How to find the right thermos: basic parameters

A thermos or thermos kettle is a great way to transport hot coffee, tea, or other drinks (and sometimes food). Its main function is to maintain the temperature of the liquid for a long time, that is, to minimize heat exchange between the contents of the container and the environment. However, thermos flasks are different, and depending on your needs, one model will suit you better than another. We list the main aspects that you should pay attention to before buying a thermos.

Thermal insulation quality

Thermal insulation is one of the main characteristics of a thermos. Not all models cope with this task equally well, a lot depends, for example, on the manufacturer, material and term of use of the thermos. In this matter, be guided by your own needs. If you manage to drink all your coffee before lunch break, you are unlikely to need a thermos with the same high level of thermal insulation as a tourist who can spend half a day on the road drinking tea. As a rule, the better the level of thermal insulation, the more expensive the thermos.

Possibility of transportation

The point of using a thermos is almost lost without this feature. Since they are often taken on the road, they are often on the road, thermoses should be as light and comfortable as possible. Again, let’s remember about lovers of hiking: they often have to move over rough terrain, so the thermos must be strong enough not to break from possible bumps or falls.

Take it with you: how to choose a good thermos?


If a thermos with hot coffee suddenly leaks in a backpack with a laptop or in a briefcase with important documentation, then it will be just a mega-disaster for the owner! To prevent this from happening, the thermos must be airtight and close well even after prolonged use.

Harmful materials

To preserve your health, make sure that the materials from which the thermos is made do not contain hazardous substances. Otherwise, due to the constant contact of the vessel itself and the liquid you drink, you can get a portion of harmful substances along with your favorite drink.

Take it with you: how to choose a good thermos?Washing in the dishwasher

Due to the very shape of the thermos, it is sometimes difficult to wash it by hand, it would be much more convenient to just send it to the dishwasher. But be careful: not every thermos is suitable for cleaning in a typewriter. If you plan to wash it this way, you should find out in advance if this cleaning method will harm it. Glass models, for example, are not dishwasher-safe at all.

How much does a good thermos cost?

The price range is very large, there are many both budget and relatively expensive models. As a rule, the more expensive the thermos, the better its thermal insulation and tightness. Yes, and the products of the middle and high price segment usually last longer than cheap counterparts.

With frequent use, the level of thermal insulation usually decreases: the cheaper the thermos, the faster it will turn into a regular mug. But before you spend a lot of money on a thermos, decide on your needs. If you need a coffee container to take with you to the office, then an inexpensive model that will keep the drink warm until lunch is also suitable. For example, Bekker BK-4114 0.5 l for 350 rubles. If you go on long hikes, it is better to take a more expensive thermos: it will be stronger, better insulated and airtight.

Thermoses can be made entirely of stainless steel or have a glass flask. Before we get into the differences between these materials, here are two good stainless steel models.

For the company: a thermos with an Emsa Soft Grip handle

Thermos kettle Emsa 514499 holds up to 1.5 liters of liquid and is equipped with a stainless steel flask. The manufacturer promises that thermal insulation will work 12 hours for hot drinks and as much as 24 hours for cold ones. To open the Soft Grip, simply press the lever with your thumb. Advantage: This closure allows you to pour liquid without spilling a single drop.

In addition, the thermos is small in size and will fit in any backpack or hiking bag. Its dimensions are 11.8 x 11.8 x 28.7 cm, and its weight is about 800 grams, which corresponds to the average weight of thermoses with such a volume. Thermos Emsa 514499 can currently be purchased for about 3000 rubles. The price varies depending on the color of the model and the volume: a 1 liter version is available, but it cannot be washed in a dishwasher. The manufacturer Emsa claims that its products do not contain harmful substances.

Classic: thermos kettle Thermos THS-1500 (1.5 l)

If you are ready to fork out for a real king in the world of thermoses, prepare at least 4000-5000 rubles. Thermos THS-1500 (1.5 l) costs about 4000 rubles, which, of course, is not cheap at all, but you will become the owner of a model from the brand-inventor of thermoses. A stainless steel flask is used here, thanks to which the thermos turned out to be very durable and airtight. Drinks stay hot for 8 hours and cold for 24 hours.

But be careful with prolonged use: even expensive models lose their properties over time, because the vacuum is eventually broken. The thermos weighs 1 kg – slightly heavier than the previous model. The materials from which Thermos is made do not contain BPA (Bisphenol A) and harmful substances. But, unfortunately, it is impossible to clean it in the dishwasher.

Thermos glass or stainless steel?

The inside of the thermos is usually made of glass or stainless steel. Both materials work in principle in the same way, but each has its own advantages and disadvantages. While glass bulbs offer better thermal insulation, they are not as strong as stainless steel. When hit, the glass can break – then the thermos will immediately be thrown out. Accordingly, if you are looking for a model for hiking and walking, it is better to take a stainless steel thermos.

Another important point is taste: compared to stainless steel flasks, glass flasks do not absorb odors. For example, if you often drink coffee, it may happen that a steel thermos will retain its aroma, and even tea from it will look like coffee. True, this does not apply to all stainless steel models, a lot depends on their age and manufacturer. The degree of odor and taste retention can vary even within the same product line. Another advantage of glass products will be their resistance to rust even with regular use, which cannot be said about stainless steel products.

Take it with you: how to choose a good thermos?

How to wash a thermos at home

If you already have a thermos, you probably know how difficult it is to clean it. To clean a steel thermos, we recommend using the simplest household products: fill the thermos with hot water and add a packet of baking powder, a dishwasher tablet, or some kind of dental cleanser, and let it sit for a while. After that, rinse it thoroughly, and the thermos will sparkle again.

Glass flasks are very sensitive to acidic solutions, so only dishwashing detergents and toothpowder can be used for them. However, as a rule, it is enough to simply rinse glass thermoses with hot water. Only in case of severe contamination should more serious measures be taken.

Take it with you: how to choose a good thermos?

Say no to soda and milk

Thermoses are ideal for transporting drinks of any type and temperature, but there is one “BUT”: you should not fill them with carbonated liquids. The carbon dioxide creates an overpressure that can rupture the containment vessel. In addition, this gas is very acidic and, as a result, adversely affects the material of the flask. For lemonades and similar drinks, there are special thermoses with a special seal.

In addition, manufacturers of infant formula and baby food do not advise keeping these products in thermoses, since the acids they contain can also adversely affect the material of the flask. But the main reason is different: milk residues are poorly removed from the flask, which can lead to a rapid multiplication of microbes, and therefore poses a significant health risk.

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