Sony is known for the highest quality of its audio equipment. In fact, she created a market for such equipment with the release of mobile players (more cassette, and then CD and MP3) of the Walkman series. And today it is she who produces excellent audio equipment, especially portable speakers.

And especially for lovers of quality music, we have compiled a rating of the 5 best Sony portable speakers, which are distinguished by excellent sound quality – from top models to simple, but high-quality ones.

Rating of the best Sony portable speakers



Name of product


Rating of the best Sony portable speakers


Sony SRS-X99

29 990 ₽


Sony GTK-XB7

15 590 ₽


Sony SRS-XB41

9 900 ₽


Sony SRS-XB40

8 999 ₽


Sony SRS-XB30

5 750 ₽

Sony SRS-X99

Rating: 4.9

Sony SRS-X99

Why it is: A wireless speaker system with unique tools to enhance audio performance.

The Sony SRS-X99 is not exactly a portable speaker. Of course, it can be dragged from place to place, but there is no built-in battery for battery life. Yes, and it would hardly fit inside a small case, which at the same time is “stuffed” with modern electronics for excellent sound.

The main advantage of the device is the audio system. It is three-channel and includes 4 speakers to reproduce high frequencies; two ferrofluid drivers for realistic midrange parts; and one high-powered woofer with two passive radiators for deep, voluminous and physically perceptible bass.

But the advantages of the audio system are not limited to this. There’s also a Hi-Res-class S-Master HX digital amplifier, DSEE HX compressed music playback enhancement technology, and ClearAudio+ sound clarity (detail) amplifier. The device supports the LDAC wireless codec.


  • Three-channel audio system with seven speakers;

  • Support for LDAC codec and other ways to improve playback;

  • Support for Spotify Connect streaming services and built-in Chromecast.


  • The sound quality is highly dependent on the room;

  • Noticeable “bullying” of high frequencies when played at high volume;

  • Still, this is a full-fledged home audio system, albeit portable.

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Sony GTK-XB7

Rating: 4.8

Sony GTK-XB7

Why it is: A great portable speaker for party goers.

This portable speaker brings a club atmosphere to your home with LED-lit speakers and our signature Extra Bass feature that boosts bass. In addition, it provides a realistic and three-dimensional scene – a two-channel audio system consists of five speakers, two of which switch the operating mode depending on the position of the device. So, if it is installed vertically, the upper “tweeters” for high frequencies are active, and if it lies horizontally, then the side ones.

Like the previous audio system in the ranking, the GTK-XB7 model is equipped with two sound quality enhancement technologies – DSEE, which restores the quality of compressed digital music; and ClearAudio+, which increases the clarity and detail of songs. Even powerful basses will not block the performer’s voice, and every note will be clearly audible.

This model also supports DJ effects – also for party lovers.


  • Excellent bass sound;

  • High power that does not affect the sound quality;

  • Attractive design with LED backlit speakers.


  • This is not exactly a portable speaker, since the device is mains powered;

  • For a good stereo scene, it is recommended to install it horizontally;

  • High sensitivity to sound quality in the Extra Bass mode (listening to the same MP3s with a low bitrate on it will be simply unpleasant).

Sony SRS-XB41

Rating: 4.7

Sony SRS-XB41

Why it: Sony’s flagship portable speaker that delivers live-like sound.

Despite the fact that the SRS-XB41 portable speaker has a very compact size, it boasts excellent, almost concert-like, surround sound. This effect is achieved through proprietary technology Live Sound. This not only focuses the sound directly in front of the speakers, but also spreads it sideways and backwards for high-quality, realistic reproduction.

The “heart” of the audio system are two 58-mm speakers with reinforced cellulose cone. They provide powerful and rich sound with minimal distortion. And thanks to the proprietary Extra Bass technology, you can also amplify the bass to such an extent that they will be felt physically.

Fans of parties and custom design will also like the device’s LED backlight. It can work in several modes, including linear flickering and strobe.


  • Realistic and voluminous bass, devoid of distortion;

  • Interesting and unusual lighting;

  • Lightweight and portable, easy to carry even with one hand.


  • No charge level indicator;

  • The backlight actively drains the battery;

  • There are no USB or microSD connectors for connecting external drives, communication is only via Bluetooth.

Sony SRS-XB40

Rating: 4.6

Sony SRS-XB40

Why it: Extra Bass technology, LDAC codec support, waterproof design.

The portable speaker SRS-XB40 will help you create a club atmosphere anywhere – even at a friendly picnic somewhere along the river. Three key functions of the device are responsible for this – powerful bass, achieved through the use of proprietary Extra Bass bass enhancement technology (switchable, of course); ring LED RGB-backlight with multiple modes of operation; and a waterproof design, thanks to which the device is not afraid of getting wet – even if you want to listen to music in the pouring rain.

But not only they can boast of the device. Useful features also include support for the wireless LDAC codec, which maintains a high bitrate of lossless music with a Bluetooth connection; and a high-capacity battery that provides up to 24 hours of playtime. The speaker can be combined with others for stereo surround sound using Party Chain technology.


  • Bass boost mode, in which low frequencies do not “clog” other sounds;

  • Waterproof body;

  • Support for technologies from more expensive models – LDAC and ClearAudio +.


  • Inconvenient application;

  • Charging and listening to music at the same time will not work;

  • Unswitchable volume reduction when discharging below 20%.

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Sony SRS-XB30

Rating: 4.5

Sony SRS-XB30

Why it: The optimal combination of price and power.

Portable audio system Sony SRS-XB30 is in many ways similar to the previous model in the ranking, but has about 30% less power. Therefore, it is suitable for music lovers at medium volume, as well as users who do not need to throw noisy parties wherever they go.

Like the previous one, this model supports the Extra Bass bass enhancement technology, which creates a bass volume that does not overlap other sounds. It is also equipped with a multi-color RGB LED backlight for the case and speakers, and is made in a waterproof case that is not afraid of even getting wet.

Other positive features of the device include support for LDAC high definition wireless codec for lossless music; battery that lasts for 24 hours at medium volume; and Party Chain technology for linking multiple devices into one audio system.


  • Low price (the cheapest Sony portable speaker in the ranking);

  • Support for Extra Bass and ClearAudio +;

  • Customizable LED lighting.


  • Cannot play music while charging;

  • Forced decrease in playback volume when the battery is discharged up to 20%;

  • Heavy, weighs about a kilogram.