The number of smart wearable devices is growing every year. But, say, not everyone is ready to wear a smart watch. It’s unusual for some to have a massive gadget on their arm – especially in summer, when it’s hot outside and you want to take off everything superfluous. Bracelets are another matter – they are thin, not heavy, easy to wear at any time of the year. They can have different functions: from the banal counting of steps to the possibility of paying through a bank terminal. We have selected the most worthy models of those that are currently on sale. So, if you don’t know which bracelet to choose in 2020, we advise you to get acquainted with our recommendations.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5

The long-awaited fifth version of “mi band” appeared this summer. It took into account many wishes of users of past modifications. For example, the screen has been enlarged (diagonal – 1.1 inches), there are more possible options for activities … And most importantly, now you do not need to remove the bracelet capsule from the strap to charge it. It is enough to connect the magnetic charging to the contacts, it is much more convenient.

Among the interesting features is the ability to use the bracelet as a remote control for the camera of a smartphone, as well as control music. Available in 8 straps in different colors. The survivability of the bracelet has also increased: now, theoretically, it can work without recharging for up to 2 weeks. In a word, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 remains one of the tops in its segment: you can buy it for about 2400 rubles.

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Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 NFC

Actually, it is no longer a new model with an advantage clear from the name. Yes, this opportunity has been long awaited: now a bracelet with NFC is officially sold on the Russian market. If your smartphone does not have an NFC module, you can buy this bracelet and pay with it in stores. True, not all banks support this possibility so far (there were only 9 of them in the summer of 2020), but their list is growing.

Otherwise, this is the usual Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4: a 0.95-inch screen, tracking basic activities, monitoring heart rate and sleep. Pretty sensible application in which everything is laid out on the shelves. It should be noted that the version with NFC costs almost twice as much as the base one. So, if you do not need the capabilities of this module, you can buy the fourth “mi band” and save about 1500 rubles.

Honor Band 5

Another popular bracelet is stylish and functional. The screen with a diagonal of 0.95 inches is made on the basis of an AMOLED matrix and has a resolution of 120×240, it is bright enough for any weather. Unlike Xiaomi bracelets, here the strap has a classic design with a buckle and holds securely even after a year of use under any load.

The main feature of this bracelet is advanced sleep monitoring. The patented TruSleep technology allows you to give the user a detailed layout of sleep phases, and the application has clear recommendations on how to improve certain parameters. True, if you enable this function, the batteries will last for 5-6 days, without it the bracelet easily “lives” for 10 days. You can control the device using gestures: for example, when you turn and raise your hand, the screen will turn on. But in terms of tracking workouts, this model is by no means a leader. It supports a total of 6 activities, including swimming.


A bracelet that largely repeats the functions of the previous one. It looks a little different, and the screen matrix here is not AMOLED, but TFT. Nevertheless, there are no problems with reading information even on a sunny day.

There are not many options for strap colors: most users buy black anyway. With the dials, the same story: as of “out of the box” there are only 5 of them. But in fact, through the application, you can find and download as many as 60 pieces – it just takes some time.

HUAWEI Band 4 is water resistant and can control the camera and player in your smartphone. For sleep monitoring, the same TruSleep technology is used. The autonomy is about the same as that of the Honor Band 5: a little less than a week with TruSleep enabled and about 10 days with it disabled.

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Samsung Galaxy Fit

Samsung has several bracelets: for example, Samsung Galaxy Fit e (simpler, with a monochrome screen) or the same “fit”, but without the e prefix. We decided not to waste time on trifles and offer a variant with a full color screen.

It should be noted that the Galaxy Fit, although it costs more, is still more advanced in detail than many cheaper competitors. For example, with it you can dive to a depth of 50 m, despite the fact that some more affordable devices only involve swimming, without diving. The swimming style is determined automatically – again, not everyone can boast of this. In addition, the bracelet can measure the level of stress – Xiaomi has this function only in the sixth version of “mi band”.

It’s hard to say if these benefits are worth nearly double the price compared to even the most expensive Chinese bracelet. But, obviously, there are users who appreciate Samsung and want to use the products of this brand.

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

Advanced fitness bracelet for real athletes. Gear Fit2 Pro automatically recognizes your activity and helps you choose the best workout mode. The gadget supports four sports applications: UA RECORD for sleep and training statistics, MapMyRun for creating routes for jogging or cycling, MyFitnessPal for keeping a food diary and Endomondo for finding like-minded people and creating an individual exercise plan.

The fitness bracelet from Samsung is equipped with a large 1.5-inch AMOLED screen and 4 GB of internal memory. That is, in fact, the screen is much larger than most bracelets. True, due to this, it looks more cumbersome.

Fitbit Charge 3

The bracelet of the American manufacturer Fitbit is suitable for fitness, jogging and swimming. The gadget supports all popular systems: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, OS X. The monochrome OLED display shows notifications about SMS, mail, calendar events, Facebook and Twitter. The device helps keep track of health by monitoring blood oxygen levels, heart rate and activity intensity.

When stress increases, the gadget will offer you to do breathing exercises that will help you relax. A nice bonus of the model is that quick replies to messages are available when paired with an Android smartphone on the bracelet.

Garmin Vivosmart 4

Think Galaxy Fit is expensive? How do you like this model from Garmin? It costs almost the same as a smart watch from Honor or Huawei, although its functionality is not far behind. The screen is tiny, and even monochrome – you have to put up with it.

In addition to the standard pedometer and heart rate monitor, there is advanced sleep monitoring that takes into account changes in the level of oxygen in the blood using the Pulse Ox sensor, special timers for different types of training (yoga, walking, running, swimming, etc.), a program for monitoring the level stress and breathing exercises.

The device can help in scheduling workouts for the week and analyzing the load over the past few days. The bracelet will automatically calculate how many steps you need to walk on a given day, and will take into account all your activities – including climbing stairs, intense workouts and running. Garmin Vivosmart 4 is compatible with Android and iOS and can display notifications from your smartphone.

By the way, smart scales are perfect for a company with a smart bracelet. They will help to monitor the dynamics of changes not only in weight, but also in the proportion of water, fat and muscles in the body. Read more in our selection of the best smart scales. And we also wrote about smoothie makers – blenders specifically for making smoothies.