If you read our selection yesterday of lightweight laptops that can work anywhere, you may have noticed that many of them have very small hard drives, no larger than the internal memory of a good smartphone. This is a current trend among manufacturers and, of course, this is pure disgrace. Therefore, next we present you with a selection of good external HDDs that will help solve the problem of a small drive.

Toshiba Canvio Premium

Fast, durable, elegant

toshiba canvio premium

According to our independent testing, this external HDD ranks second in terms of data processing speed. When reading and writing, Toshiba’s terabyte device gives up to 113 MB / s, making it a pleasure to work with it. But here’s what’s important: unlike the leader of the rating, Toshiba Canvio Advance, its front panel is aluminum, not plastic. The disc is quite compact, easily fits, for example, in your pocket. Along with the drive, you get backup software, an NTFS driver for Mac, and a carrying case.


cable length 45 cm
adapter to USB Type-C
case included


aluminum upper case plate only

Western Digital My Passport

Five colors to choose

western digital my passport

This hard drive is a pleasure to carry around as an accessory: it comes in five colors including blue, yellow and orange, and features an original case design. The device works quickly, including thanks to the USB 3.0 connection. Each buyer receives software for backup and data protection, as well as a three-year warranty.

In addition to colors, you can also choose the size of the disk: WD offers variations up to 4 TB (many competitors have a maximum capacity of 2 TB). But be aware that the 3 and 4 TB My Passports are almost twice as thick as the 1 and 2 TB ones.


volume – up to 4 TB
rubber feet for stability


vibration and heat
short cord

Silicon Power Armor A30

Not afraid of falling


This is the perfect external HDD for those who are not used to sitting in the office. Its main feature is shockproof design (there is even a test certificate according to US military standards). The body is made of impact-resistant silica gel, and a cord for connecting to a computer is attached directly to it.

At the same time, we must admit that the disk is not the fastest. According to the results of testing in CrystalDiskInfo, the data processing speed of this HDD fluctuates around 76-77 MB / s. In addition, its maximum volume is only 2 TB.


impact protection
quiet and doesn’t get hot


short cord included
rather slow

Transcend StoreJet TS1TSJ25M3G

One button backup and data encryption


Transcend’s external HDDs are classics: what they were at the end of the 2000s, they remain the same, only the volume is increasing. The company sticks to a proven design: the entire body of the drive is reinforced rubber, and only the cover with the USB port is made of plastic. In order to break this disk, you need to try very hard. The power button on the top cover of the case (the drive has a hot-plugging mechanism) has received an additional function especially for those who hate making backups. If you install the Transcend Elite software on your PC, you can back up all the data on the disk with one click and encrypt it with 256-bit AES.


shockproof to military standards
fast and durable
disconnect and connect without removing USB


short bifurcated cable
does not tolerate power surges and burns easily

Sony HD-E1

Terabyte in a metal case

sony hd e1

The metal body is always a pleasure to hold in your hands. This is exactly the case: a disk in an aluminum “wrapper” with the ability to connect via USB 3.0. It works quietly and almost does not heat up, while not the fastest. There are two options for color (gray and black), but in terms of volume, alas, there are no alternatives. Only 1 TB, of which 930 GB is available to the user. But we did not find any complaints about the disk in terms of reliability among user reviews.


metal case
cable length 60 cm
almost no heat


volume 1 TB

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Photo: manufacturing companies