heart and cats

Let’s start with the most banal. For example, you seem to have fallen in love with someone, but not so much as to give something more expensive than 1000 rubles. There is a way out: a modest bouquet of flowers and such an 8 GB flash drive in the shape of a heart. By the way, you can record a video greeting on it (it’s generally free!).

If you are preparing a gift for a girl, the most win-win topic is cats. You can’t just take and … not take a cat, so feel free to use it. In order for the caudate to have at least some benefit, look again for a flash drive. However, it is not necessary – we have already found it, just make out. This cat, by the way, is not afraid of water.

Amplifier for two

Have you ever heard of headphone amplifiers? A cool thing that can not only make a candy out of MP3, but also turn ordinary headphones into wireless ones. Simply connect the cord to the amplifier and it to a Bluetooth source. What’s so romantic, you ask? It’s simple: the gadget supports connection to two Bluetooth devices at once. That is, you can put tracks in turn, arranging at least a dance battle!

By the way, if you need, on the contrary, to connect one device to two headphones, you can buy a splitter for 200 rubles. For example, here.

Two pairs of headphones for two pairs of ears

By the way, about the headphones. It is difficult to imagine today a person who is not interested in music. A great idea for any pair is spectacular headphones of the same model, but in different colors. Here, for example, are such elegant “plugs”: with a black body for him, with a red one for her. There is also blue – well, for your information.

heated scarf

Romantic walks under the moon aren’t always as delightful as they are in the movies. Try to pull your beloved out from under a warm blanket outside in winter at -15C! To increase the chances of success, you can give this Beurer HK 37 electrically heated scarf as a gift.

Tech romance: 5 gift ideas for February 14th

It looks quite modern, while it has three temperature modes. One charge is enough for a two-hour walk. Despite the presence of “electricity”, the scarf can be washed at a temperature not exceeding 30C. So what about the walk?

Video on the ceiling

CINEMOOD ivi Cinema Cube is a pocket projector that can display photos and videos on any suitable surface. For example, on a white wall or ceiling. It is unlikely that you have a TV with a 3-meter diagonal at home, and such a cube is quite capable of expanding the image to such a scale! However, a modest 10 cm may be enough for him.

Tech romance: 5 gift ideas for February 14thWatching a melodrama or a self-made video on the ceiling while lying on the bed – what could be more romantic. The projector is quite a “smart”, no worse than modern TVs. It connects via Wi-Fi to the home network (and to the mobile one too, via a smartphone) and is ready to show video directly from online services. Moreover, a six-month subscription to ivi is already included in the price! And it also has fairy tales, cartoons and lullabies – this is a whole entertainment and educational digital platform for the whole family based on a projector.

Of course, you can also record your own content: the projector has its own 32 GB memory. The cube has a built-in battery that allows the device to work up to 5 hours without recharging.

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