Shelves for placing TVs have sunk into oblivion and today brackets are used to mount thin LCD or plasma panels, which do not take up much space, but securely hold an expensive media device. We analyzed the quality of similar products from various companies, having studied their range and reviews, and made a rating of the best brackets for modern TVs. The information provided will help you choose the appropriate mount depending on the model of the TV panel and the desired mounting location.

Rating of the best TV bracket companies

Nomination place manufacturer rating

Rating of the best TV bracket companies




















Rating: 5.0


The first place in the ranking of the best companies producing brackets for TVs is occupied by Kromax. It is headquartered in Sweden and has a product range of over 1500 items. The company produces brackets for fixing game panels, LCD TVs, monitors and other devices. Buyers in the reviews praise the tilt-and-turn clamps, which have channels for laying the network wire. This allows you to carefully bring the cable and not pinch it when folding the structure. The company produces other types of clamps with built-in levels so that the owner has everything necessary at hand for a smooth installation.

We placed the company in first place in the rating due to the large range of products and easy accessibility in any region of Russia. You can buy the bracket in most specialized stores. The catalog contains models for diagonals of 22-65 inches. The mounting holes cover the range from 75×75 to 400×400 mm. The official website presents fixed ultra-thin brackets, sliding, tilt-rotary, tilt and ceiling.


  • performance reliability;

  • there are fasteners with channels for wires;

  • all types of performance;

  • for TVs with a screen diagonal of 56-165 cm;

  • mounts with a horizontal rotation angle of up to 160 degrees have been developed.


  • high price;

  • sometimes the mounting plates cover the TV sockets;

  • thin fixed brackets leave about 15 mm from the wall, so you need to buy angled USB plugs, etc.


Rating: 4.9


The second place in the ranking was given to Onkron. For a long time it was the only distributor of brackets from the USA from a leading manufacturer. In parallel, the company developed a line of its own production, which accounted for 10-15% of the total number of goods. In 2017, the brand separated and is now produced independently. The company puts great emphasis on the functionality of products and the originality of designs. Buyers in the reviews like that the maximum weight that the latch can withstand is indicated with a margin, so the bracket will securely hold the TV and with more weight than it is written in the passport.

We included the company in the rating because it is not afraid to take on complex tasks. She has interesting brackets in the catalog, which have almost no analogues from other competitors from the rating. For example, for a TV presentation of a project in a conference room, the company offers a rack mount on wheels. It provides a shelf for small things (pointers, napkins), which increases the convenience of using the product. To broadcast information on two sides on two TVs at the same time, the company offers double-lever two-knee mounts fixed on the table. The most complex design, according to our experts, is a bracket for wall placement of four LCD panels at once.


  • the maximum weight is indicated with a margin;

  • there are hidden adjustment bolts;

  • brackets with left-right rotation up to 45 degrees;

  • models for 2-4 TVs.


  • incomplete installation instructions (little text);

  • complicated first setup;

  • the turning mechanism is sometimes very tight.

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Rating: 4.8


The third step of the rating is occupied by a company from Germany, which began its activities in 1923. The headquarters of the bracket manufacturer is located in Dresden. The company’s catalog contains more than 18,000 products. Among the range you can find brackets with an inclined function, swivel and retractable. Buyers in reviews praise the company for cross-shaped plates suitable for TVs of different sizes. At the same time, thin metal strips fixed to the body of the LCD panel do not cover the connectors for connecting a signal or peripheral devices. Buyers on the forums speak positively about the level in the kit, which helps to set the LCD TV correctly.

We placed the company in the rating because it has the best combination of price and quality of goods. For example, an inclined bracket for TVs with a diagonal of up to 75 inches and weighing 40 kg costs 1000-1500 rubles, which is two times cheaper than other participants in the rating. At the same time, the functionality of metal structures is preserved. The plasma can be tilted forward by 10 degrees, which will improve the viewing angle for children lying on the floor.


  • attractive price;

  • rich equipment (washers, rubber gaskets, nuts, dowels and bolts in the set);

  • reliable design and long service life;

  • on one bracket there are several paired holes for different center fixation points.


  • a German brand is produced in China;

  • sometimes short bolts are included, so you have to screw it in without spacers;

  • dowels made of soft metal.


Rating: 4.7


Fourth in our ranking is a company from Germany, but, like the previous manufacturer, the factories have been moved to China to reduce costs. The company does not hide this and everything is indicated on the packaging. Each product comes with a mounting kit. Buyers who have tried to install the brackets themselves praise the product in reviews for clear instructions and reliable assembly. The guide, reinforced with a double hook, connects especially well. Welding joints in the retainer are guaranteed up to 18 years. Even before the sale, each bracket is tested in the company, subjected to a triple load.

We added the company to the rating due to the large number of ceiling brackets. This is a universal solution for placing LED and plasma TVs, especially if the apartment has drywall walls. Some models (such as the LCD-1700) are suitable for media devices with a diameter of 26 to 65 inches and a weight of up to 55 kg. At the same time, the main axis of the ceiling fixture is able to rotate 180 degrees horizontally and 25 degrees vertically.


  • a large selection of brackets in terms of functionality and installation location;

  • designs are designed for a weight of 20-55 kg;

  • a range of mounting holes with center distance up to 400 mm is provided;

  • the bracket for connecting to the TV does not cover the connectors.


  • there are products with a very small distance from the wall of 15-21 mm, which complicates the attachment of a flash drive;

  • look very flimsy in appearance, which can be intimidating.


Rating: 4.6


Holder, founded in 2003 in Russia, entered the top five. This is a domestic manufacturer, which is a worthy competitor to imported goods. The company performs the full range of work from the design of brackets to the manufacture of components, painting and testing. Holder products are sold in all regions of the country and throughout the CIS. Many positions are visually similar to Kromax products, but have their own individual design and features. Customers in the reviews like the official website of the company, where there is a convenient system for selecting a bracket according to functionality (angles of rotation, number of knees), TV diagonal, panel weight and center distance of mounting holes.

Our experts included the company in the rating, since its products are produced both for standard VESA and for specific ones. On the site it is easy to choose common indicators for mounting 100×100 or 200×200 mm. But if your TV has special dimensions of center distances, then you can find a suitable bracket here.


  • the company produces a mount with rotation angles up to 350 degrees;

  • domestic steel is used in production (not soft);

  • tilt adjustment without undue effort;

  • guarantee for brackets up to 20 years;

  • additional safety holes are provided.


  • no ceiling models;

  • some latches “fall over” on their side when turning;

  • place the TV too far from the wall.

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Rating: 4.4


Our rating is completed by Ultramounts. This is a domestic brand owned by Resonanse Gruppe. Production is carried out directly in Russia. High-quality materials and own painting technology are used. The company manufactures products for mounting televisions, audio and video equipment. There is a quality control department. Distributors are active throughout the country, so you can buy the bracket in any region at an attractive price. Buyers speak favorably about the brackets of this company, especially that there are no squeaks when the TV is extended or rotated.

The company got into the rating because of the attractive cost of goods. Brackets for large 55-65-inch TVs cost competitors under 2,000 rubles, but here you can safely meet up to 1,000 rubles. Despite the low cost of products, the company produces high-quality wall mounts and puts screws of different sizes (up to 4 types) into the box so that the thread fits exactly to the TV. All small things are signed and sealed in bags separately.


  • simple fastening of the sled with clamps;

  • detailed instructions;

  • nothing creaks during rotation;

  • good quality materials.


  • self-tapping screws and dowels for the wall may not be included in the box;

  • the level is just for decoration – it does not show exactly.