Steam cleaners are gaining more and more positions in the market of small household appliances. All thanks to their efficiency. With their help, you can clean all kinds of surfaces, even textiles, eliminate stubborn unpleasant odors and destroy viruses and bacteria.

Steam cleaners do an excellent job of cleaning tiles, plumbing, linoleum, kitchen surfaces, but with laminate and parquet, use a steam cleaner more carefully.

Steam cleaners are more environmentally friendly than regular cleaning, because they do not require the use of special detergents and other household chemicals.

At the same time, the device can still be used as a disinfectant due to the high temperature of the released steam.

Today we have compiled a rating of floor steam cleaners, which have different characteristics and differ in price.

In our analysis, we relied on the following criteria:

  • Device power;
  • Produced working pressure;
  • Water tank size;
  • Equipment;
  • Steam outlet temperature;
  • The amount of steam produced.

1. Ariete 4146

The steam cleaner is able to remove stains from any surface (all types of floor coverings, tiles, glass, furniture, curtains).

He is equally good at removing both fresh and stubborn stains.

Thanks to the power of 1500 W and the pressure of 5 bar, the cleaning time is reduced by several times compared to conventional cleaning.

Due to the high temperature of the steam, the surface is not only cleaned, but also disinfected.

Various nozzles are supplied in the kit: a floor brush and a universal round brush for various surfaces, a window cleaning nozzle, fabric nozzles, a 90 degree angle nozzle, a nozzle for hard-to-reach surfaces.

When cleaning with the Ariete 4146 steam cleaner, no additional use of household chemicals is required.

The volume of the water tank is 1.6 liters. Heating water takes 8 s.

There is a steam ready indicator.

Power supply – from the mains, cable length 6 m. Wheels make it possible to rotate the device 360 ​​degrees. The kit comes with an extended hose and telescopic tubes.

There is an adjustable steam supply.


  • Lots of attachments
  • Quality build
  • No need to use additional chemicals
  • Compact
  • Convenient to operate
  • powerful steam
  • Large volume water tank


  • Weak rubber bands

2. MIE Juno

You can work with this steam cleaner on any surface from tiles to parquet. It also effectively fights stains on upholstered furniture and limescale on plumbing fixtures.

The volume of the water tank is 1.1 liters. This volume is sufficient for continuous operation for 25 minutes.

Steam pressure varies from a minimum of 4 bar to a maximum of 5 bar.

The power of the device is 1500 watts.

Preparation for operation of the device is 4-6 minutes. The corresponding indicator will inform about readiness. There is also an indicator of lack of water in the tank.

This model does not have built-in wheels, but there is a complete stand with wheels that helps to move the device around the room.

The set includes the following nozzles: a wide floor mop (you can add 2 additional brushes with bristles to it), a rectangular nozzle for glass, nozzles in the form of round brushes with coarse bristles, a nozzle nozzle.

The steam cleaner works in one mode. Supports horizontal steam function.

Power is supplied from the network, the cable length is 3 m.


  • Lots of attachments
  • good pressure
  • Scale protection
  • Compact
  • Heats water quickly for work
  • Large water tank


  • Spitting water at the start of work
  • May leave streaks

3. Karcher KST 2

Floor standing steam cleaner with a power of 1500 W and a maximum steam pressure of 3.2 bar.

It has a 2-stage steam regulator. Water heating time 6.5 min.

The volume of the water tank is 1 liter.

An all-purpose steam cleaner capable of removing all kinds of stains from any surface.

Included are nozzles: floor nozzle, manual nozzle, round brush, spot nozzle.

There are also 2 extension tubes of 0.5 m each and a steam hose with a gun 2 m long.

Power supply – from the network, cable length – 4 m.

There is a steam regulator on the handle. The maximum amount of steam produced is 80 g/min.

The device is equipped with a safety valve, which makes it safe to use.

Mechanical control.

The device is light in weight, which makes it easy to move it around the room. Product weight 3 kg.

There is protection against scale and anti-drip system.

There is also a light indication of switching on, a light indication of reaching the set water heating.

The device is protected by a lid lock and a child lock.


  • powerful steam
  • Multifunctional
  • Fast water heating
  • There are control buttons on the gun
  • Steam regulation


  • Expensive replacement tips
  • You need to wait for the tank to cool before filling with water.
  • Manual cord winding

4. Clatronic DR 3280

The next in the ranking is the Clatronic DR 3280 steam cleaner, with a power of 1500 W and a maximum steam pressure of 4 bar.

The device has a large water tank with a size of 1.5 liters. There is also a steam control located on the handle.

The maximum steam supply is 40 g/min.

The declared steam temperature is 100 degrees, which allows you to remove not only stubborn stains, but also unpleasant odors, as well as viruses and bacteria from surfaces.

A full tank of water lasts for 40 minutes. continuous use of the device.

There is an automatic shutdown function when the water in the tank is exhausted.

The Clatronic DR 3280 steam cleaner kit includes several nozzles: for washing windows, for upholstered furniture, a brush with a floor cloth, two circular nozzles of different diameters and a jet nozzle.

There is also a 2-piece extension tube.

The device is protected from overheating and from leaks.

There is an anti-drip system and a vertical steam function.

The length of the steam hose is 1.6 m, mechanical control.


  • Suitable for all surfaces
  • Lots of attachments
  • high steam pressure
  • Ease of use
  • Fast water heating


  • Lack of brushes and nozzles
  • Condensation accumulates in the hose
  • Hose won’t disconnect

5. Kitfort KT-908

Steam cleaner weighing 4.6 kg. and a 1.5 m long hose, it effectively removes stubborn dirt, viruses and bacteria.

The device is multifunctional, suitable for various surfaces and also does not require the use of additional household chemicals.

A steam cleaner with a power of 1500 W and a steam pressure of 4 bar heats water in 12-15 minutes.

Power is supplied from the network, the cable length is 2.5 m.

Included are nozzles: for cleaning upholstered furniture; for washing carpets; nozzle-scraper; point nozzle; curved nozzle; for mopping; round brush; small round brush

There is an indication of inclusion, and also readiness for work.

The volume of the water tank is 1.5 liters, which is enough for 37 minutes. continuous work.

The steam supply regulator is located on the handle, there is an auto-off function in case of insufficient water in the tank.

The maximum steam temperature that the device can provide is 98 degrees.

The steam cleaner has 1 steam mode and does not know how to regulate the steam intensity.

To work with it does not require special training.


  • Large water tank
  • Long steam hose
  • Large selection of nozzles
  • Does not require additional chemicals
  • Good working pressure


  • No full tank indicator
  • Can splash water

6. Bort BDR-2500-RR

The sixth in the ranking is a steam cleaner, a feature of which is the ability to add water to the tank right during the operation of the device. When the water in the tank is used up, the device automatically turns off.

The device has a mechanical control and 7 nozzles.

The steam cleaner has a power of 2200 W and a pressure of 4 bar.

Maximum steam output 45 g/min.

Steam hose length 1.5 m, water tank volume 1.5 l.

The device heats water to the required temperature in 2 minutes.

This model does not have a steam regulator and a fairly discreet indication (only on), but the model supports vertical steaming.

The set includes a point nozzle (1 pc), a nozzle for washing windows / doors (1 pc), a brush for clothes (1 pc), a small round brush nozzle with metal bristles (1 pc), a small round brush nozzle with polymer bristles (1 pc), clothes holder (1 pc), terry cloth (2 pcs), carpet brush (1 pc), floor brush (1 pc), and 2 plastic extension tubes.

The device weighs 5.6 kg and has built-in wheels that facilitate its movement around the room.

Unfortunately, the components of the steam cleaner are subject to frequent malfunctions and breakdowns, which does not allow it to rise higher in our rating.


  • Fast water heating
  • powerful steam
  • Easily penetrates hard to reach places
  • Can be topped up during operation


  • The steam hose gets very hot
  • Short cord
  • subject to frequent breakdowns

7. VLK Sorento 8400

Fairly light model (3.7 kg) with wheels. It has a power of 2100 W and a pressure of 4 bar.

The volume of the water tank is 1.5 liters, which allows you to work continuously with this steam cleaner for 35 minutes.

The maximum steam temperature is 103 degrees.

Included are nozzles: for steaming fabric; for washing windows and mirrors; for mopping; for washing carpets; curved nozzle; round brush.

Unlike the previous model, water cannot be added to the tank of this steam cleaner directly during operation.

Indication of inclusion and achievement of the set heating.

The steam cleaner heats water to the maximum temperature in 5 minutes.

There is an adjustable steam intensity.

Mechanical control, steam hose length 1.5 m.

Power supply – from the network, cable length – 3 m.

For the convenience of working with the device in the mode of steaming clothes, the package includes a stand with a holder for a steam gun and hangers.

There is a child lock.

A universal device that copes with any dirt on any surface, while delicately handling textiles.


  • Long run time
  • Large volume water tank
  • Lots of nozzles
  • Multifunctional


  • May not heat steam up to stated temperature

8. Polti Vaporetto Classic 65

The device has a standard power of 1500 W and a pressure of 4 bar.

The water heating time takes from 2 to 5 minutes.

The volume of the water tank is 1.3 liters.

The model has a large number of accessories (7 pcs.), but does not include a telescopic stand.

The device is easy to use and prepare for work. It is well suited for regular cleaning.

Safety of use is provided by a protective cover. There is protection from children, from overheating and a safety valve.

The maximum amount of steam produced is 110 g/min.

The high heating rate is due to the material from which the boiler of the steam cleaner is made – aluminum. It also resists scale formation and oxidation.

Also on sale there are additional accessories designed to make cleaning with this steam cleaner even more efficient.

Power is supplied from the mains, the cable length is 8 m, which allows you to move around the room without any restrictions without the need to reconnect the device.

The steam cleaner is not budgetary and has a price above the market average.


  • Good working pressure
  • It is possible to connect the nozzle-iron Super Pro
  • Quick preparation for work
  • Lots of nozzles


  • Price
  • No anti-drip system

9.Lelit PG024N

This appliance has been designed to operate with tap water only. Any other water can damage the internal coating of the structure.

The steam cleaner has a power of 1900 W and provides a maximum steam pressure of 5.5 bar.

Water heats up in 10 seconds. The volume of the water tank is 2.5 liters. There is an adjustable steam supply.

On the front panel there are control buttons, a pressure gauge, a steam quantity regulator.

Steam brush – the steamer has its own heater to create high-quality steam without condensate emission.

The steam cleaner provides up to 120 minutes of uninterrupted operation.

There is a steam boost, the speed of which is 120 g / min.

There is protection against scale, but there is no automatic shutdown and anti-drip system.

Power supply – from the network, cable length 1.8 m.

Supports vertical steam function, steam hose length 1.7 m.

The steam cleaner does not have a self-cleaning system, so it must be washed at least once a month.

The model is located in the high price segment.


  • durable
  • Quiet
  • Compact


  • Price
  • Nozzles sold separately
  • Short cord

10 Lavor Pro GV Kone

A professional steam generator that allows you to clean any surface in the shortest possible time.

It has a fairly large weight – 8 kg, but is equipped with wheels that facilitate its movement.

The steam generator has a power of 2300 W and a water tank capacity of 2.4 liters.

Water heats up in 10 minutes and can have a maximum temperature of 143 degrees.

The steam cleaner generates pressure up to 4 bar.

Steam hose length 2.8 m.

The kit includes a point nozzle; round brush; nozzle for glass; triangular brush; floor nozzle. Also included is an extension tube.

The steam regulator is located on the body.

The device provides steam supply in the amount of 13.3 g/min.

The steam cleaner is made of impact-resistant plastic, resistant to mechanical damage.

Power supply – from the network, cable length – 4 m.

The steam cleaner easily gets into hard-to-reach places and struggles with pollution in them.

There is a safety valve.

The device does not leave wet spots or streaks.

The model is also in the upper price segment on the market.


  • Large volume water tank
  • Easy to use
  • Lots of nozzles


  • Price
  • Does not reach the stated maximum steam temperature
  • Turning the steam adjustment knob


We tried to collect a variety of models of steam cleaners in different price segments and combine them in this rating.

The leader of the rating was the Ariete 4146 steam cleaner, which combines high performance, quality materials, versatility at an affordable price.

A large number of nozzles in the kit makes the use of this steam cleaner even more comfortable and efficient, you can choose a nozzle for any surface and for any cleaning purpose.

The absence of the need to use household chemicals will positively affect your health, make cleaning environmentally friendly and safe.

With fast water heating and a large water tank, you can start cleaning almost immediately and complete the cleaning cycle.

Due to the length of the cable and the maneuverability of the device, it will not be felt for the hand, which will reduce its fatigue.