In the modern world, more and more bets are placed on mobility and compactness. This is especially true for house cleaning. Upright vacuum cleaners have become a real boon for housewives. They allow you to quickly remove all pollution throughout the apartment, while taking up little space and consuming less electricity. Models with a short handle in the kit allow you to clean even hard-to-reach places, put things in order in the car.

The market offers a fairly large assortment, choosing from which is not always easy.

Below are the top 10 models that, in our opinion, are the most suitable for fast, high-quality cleaning at minimal cost.

When compiling the rating, we relied on the following criteria:

  • suction power;
  • The volume of the dust collector;
  • Equipment;
  • Battery capacity.

1. Polaris PVCS 4000 Hand Stick PRO

A universal vacuum cleaner with a dry cleaning function and a UV lamp allows you to quickly and efficiently remove dirt and eliminate pathogenic bacteria. There is vertical parking, a place to store attachments with mounts. All control is concentrated on the handle of the device.

The device has a suction power of 160 W, while it consumes about 450 W and has an inverter motor.
Included is an electric brush, the volume of the dust collector is 0.6 liters.
The operating time without recharging is up to 60 minutes, depending on the selected mode.

Filtration: HEPA 10. 5 interchangeable nozzles and 3 operating modes: medium, strong and turbo mode. Noise level up to 71 dB.
Battery included, type: Li-Ion. Battery capacity 2500 mAh.

Full charge time is 4 hours.

The weight of the device is practically not felt, thanks to a special electric drive on the brush. Due to it, the vacuum cleaner itself moves forward and makes it easier to work with it.
The tube is metal, composite.

The vacuum cleaner can be used as an upright or compact handheld vacuum cleaner.

There is a battery charge indicator.

Suitable for both floor coverings and upholstered furniture.


  • ultraviolet lamp
  • Easy to disassemble and wash
  • Suction power
  • Maneuverability
  • Good for carpets
  • Functional
  • Charges fast
  • Can be used as a handheld vacuum cleaner


  • Not convenient to store accessories

2. Bosch BCS61113

A vacuum cleaner with a lightweight, ergonomic design that handles both hard and soft surfaces equally well. The kit includes a turbo brush that allows you to collect dirt such as wool, small particles of dust, crumbs, etc.

The volume of the dust collector is 0.3 l. Type: container.

Battery included, type: Li-Ion. Battery capacity 2500 mAh. Full battery charging time is 4 hours.
Power control, motor and waste container are located on the top of the device.

The time of continuous operation of the vacuum cleaner is about 30 minutes.

The reliability and safety of using the device is due to the built-in overheating protection technology.
Filtration: HEPA 14. 3 nozzles included: for furniture, flexible crevice, electric brush. The tube is whole. 2 operating modes: normal and turbo mode.

The replaceable battery is part of the Power for ALL system and is compatible with Bosch home and garden tools.
The device is equipped with a DigitalSpin motor with a soft start function.

The handle detaches for cleaning in hard-to-reach places or in the car.


  • Can be used as a handheld vacuum cleaner
  • Light
  • Low noise
  • Lots of nozzles
  • Handles fine dirt particles well
  • Easy to clean


  • Discharges quickly

3. Gorenje SVC216FS

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a cyclone filter, the volume of a sealed trash container is 0.6 liters. The device effectively cleans laminate, linoleum, short pile carpets, tiles. The backlight allows you to effectively vacuum even in the dark.

Type of device power supply: from the battery, operating time without recharging: up to 60 minutes. Battery included, type: Li-Ion. Full charge time is 6 hours.

The suction power is 125W, the power consumption is also 125W. Noise level 78 dB.

The dust container can be washed under running water.

Rubberized wheels provide a stable position of the model and do not leave marks and scratches on the surface.

Mechanical control, located on the handle.

There is a soft start engine. 3 nozzles included: electric brush, brush nozzle, crevice.

By detaching the collapsible tube, a portable handheld vacuum cleaner can be obtained.

Air flow: 12 l/s.

Filtration: HEPA 10.

There is an indication of the battery charge level.

The dust collector is located below.

The device is protected against overheating.


  • Can be used as a handheld vacuum cleaner
  • There is a backlight
  • Easy to store
  • Holds a charge for a long time
  • Maneuverable
  • Compact


  • Not easy to clean the filter
  • Not suitable for carpets

A vacuum cleaner equipped with a HEPA filter and without a dust bag effectively captures even fine dust particles. Thanks to its light weight, it can be used to clean both horizontal and vertical surfaces, or surfaces located at a height (curtains, bookshelves).

The suction power is 100W with a power consumption of 600W. The dust suction tube is telescopic and can be detached to make the vacuum cleaner portable. Dust collector type: container.

The volume of the dust collector is 0.5 l.

Noise level – 79 dB

This vacuum cleaner is powered by the mains, the cord length is 4.5 m.
Comes with 2 nozzles: floor/carpet nozzle, crevice nozzle.

Mechanical control, located at the top of the device.

It can be used both to remove dust from upholstered furniture, carpets, curtains, bookshelves, computers, etc., and to clean car interiors.

This device does not have a turbo brush. There is also no power adjustment.

Thanks to vertical parking, the device takes up a minimum of space.

The HEPA fine filter ensures constant suction power and efficient air filtration.


  • Convenient to maintain
  • Light
  • Not noisy
  • Compact
  • The presence of a coarse filter
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Price


  • flimsy plastic
  • Tough on carpets
  • Small waste container

5. Kitfort KT-535-2

Vacuum cleaner with steam mop function that removes even dried-on stains on tiles, laminate or linoleum. Equally well suited for quick, local cleaning, and for a thorough, general. 3 modes of operation (simultaneous suction of dust and steam, suction of dust and debris, steam cleaning) and disinfection with steam allow you to get rid of germs and clean surfaces in the shortest possible time.

Additional functions are: steam supply and liquid collection function.

Steam Generator Hours:

20-25 minutes on high power;

30 minutes on low power.

Power is supplied from the mains, the length of the cord is 7.5 m.

Dust collector volume – 1 l, type: container. The dust suction tube is one-piece, metal, the kit includes an extension handle.

The noise level is 80 dB, the suction power of the device is 1100 W with a power consumption of 1600 W.

The model does not have a fine filter, but has a power regulator and a motor filter.

Turbo brushes are also not included.

The device has more weight compared to the previous rating positions, which is 5.3 kg.


  • Wet cleaning available
  • Ease of maintenance
  • long cord
  • You can combine wet cleaning with dry
  • Cleaning speed


  • Heavy
  • Wide brush not suitable for tight spaces

6. Tefal VP7751WH

Vacuum cleaner with wet cleaning function. It has additional functions in the form of steam supply and aromatization of surfaces. Leaves no streaks or wet spots. Effectively fights pollution and microbes. Thanks to the ability to combine wet and dry cleaning, it reduces cleaning time to a minimum.

The vacuum cleaner has a mechanical control, which is located on the handle.

The device consumes 1500 W, powered by mains.

The convenient handle in the form of a loop does not allow it to slip out of a hand.

The volume of the dust collector is 0.25 l., type: container. There is an anti-scale cartridge.

The device produces noise at the level of 82 dB.

The suction tube is one-piece, the kit comes with two Dual Clean & Steam nozzles for wet-steam cleaning and 3 fabric pads, but there is no electric brush.

The water tank is removable, with a volume of 0.4 liters.

Thanks to advanced cyclone technology, the device provides high-quality filtration and high suction power.

The device weighs 9.82 kg.

The device uses ordinary tap water without the addition of chemical detergents.


  • Wet cleaning available
  • Aroma function
  • Multifunctional
  • Leaves no streaks


  • Heavy
  • No electric brush

7. Weissgauff V9 Turbo Cyclone

Vacuum cleaner with fine filter, turbo brush, battery operated for 25 minutes of continuous operation. Built-in lighting and an inverter motor make this device an indispensable tool for cleaning. The vacuum cleaner does not take up a lot of space thanks to the vertical storage system.

The volume of the dust collector is 0.55 l., type: container.

Power control is electronic, located on the handle, which is removed, turning the vacuum cleaner into a portable, manual one.

In total, the vacuum cleaner has 4 different transformable modes: standard upright vacuum cleaner, portable vacuum cleaner, vacuum cleaner for cleaning gaps, vacuum cleaner for furniture and curtains.

Battery type included: Li-Ion, capacity: 2000 mAh. The battery is fully charged in 210 minutes. It can be detached if necessary.

Suction power is equal to 150 W at a noise level of 80 dB, which is ensured by SuperSilent technology.

There is a motor filter and a HEPA fine filter.

The device does not have a wet cleaning function.

Additionally, the performance of the vacuum cleaner is increased by an inverter motor, which has proven its superiority over standard ones.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Low noise
  • Suitable for carpets
  • There is a turbo brush
  • Ergonomic


  • Discharges quickly
  • Small dust collector


4 stages of power control, a fine filter and a minimum of storage space – all this is about the KARCHER VC 5 vacuum cleaner model. The vacuum cleaner showed high performance comparable to standard models. The vacuum cleaner is stored vertically, by pressing one button it folds almost twice.

Turbobrushes are not included, but there are 2 nozzles: floor / carpet; for upholstered furniture.

The vacuum cleaner works from a network. Cord length 7.5 m. Mechanical control, located on the handle.

There is a HEPA fine filter and a motor filter. Filtration: HEPA 12.

Dust suction tube metal, telescopic. Consists of three parts.

Bagless filtration system, dust collector type: container, volume: 0.2 l.

The device consumes 500 watts. and produces noise at the level of 77 dB.

2 cable hooks, with quick release and “parking” function, magnet.

The device has a 3-stage bagless filtration system and a 2-stage filter cleaning system.

The filter is automatically cleaned when the lid is opened.
Suitable for hard floors, carpets, stairs and textile surfaces.


  • Long cable
  • Compact
  • Powerful
  • Convenient to store
  • Build quality


  • Small dust collector
  • Thin cable insulation
  • Heavy


The vacuum cleaner works up to 55 minutes of continuous operation without additional recharging. The operating time depends on the selected mode. The vacuum cleaner can be used in any part of the room without worrying about the presence of an outlet. Good for quick daily cleaning.

At maximum power, the device works without recharging for 25 minutes. Total power levels – 2.
Battery powered, type: Li-Ion. Battery capacity: 2200 mAh. Full charge time 4 hours.

The device is equipped with a dust collector, container type, with a capacity of 0.8 liters.

The vacuum cleaner sucks with a power of 30 watts, while consuming 100 watts, with a maximum noise level of 80 dB.

Comes with 3 nozzles: turbo brush, crevice nozzle, for furniture.

On the case there is an indication of the fullness of the dust collector; battery charge level.

Built-in protection against overheating, there is a fine filter HEPA. Filtration: HEPA H13.

The vacuum cleaner is designed for dry cleaning only. Suitable for both home and car.

Vertical parking and a storage compartment for attachments make the device almost invisible when stored.


  • Price
  • Light
  • Maneuverable
  • Takes up little storage space
  • Quiet
  • Handles fine dirt particles well


  • Short handle
  • Not suitable for large areas
  • Build quality
  • Not suitable for carpets

10. Xiaomi Dreame V10 (Global)

Vacuum cleaner with a tunnel air system that can effectively deal with any dry dirt and debris, and provides suction power up to 140 watts. The operating time of the device without recharging is 60 minutes of continuous operation (may decrease depending on the selected mode).

The device consumes 450 W at a maximum noise level of 85 dB.

The set includes 4 nozzles: for furniture, for dusting, crevice nozzle, turbo brush, one-piece metal tube and a container dust collector with a volume of 0.5 liters.

The air cooling system distributes air around the battery and motor, removing excess heat from them. It also has overheating protection.

The Li-lon battery with a capacity of 2500 mAh and the electric motor of the vacuum cleaner are placed closer to the handle, which allows you to better distribute the weight of the device. The device will not tire your hands even when cleaning vertical surfaces.

Full battery charging time – 3.5 hours. There is a charge indication.

The HEPA filter traps and traps the smallest dust particles and prevents them from re-entering the air.


  • Maneuverable
  • Light
  • Quiet
  • Easy to maintain
  • Lots of nozzles


  • Inconveniently located power button
  • Battery gets hot after prolonged use
  • No carpet attachment
  • Turbo mode drains battery quickly


All devices from this rating deserve attention. Everyone can choose for themselves the device that is most suitable in terms of characteristics and functionality. Devices are presented in different price categories.

The leader of the rating was the Polaris PVCS 4000 HandStickPRO vacuum cleaner, which most successfully combines performance, ease of use and versatility.

The Polaris PVCS 4000 HandStickPRO has good power, the battery charges quickly and lasts a long time.

A distinctive feature of the Polaris PVCS 4000 HandStickPRO model is the presence of a UV lamp, which helps to get rid of bacteria and viruses during cleaning, which is especially important during the season of wet weather and colds.

Many interchangeable nozzles and modes of operation of this device will allow you to choose the optimal cleaning parameters, the result of which you will definitely be satisfied with.