Electric blanket Beurer HD 75 Cozy Nordic

What could be better than cozying up under a warm blanket on a cold February evening? Only if it’s an electrically heated blanket, like the new Beurer HD 75 Cozy Nordic. For example, you can wrap yourself in it with your loved one and sit in front of the TV – in warmth and comfort.

Outwardly, it looks like a plaid: very soft and cozy, made of lint-free material. It is a breathable and skin-friendly fleece that is warm enough on its own. The comforter is even machine washable at 30°C to keep the fabric clean at all times.

Hidden inside the Beurer electric blanket
Hidden inside the Beurer electric blanket is a whole system of heating elements that can be controlled using a remote control. It also has a backlit display to make it easy to adjust the heat at night in the dark. A total of 6 modes are available with a maximum power of 100W. The blanket is completely safe – if the user is inactive, it will automatically turn off after 3 hours. For example, you can turn it on before going to bed and not worry that the heating will work all night.

Smart speaker Capsule

A smart speaker will not only create a romantic atmosphere with the help of music, but also help you have fun. For example, the Capsule column with Marusya’s voice assistant has a program for playing in pairs called Love-Carrot. It invites you to answer questions about your soulmate to check how well people know each other.

A smart speaker is also useful in everyday life – it will help you find information on the Internet, tell you the weather forecast, turn on your favorite music or radio, set an alarm or calculate something for you on a calculator. The capsule is equipped with a powerful speaker (30 W) and promises clear and surround sound. It can also be used to control the Wink video service, launching series and movies using voice commands.

Portable Projector TV Cube

Recently, more and more people are abandoning TVs in favor of projectors – they take up less space, project an image on almost any surface and allow you to organize a home theater even in a small room. Portable projectors have also become popular – these are what the MultiKubik company produces. In January, she introduced a new TV Cube that can completely replace the TV.

This projector supports Wi-Fi and 4G and can project a bright image even in daylight – the maximum brightness reaches 200 lumens. There are over 50 online movie theater apps available on the cube, including ivi, Netflix, and YouTube. You can also listen to the radio and play VR games through the device. And it works without recharging up to 5 hours. In general, the device is useful not only for watching romantic movies, but also in everyday life.

Philips Hue Go Color Adjustable Light

Proper lighting will help create an even more pleasant and romantic atmosphere at home, but an ordinary chandelier is not capable of this. But a smart lamp can easily cope with the task, on which you can adjust the color and intensity of the backlight – for example, Philips Hue Go. The model is portable and can work up to 18 hours even without being connected to a power outlet. It supports a smartphone app to control lighting effects.

The lamp has several built-in operating modes, such as Cozy Candle Light, Sunday Coffee, Meditation, Enchanted Forest and Night Adventure. You can also combine several lamps into one system so that they change colors at the same time. And if you synchronize lamps with multimedia, you get real light music!

Paired toothbrushes

A good gift for February 14 will be equipment that can be used by two – for example, a set of electric toothbrushes. Philips has one – and the manufacturer produces them in blue and pink, so that in a pair no one confuses where whose device is.

The Philips Sonicare 2 Series HX6232 sonic model is suitable for gentle and effective brushing: it is safe for braces, veneers and fillings. She also has a built-in two-minute timer that will help you keep track of the time of the procedure. The nozzles can be changed by choosing the softness of the bristles.

A set of two brushes will cost about 7,000 rubles, which is very profitable – except that there is one charging station in the kit.

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