New Year holidays around the world are associated primarily with Christmas trees, shiny balls, sparklers, and, of course, all kinds of illumination – candles, lights and other sparkling lights to create a magical mood.

Lights are very good and beautiful, but it is better if they are also safe. We offer you a selection of 5 modern decorations for the facade and interior, which will definitely not be a cause for concern on New Year’s Eve. The best part is that you don’t have to run after them to distant lands – they are all sold in the Russian segment of the Internet with delivery to any corner of our vast Motherland.

Decorative lamp Philips Hue Go

This is a hemispherical portable

This is a hi-tech semi-spherical portable bowl lamp, which is easy to organize holiday lighting, create a romantic atmosphere and interior accents.

You can control one or more Hue Go lights from your smartphone through a special application. It has settings for choosing the mode, the intensity of the glow and the color scheme. Also, through the application, you can connect lamps to the smart home system.

One of the cool features is the ability to choose a lighting scenario. For example, for meditation, sleep or a party. On ordinary days, the Hue Go decorative lamp can be adapted as a table lamp, night lamp or shelf light.

Smart garland Twinkly Strings

Many people remember how...

Many people remember how they had to select garlands according to color and modes so that the Christmas tree did not look like others? Monochromatic and multi-colored, with flashing and running lights. Some even combined different threads and set up a change of modes.

Now everything becomes much easier – the smart garland is configured on your smartphone using the application completely to your liking. You can synchronize it with music, choose any patterns, integrate it into a smart home, set the on and off times, in general, act in accordance with your own ideas about beauty.

A separate feature – the garland can be turned on both in the house and on the street, because it is not afraid of either moisture or frost.

LED Strip WiZ Wi-Fi LED 2m StarterKit

Unlike lamps and luminaires...

Unlike lamps and fixtures, LED strips allow you to achieve uniform illumination. This can be used, for example, to create a dim background lighting for a room or an impromptu fireplace. There are also more practical scenarios: for example, tape can be applied to the bottom of kitchen cabinets to better illuminate the worktop.

WiZ Wi-Fi LED 2m StarterKit is a ready-to-use kit that includes a 2m long LED strip. But it can be cut if a shorter fragment is needed. The tape can be controlled from a smartphone: adjust the brightness, change the color, set the schedule for switching on. Even a child can handle the installation. Service life – up to 15,000 hours.

Christm laser projector

Compact rugged laser

A compact protected laser projector is connected to a 220V network and creates a New Year’s atmosphere where the owners will install it. This is a real find for those who do not like to hang decor before the holidays and take it off after them.

In general, if you are a workaholic or vice versa, a convinced sybarite, then the projector was invented for you! Decorate the facade with colored sparks, bloom the snow in the yard in all shades of the rainbow, or make a real disco in the living room? Easy! The main thing is that there should be no more than 5 meters to the power source – in the yard it is better to take care of the extension cord in advance.

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Hanging herringbone figurine from Tootsie

Glowing in different colors

A 40 cm LED figurine glowing in different colors is a universal decoration that can be hung on a wall or window inside the house, on front doors, on a shop window or kiosk, above your own bed as a lamp or even in a gazebo near the barbecue.

In addition, such a Christmas tree looks great on a school matinee, on a skating rink or even on an ice cream cart. The only condition is the presence of power from the 220V network, because this device will not work on batteries. A good bonus is a transparent power cord, which is almost invisible to others.

This is not a complete list of new products and original ideas about New Year’s decor manufacturers. Something, but the imagination of designers and constructors is simply limitless. Therefore, coming up with your own New Year’s design is becoming easier and safer.

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