We wrote a detailed guide on how to choose a smart watch for your child that will accompany him in his first independent movements along the street. Today we will go through the current models of smart watches for children – look for the top 10 best devices in this area in our selection.

Elari KidPhone 3G

Smart watch with voice assistant

Let’s start with the most unusual model, on which we wrote a detailed review – Elari KidPhone 3G with the voice assistant Alice from Yandex. A device that talks to a child. Alice knows how to joke, tell stories, answer questions, play games – in a word, entertain. The second feature of the watch that attracts attention is video monitoring. The watch has a built-in camera to which you can connect and discreetly see what is happening around the child. This is in addition to audio monitoring (listening), GPS positioning taking into account the routes allowed for the child, the SOS button and a built-in phone with a separate SIM.

Smart Baby Watch SBW X

Trend of the year: fitness tracker

The best watches for kids with GPS are consistently produced under the brand smart baby watch. We recently sketched out a selection of Christmas gift ideas for adult fitness enthusiasts. So, let’s not deprive the attention of young sports talents. From all the many Smart Baby Watch products, the model SBW X distinguished by its focus on an active lifestyle. They have a full-fledged fitness tracker built into them – they can track the number of calories burned, steps taken, time spent on training, and also on sleep. The watch integrates with the application for Android / iOS. So you can follow not only the movements of your child, but also his sports success.

Jet Kid Swimmer

Waterproof according to IP67 standard

Another popular device for children is a series of products from the company jet kid. It is also focused on sports and outdoor activities. We decided to single out a model for swimmers. Why? It has an IP67 water resistance level – for reference, the same as the iPhone X. Certifying children’s watches according to the IP standard is a noticeable trend of the past year. Smart Baby Watches do this too, and as a rule, now good children’s watches can withstand immersion in water up to a depth of one meter. It is quite enough for shallow water or a children’s pool. And, of course, the tracking functions, which abound in this watch, allow you to let the child into the pool alone with a pure soul.

EnBe Children Watch 2

You can’t run far

Not every children’s smart watch has a Bluetooth module Those models that are equipped with it at the moment (for example, Children Watch 2 from Enbe, although there are many others) can be paired with it with your phone. A very useful thing when walking together and attending mass events. If the child moves away from you at a distance exceeding the range of Bluetooth (10-15 m), the smartphone gives an alarm signal. It is convenient to find a lost child in time in a shopping center before it runs far away. There are other potential applications: connecting a Bluetooth headset, transferring photos and videos to PCs and mobile devices.

Ginzzu GZ-5211

Heart rate monitor as in adults

As tracker watches for kids look more and more like fitness bracelets, they are slowly starting to take over the features of “big” fitness trackers. For example, a heart rate sensor. There are still very few models with a heart rate monitor on the market, and they are implemented not to say that it is convenient for sports. The models that we found mostly have leather or ribbed silicone straps that can rub on a sweaty hand during training. But nevertheless, there are heart rate monitors in children’s watches – for example, in this model from Ginzzu. And by the way, they are useful not only for sports. By the rhythm of the heart, you can guess whether the child is walking or running. And if he runs, it’s time to check if he is running away from someone.

Wonlex GW1000S

Watches for teenagers

Kids who wear smartwatches are about to turn into teenagers who will hate everything childish in their image. Manufacturers have begun to take this into account, and here’s an example for you. It’s even strange to include this model in the rating of the best smart watches for children, because the model looks like Wonlex completely grown-up. Leather strap, solid black color, digital display with arrows, Wi-Fi, 3G, built-in fitness tracker, 2-megapixel camera, video recording – and all this, coupled with parental control functions. Bonus: the largest battery on the market, 600 mAh.

Marvel Spiderman life button

Superheroes and princesses

In July 2019, we are promised the premiere of Spider-Man 2: Far From Home, and if we talk about smart watches for children, our rating should be replenished with a series of watches from “Buttons of Life”. The theme design of this particular device should appeal to all the boys who admire superheroes. There is a similar model, only with Iron Man. Girls have their own characters: Rapunzel and the little mermaid Ariel. Cartoon design is an evergreen win-win: kids love it, parents love it too.

LEXAND Kids Radar

Minimalism as a style

In defiance of watch toys that look colorful and know how to entertain a child, there is a whole segment of smart watches for children who have strict parents. If you are convinced that the gadget should not be too interesting for the child, so as not to distract him from real life (children fundamentally disagree with you), then on the market you can find a simple watch-phone with a monochrome screen. They do not give the child anything, except for the most important thing – safety. Specifically, this model LEXAND can track the position of the child using GPS and cell towers and build a route of movement on the familiar Yandex.Maps. And the most interesting thing is that it allows you to monitor the child with the whole family: this smart watch can be paired with 6 phones at the same time. You can remember the famous saying about seven nannies, but you don’t need to.

Smart Kid K3

Clock and built-in social networks

Other manufacturers are going their own way and are trying to turn children’s smartwatches into the likeness of adults. Personally, this decision seems rather strange to us. So, in this novelty from Smart Kids there is a camera, the ability to play music (while there is no storage device for storing it – does it mean that the watch will be similar to a Bluetooth speaker?) and, most interestingly, the ability to read SMS, Facebook and WhatsApp messages. Given that you must be at least 13 years old to register on Facebook, the target audience for these colorful, cartoony, and apparently childish watches is not entirely clear. In addition, all these “adult” chips are added to the device to the detriment of, in fact, security features. For example, this watch does not even have an SOS button.

Geozone Aqua

With a good battery

The main problem with most children’s watches is a weak battery. Children are not as responsible as adults, so parents have to follow the exercises. The manufacturer of this watch promises to work up to 5 days without being connected to a power outlet, but in fact they last 3. And, in fact, as you might guess, the device is protected from water according to IP67, that is, you can not remove them even in the shower. The position is determined quite accurately: they use both GPS and GLONASS, and Wi-Fi.

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