Food processors are one of the most popular types of household appliances, characterized by a very wide functionality. Typically, such a unit is equipped with a bowl with a chopper, a vegetable cutter, a significant number of nozzles that are designed to facilitate cooking, make it faster and more convenient.

However, it is not easy to choose the right device, since the combines differ greatly from each other in a number of parameters. Be sure to pay attention to the following points:

To make choosing a food processor even easier, we have developed a rating of the most popular devices. When compiling it, we relied not only on the opinions of users, but also on the opinions of specialists, professional chefs, and so on. We were also interested in the value for money of the device. The top 10 includes only high-quality devices with a long service life. We hope that after studying the rating it will be very easy to choose a combine.

At the top of our review of the best food processors was a model from a well-known Chinese manufacturer that produces inexpensive, but at the same time functional and durable products. The set of nozzles is quite standard – two beaters and a hook for stiff dough. The device is equipped with a capacious bowl, the volume of which is 5 liters. It is covered with a lid with a special hole. Products will not be splashed around the kitchen, and through the opening it will be possible to add the necessary ingredients without interrupting the operation of the device. There are six speeds and a pulse mode, they are selected using a very ergonomic regulator.

Nozzles rotate not only around their axis, but also along the entire contour of the bowl, so the texture of the mixture is as homogeneous as possible. It is desirable that the device works without interruption for no more than 15 minutes, after which you need to take a break for about half an hour. This will not allow the motor to overheat and work at its limit, although overheating protection is still provided here. If necessary, you can purchase interchangeable nozzles – a meat grinder and a blender.


  • Sufficiently powerful device;
  • Efficiently whips and mixes;
  • Manufactured from reliable components;
  • The attachments and bowl are dishwasher safe.


  • Not all necessary nozzles are supplied in the kit – some will have to be purchased separately.

Food processor Redmond RKM-4030

9. KITFORT KT-1339-3


The device is placed in a very beautiful black-and-silver case, it occupies a minimum amount of free space in the kitchen, so it is best suited for small spaces. The product is able to organically fit into any interior, regardless of the style of its design. The main task of this combine is to mix, whip all kinds of ingredients, and you can also use it to make dough. The device is quite powerful – it is equipped with a 1200 W electric motor, it has six speeds. The jug of the product has a volume of one and a half liters, so it will be possible to cook a fairly large volume of products in it.

For kneading dough, a bowl is supplied with a capacity of 1.5 liters. It is made from high quality food grade stainless steel. At one time, you can prepare a test base for several pies or a large batch of homemade dumplings at once. All nozzles with planetary rotation, thanks to this, the ingredients are mixed absolutely evenly.


  • Very roomy bowls;
  • High engine power;
  • Legs with suction cups – vibration during operation is minimized;
  • The cost is quite reasonable;
  • There is a hook-shaped nozzle for making tough dough, there is a whisk for cream and a nozzle for batter.


  • A small and not very convenient hole for adding ingredients.

Food processor KITFORT KT-1339-3

8. Bosch MCM 3501M

Bosch MCM 3501 M photoBosch MCM 3501 M photo

Another very compact model with which you can easily prepare both everyday and festive dishes, desserts and various pastries. Initially, when developing the device, manufacturers counted on its operation in a compact kitchen. All removable parts can be washed in the dishwasher if necessary. The set comes with a large number of different nozzles, ranging from graters to full-fledged multifunctional tools. They will help to cut or finely chop raw or partially cooked foods within a few seconds. In one approach, you can mix up to 800 grams of any dough, make a cream, an omelette base, or crush ice. Everything you need for full-fledged work is included with the device, there is no need to purchase any additional equipment.

The most important find was the MultiLevel6 multifunctional knife, which is made of stainless steel and is also self-sharpening. This accessory is designed for chopping nuts or herbs. Along with the combine comes another interesting nozzle, which is designed for grinding spices or coffee. The power cable is stored in a special compartment, and all nozzles can be placed directly into the bowl, which also facilitates storage and transportation of the device.


  • Many different bowls and nozzles;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Very convenient to store and use;
  • The set also includes a recipe book;
  • Does not make too much noise during operation;
  • All removable parts can be washed in the dishwasher;
  • Long term warranty service.


  • Incorrect use may cause severe vibration.

Bosch MCM 3501M


Photo REDMOND RFP-3905Photo REDMOND RFP-3905

It is a universal food processor that can be used for chopping, grating, chopping any food, including fairly hard ones. With it, you can easily prepare salads, soups, desserts, mashed potatoes and so on. The set includes two bowls – a combine and a blender. Each of them is equipped with a special protective cover. There are also several nozzles, thanks to which the process of preparing any dishes becomes much easier. The double-sided grater has well-sharpened blades, so you don’t have to grate vegetables by hand, and you can grate both coarsely and finely. The shredder attachment is also double-sided. Perfectly replaces a meat grinder, grinder, blender, grater, mixer and so on.

The design has a very roomy bowl – it can fit about 5 kg of dry products, about 3.5 liters of liquid and up to one and a half kilograms of dough. The model is equipped with a plastic case of good assembly, during operation it does not emit extraneous sounds. The combine, despite a significant number of functions, has small dimensions, due to which it will fit perfectly even into the interior of a small kitchen.

The kit comes with several nozzles for dicing, for shredding, and all of them are self-sharpening and are made of food grade stainless steel. The bowl is also made of stainless steel, on the body there is a special compartment for storing nozzles. The maximum number of revolutions is 17000 rpm, there are two smoothly switching speeds, as well as a pulse mode, although the power of the device is only 700 watts.


  • Quickly cuts into cubes even large volumes of products;
  • Disassembles and assembles very easily;
  • Easy to wash;
  • Good power combined with economy.


  • The grater clogs very quickly, you have to constantly clean it;
  • High price;
  • Spare parts are not provided.

Food processor REDMOND RFP-3905

6. Braun FP 5160

Braun FP 5160 photoBraun FP 5160 photo

This device is quite convenient and easy to use, the design has a high-quality microprocessor responsible for the reliable operation of most programs. The combine conveniently kneads the dough, mixes any products, breaks ice well, beats eggs or cream. The device has a DualControl system that will automatically select the required speed and operating time, due to which a positive result is achieved quickly.

The kit includes a large number of different nozzles, each of which is of high quality and long service life. The combine can be used for squeezing juice due to the presence of a centrifugal type juicer. It has small overall dimensions, beautiful appearance. All attachments are dishwasher safe. The case and other plastic elements are made of materials that are safe for human health and do not contain toxic plastic stabilizers. The motor power is 1000 W, electronic type control, there are 11 speeds of operation, there is a pulse mode.


  • Good functionality;
  • A large number of nozzles included in the kit;
  • Safety;
  • High build quality.


  • Gears are made of plastic, which is why they quickly fail.

Combine Braun FP 5160

5. Kitfort KT-1320

Kitfort KT-1320

The case of this device is made of combined materials – it is made of metal and plastic inserts. Overall dimensions are small – 16x16x19 cm with a weight of 2.1 kg, so this device is perfect for small kitchens. There are four suction cup type rubber feet on the bottom surface of the motor unit. They easily dampen the vibration of the device during operation, and also reduce the noise level. The length of the power cable is 75 cm – it seems to be not too much, but it will be quite enough for comfortable work with this device. There is a speed controller on the front panel, there are only two of them, there is also a pulse mode, which is a short-term switching function. Assembling the device is quite simple.

The bowl is made of completely transparent plastic, it is capacious, the capacity is 1 liter. On the front side there is a measuring scale with notches. The kit includes two attachments – a chopper knife with very sharp stainless steel knives, they are self-sharpening. With it, you can even grind hard foods such as nuts, cook minced meat. In addition to it, a double-sided shredding disc is provided. You can rub hard foods – vegetables, fruits and cheese.


  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Quite stylish appearance;
  • A very functional device;
  • It is inexpensive;
  • Decent bowl size.


  • Engine power is small – only 500 watts.

Food processor Kitfort KT-1320

4. Bosch MUM54A00

Bosch MUM54A00

The device is equipped with a motor with a power of 900 watts. It is optimally suited for fast mixing of products, whipping, it works easily even with heavy types of dough, for example, for pizza and dumplings. The principle of rotation of the nozzles is planetary, which allows for high-quality, uniform and very efficient mixing. There are no food residues on the walls or bottom of the bowl. The dough is elastic, the cream is only airy, the proteins are tight. Included with this machine is a special set for confectionery products – a durable hook for kneading heavy types of dough, a whisk for mixing and a whisk for whipping. With the help of this machine, you will be able to cook meringues or very tasty cakes in the shortest possible time.

All nozzles are made of high quality stainless steel, so they can be washed in the dishwasher. The design has seven individual speed settings, so you can choose the most suitable operating mode almost instantly. It provides a pulse mode, there are rubber feet that protect well from slipping. The kit comes with a handy bag for nozzles, and it can be stored directly in the bowl of the device. The case has a compartment for storing the power cable.


  • Ideal for making meringues, cakes and other culinary delights;
  • Decent power;
  • There are all necessary accessories for convenient work;
  • The bowl is made of stainless steel;
  • Nozzles can be stored in the bowl itself.


  • The power cable is a bit short.

Bosch MUM54A00 food processor

3. Bosch MiltiTalent 3 MCM3201B

Bosch MiltiTalent 3 MCM3201B

This high-quality device is multifunctional, and it performs all the tasks assigned to it quickly and as accurately as possible. The device will knead the dough, chop or cut products into neat identical pieces. Now you don’t have to rub the dough from your hands, wash them from beets or the smell of onions. The design is characterized by compact overall dimensions – it is convenient to use it even in confined spaces, the engine power is 800 watts. This allows the device to crush ice, chop even such hard vegetables as carrots, beets, cabbage or potatoes, it can even work with greens, it is designed for making smoothies and milkshakes, chopping berries for jam or confiture.

The device has two modes of operation, the speed of the cooking process can be changed, it is also possible to select the density and density of liquids, the size of the pieces when shredding. To ensure maximum user safety during operation, a convenient pusher is included in the kit. The equipment does not make too much noise during operation.


  • Takes up very little free space;
  • Performs a significant number of functions;
  • Made from high quality and durable materials;
  • It features a reliable and powerful engine.


  • The motor starts to get very hot during prolonged operation;
  • Ice is crushed over time.

Food processor Bosch MiltiTalent 3 MCM3201B

2. MR9401A Morphy Richards

MR9401A Morphy Richards photoMR9401A Morphy Richards photo

The compact Morphy Richards food processor stands out with its all-metal profile. The motor block and bowls are made of SU 304 stainless steel. The robust body is matched by powerful functionality – the combine can be used as a meat grinder, turning meat into small minced meat in 6 seconds. This is possible thanks to the heavy-duty serrated blades of the Serrator Blade. They stay sharp and effective up to 12 times longer than conventional blades and form an S-shaped blade design in 2 rows.

The kit includes everything you need:

  • 3 interchangeable bowls for working with meat, vegetables, baby food – 0.8-1.5 l
  • 2 attachments: the main knife, which is suitable for meat and the hardest ingredients – made of stainless steel, as well as the garlic peeling knife – made of food-grade plastic
  • Stylish rubberized non-slip mat

Automatic protection will protect the device from overheating and engine idling. And a truly compact storage of all the elements at the bottom of the largest bowl will save the kitchen interior from clutter.


  • Reliable steel case;
  • Powerful pure copper motor;
  • Serrator Blades
  • Simple control – 1 button;
  • Choice of cutting thickness;
  • Transparent cover;
  • Quick disassembly, assembly, cleaning;
  • Silicone non-slip parts + mat;
  • Automatic protection;
  • Compact storage.


  • No dicing.

Food processor MR9401A Morphy Richards

1. Garlyn S-350

Garlyn S-350 photoGarlyn S-350 photo

The Garlyn S-350 food processor is basically a powerful and capacious planetary mixer with a set of attachments. The device is maximally thought out both from a technical point of view and from the point of view of convenience.

The design is based on a really high power engine (1500 W), thanks to which the harvester copes with various tasks quickly and easily. At the same time, you also don’t have to worry about the durability of the motor, since the Garlyn S-350 is equipped with a double protection system.
The bowl with a volume of 5.5 liters is designed for various tasks: whipping, kneading, preparing dough. This volume will be enough even when preparing a large number of servings in 1 application. One of the advantages of this combine is that even when mixing or whipping a small amount of ingredients, the result will be of high quality. Planetary mixing technology and nozzle design are responsible for this.

To perform various tasks, you can choose the optimal speed, a wide range of settings allows this. Everything is smoothly regulated, which also benefits the engine.
Optionally, you can expand the functionality of the combine with a meat grinder, a stationary blender, a vegetable cutter or a pasta attachment. At the same time, the manufacturer did not immediately include all this in the basic package, and the user always has a choice of which nozzles are useful to him, and which are not needed. At the same time, in comparison with analogues, additional nozzles for this combine will not hit the budget.


  • High power motor with overload protection;
  • High-quality metal nozzles;
  • Large bowl volume 5.5 l;
  • Wide range of speed control;
  • The functionality can be expanded to your liking.


  • Not detected.

Garlyn S-350

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We hope that the review helped you decide on the model of the food processor that will be optimal for you in all key parameters. You can express your impressions of this review, as well as your admiration or dissatisfaction with a particular combine model, in the comments to this article.