We have collected for you some interesting wardrobe and interior items that are equipped with safe heating elements.

Foot warmer Beurer FW 20 Cozy

Foot warmer from a German compa...
A foot warmer from the German company Beurer looks like a large boot-boot, in which you can put two legs at once. The size of this heating pad will suit all family members: even tall people with large feet, not to mention children and petite women. You can put it under the table and warm your feet while you work – or leave the heating pad near the sofa and hide your feet in it while you watch TV.

The main part of the heating pad is made of soft plush: the cover is removable and will withstand washing in the washing machine. A heating element hidden at the bottom of the sleeve can maintain the selected temperature. There are three modes in total – it is convenient to set them using a remote control with a built-in LCD display.

Another feature of the device is the built-in massager. The Beurer FWM 50 heating pad will not only warm your feet, but also make a shiatsu massage – this is a Japanese technique, the name of which can be translated as “finger pressure”. This massage relaxes the feet and helps improve blood circulation. If you forget to turn off the heating pad, it will do so automatically 90 minutes after starting.

Down jacket Xiaomi NINETYGO

You can buy this warm parka on Aliexpress or Tmall – it costs about 6,000 rubles, like a regular inexpensive down jacket. But unlike a simple jacket, the Xiaomi model is equipped with a carbon nanotube film on the collar and back – when connected to a 10,000 mAh external battery, it heats up to the selected temperature in just 3 seconds.

The NINETYGO Smart Heated Parka down jacket is made from water
The NINETYGO Smart Heated Parka is made of IPX4 certified water-repellent material and filled with duck down (80%) – which in itself makes the clothes warm enough.

This is not the first Xiaomi heated jacket – the first generation of NINETYGO appeared in 2019. The new model is improved taking into account user feedback and is suitable even for the winter cold.

Electric heating pad Beurer HK 48 Cozy

Another product from Beurer that will keep you warm. Outwardly, this is an ordinary pillow that will look good on a sofa, armchair or bed and will not stand out in the interior. However, the pillow is not as simple as it seems – inside it has a whole system of heating elements that make it warm on both sides. You can adjust the temperature using a separate remote control with a small display.

Conveniently, the Beurer HK 48 Cozy heating pad can be
It is convenient that the Beurer HK 48 Cozy heating pad can be used in the same way as a regular pillow – without fear of staining or damaging the upholstery. Its fleece cover is even machine washable. By itself, it is very soft and pleasant to the touch, and its shape is suitable not only for sleeping, but also just for a comfortable position on the couch: you can put it under your back, hug it or place it on your knees.

Like the foot warmer, the pillow is completely safe – it automatically turns off after an hour and a half after the start of work if you forget to turn off the heating manually.

Electric blanket PLANTA BL-1B

If you want to warm not separate places, but the whole body at once, you need to wrap yourself in a super-warm electric blanket, such as PLANTA BL-1B. It is essentially a soft polyester blanket with a 120W heating pad inside. The blanket has a size of 130×180 cm and can serve both as a cape while you are sitting on the sofa and watching a series, and as a blanket – to throw it on at night and fall asleep like in a warm nest. You can regulate the heating using a separate backlit control panel – there are three modes in total, and the maximum temperature reaches 55 ° C.

To keep PLANTA BL-1B warm, you need to connect it to the mains, but the power adapter is removable, and without it the blanket can be washed in the machine.

Users note that the blanket heats up quite quickly, and the cover material is soft and pleasant to the touch plush. If you use it to sleep, you can forget about the blanket after falling asleep – the heating will stop automatically after three hours of operation.

Heated rug Teplolux Carpet 70 W

A small heated carpet will be especially useful in the cold season and off-season. It can find several uses. For example, for drying shoes – if you place it in the corridor or in front of the front door. Also, such a warm gadget can be used during work, putting it under your feet at the computer desk. And finally – no one bothers to give it to your beloved cat or dog, making a warm bed out of the rug.

On Yandex.Market and other sites you can find a lot of electric rugs. One of the most affordable models is the Carpet Teplolux with a power of 70 watts. It maintains the temperature at 40°C and at the same time consumes the same amount of energy as a conventional incandescent lamp.

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