Depending on how you use your laptop, you can find a number of useful accessories to help you expand your laptop’s functionality or make it easier to interact with your laptop. Case in point: if you regularly commute or travel with your laptop, you’ll probably need a soft case or bag to protect your mobile device from bumps, drops, and scratches. Do you spend many hours working at your desk? Then you simply need a stand with additional connectors and cooling. In addition, you can use a full-sized keyboard. There are several other interesting accessories, the need for which we do not always think about.

Solid state drive: GoodRAM HL100 512Gb Black

Photo: manufacturing company

Whatever capacity a laptop’s drive offers, extra gigabytes never hurt. Especially when traveling, when you need to dump videos and photos from your phone or DSLR. With capacities up to 512 GB, GoodRAM’s HL100 series external SSD solution is a great option for these tasks. Read and write speeds reach parameters of 550 MB / s and 490 MB / s, respectively. At the same time, the price is less than 5000 rubles.

Multi adapter: J5create USB-C Modular + 2 JCD375 adapters

Photo: manufacturing company

Not always on a laptop there are all the ports you need. Sometimes even standard USB is not enough, not to mention Type-C, Ethernet ports and full-fledged HDMI. In such a situation, the multi-adapter from the accessory manufacturer J5create will help. In addition to the main module, which has three USB ports, as well as a USB Type-C port and an HDMI port, the kit offers two additional adapters: a gigabit network port and a microSD / SD card reader. The price is less than 8000 rubles.

External speakers: Creative Pebble V1, V2, V3

Photo: manufacturing company

This stereo system from Creative is not only compact but also stylish. The main thing is expressive and deep sound, which you are unlikely to get from the speakers of an average laptop. The peak sound power reaches 16 W, and the reproducible frequency range is in the range from 100 to 17,000 Hz. Speakers can be connected to a laptop via USB or Bluetooth. The price is very affordable – about 3000 rubles.

Wired RGB Mouse: XPG Primer

Photo: manufacturing company

The XPG Primer is compact, lightweight and yet one of the best LED mice for PCs and laptops in the budget mouse segment. The resolution of the optical sensor is an impressive 12,000 dpi, which will allow you to quickly move the cursor even on a screen with a resolution of 4K. And thanks to the additional keys, the mouse can be effectively used in video games, which owners of gaming laptops will appreciate. Great choice for under $3,000.

Flash Drive: Kingston DataTraveler Kyson USB

Photo: manufacturing company

Surely, many theoretically have a flash drive, but at the right time it is not at hand. The Kingston DataTraveler Kyson USB has a special ring for attaching to a keychain or carabiner, so this flash drive will always be with you. In addition, it is made in a stylish and durable metal case without an outdated cap. Inside – a productive flash drive with an impressive data transfer rate: up to 200 MB / s when reading, up to 60 MB / s when writing. The device is equipped with the usual USB Type-A connector, and the capacity of the built-in memory can reach from 32 to 256 GB.

However, this is just a general list of accessories that may be useful to most laptop owners. In our other tips, we also help you choose the best external SSD for your laptop, choose the best modem for a stable network connection, and more.


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