.


  • Complicated and expensive installation
  • To open the sash, a large piece of space is required along the fence, where this sash will roll back.
  • Since such gates move along the guides of the structure or roll on rollers on the ground, it is necessary to monitor cleanliness, remove snow, ice, and lubricate regularly.

lifting (sectional, roll-up and up-and-over) – Such gates rise up when opened. Rolls are most commonly used. The principle of operation – when you press the button, the door leaf goes up, and when it is closed, it goes down.

lifting gate


  • Saving space on both sides of the gate and in the opening itself.


  • There is a crossbar above the gate. Where do the gates rise and where do they fix. It limits the height of vehicles that can enter these gates.
  • Not a very reliable design in terms of protection against thieves.