Urbanears Alby Wireless Headphones

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Perhaps the most versatile gift is wireless headphones. A good choice would be the model of the Swedish brand Urbanears Alby, presented in four colors: purple, black, blue-green and white. The headset looks very elegant and also has a comfortable shape: these are classic vacuum headphones that will sit securely in your ears and provide good passive noise cancellation.

Earphones Urbanears Alby will work without recharging up to 5 hours, and from the case – all 15 hours. For fast charging, the case is equipped with USB-C. Also, the gadget is protected from water according to IPX4, which means it is not afraid of sweat and rain splashes. Each earphone has two microphones – they sensitively pick up the user’s speech when talking on the phone. You can buy a headset from 5,000 rubles – this is the average price for good wireless headphones.

Smart multicooker Polaris PMC 0526 IQ Home

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If you do not know what to give to your mother or beloved grandmother, pay attention to the technique that will simplify life and cooking – namely, multicookers. Today they even produce smart models that can be controlled from a smartphone – for example, Polaris PMC 0526 IQ Home with Alice support.

Thanks to the Wi-Fi connection, you can control the multicooker from the next room or even from another part of the world. You do not have to stand at the device to change the mode and cooking time. In total, the model has 21 automatic programs: for warming up, baking bread, yogurt, soups, cereals and cooking according to recipes. Speaking of recipes, the Polaris IQ Home app has over 700 multicooker instructions.

You can also control the device in the old fashioned way: for this, a multifunctional LED display on the case is provided. The model is equipped with a capacious bowl with a volume of 5 liters and can work as a sous-vide – lovers of a healthy diet will definitely appreciate it.

Instant Camera Instax SQUARE SQ1

An instant camera is a win-win gift for a woman of any age, especially if she likes to decorate everything around with photos. The new model Instax SQUARE SQ1 does not even require special knowledge about photography: the camera automatically sets the exposure and takes the best shots in the created conditions. Even a child will understand the controls, and the delight of the rapid development of photographs is guaranteed even for adults.

For operation, the camera uses two batteries, the capacity of which is enough for the development of 30 frames. Cards for Istax SQUARE SQ1 are square and will look great on the refrigerator, in an album or on the wall. You can make a whole composition out of them, capturing the pleasant moments of the New Year or another holiday. The camera is available in three colors: blue, white and terracotta, so you can choose the option for every taste.

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Smart watch HUAWEI Watch Fit

To keep fit and just always be in touch, you can use a smart watch: it will count the steps, help you in training, and show notifications from your smartphone. HUAWEI has a cute “female” model – Watch Fit is released not only in classic black, but also with a pink or turquoise strap.

HUAWEI Watch Fit is compatible with Android and iOS phones, water resistant (WR50), equipped with GPS and blood oxygen sensor, as well as a 1.64-inch AMOLED color display. The watch can monitor the quality of sleep, support 96 sports modes and can measure heart rate in real time. And they will work without recharging up to 10 days – which is quite a long time for smartwatches. Now such a model costs about 6,500 rubles, and when buying on the official HUAWEI website, you can get wireless headphones as a gift.

Straightener Philips BHS377 StraightCare Essential

Many people think that using a straightener can only straighten hair, but this is not so: the straightener is suitable for curling, styling bangs and adding volume to the roots. In general, if you decide to give such a device to a woman, she will definitely find a use for it – and more than one.

In order not to get confused in a large selection of styling devices, you should give preference to trusted brands – for example, the Philips BHS377 StraightCare Essential model has received many positive reviews on Yandex.Market. The device has a beautiful design, heats up quickly and is suitable for different types of hair due to precise temperature control. It uses ceramic plates with a keratin coating that glides well through the hair. In addition, the rectifier has an affordable price – now you can buy it for an average of 2600 rubles.

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