Washing vacuum cleaner Thomas THOMAS Pet & Family is primarily suitable for pet owners. It easily collects wool, removes marks and stains from both the floor and upholstered furniture. Additional nozzles are included for cleaning furniture.


The vacuum cleaner has dimensions (WxHxD) 318 x 306 x 486 mm. Made in gray-orange colors. The top cover of the vacuum cleaner is transparent and there is a hole for installing a hose in it. The power cord is located on the back of the vacuum cleaner.


The total number of nozzles – 6 pcs

Nozzles included: floor/carpet hair remover, long crevice, nozzle for thorough cleaning of wool from upholstered furniture, turbo brush, carpet cleaner with adapter for hard surfaces, upholstery cleaner. Also included is Thomas ProTex concentrate for carpets and upholstered furniture 250 ml.


Dust container volume 6 l
Power 1700 W
Clean water tank 1.8 l
Power cord length 8 m
Noise level 81 dB
Dimensions (WxHxD) 318x306x486
Color grey/orange
The weight 8 kg


The vacuum cleaner has three types of cleaning – dry, wet and water collection. Has a water filter. Washable HEPA filter. Universal vacuum cleaner: bagless cleaning (Thomas Aqua-Box technology), bagged cleaning, wet cleaning, water collection, air purification and humidification. Special nozzles for cleaning after pets. It has the possibility of both horizontal and vertical parking.


The Thomas washing vacuum cleaner is perfect for pet owners. After all, it easily eliminates traces and wool from both the floor and upholstered furniture. The device works according to cyclonic technology – pollution getting into the container is divided into large and small.

And when the container is full, you can gently shake it out and rinse the side sections, in which the smallest volatile particles accumulate. Also, you can do without a dust collector at all. Pour water into the container, and after cleaning, pour it out along with everything that got into it. A simple control system will help you choose the right one of the four suction power modes, suitable for a specific type of coating.