In the interior of a modern apartment or house, there are almost always sofas. This is a comfortable place to relax or sleep. Currently, the market offers a huge range of sofas, different types, designs, with different assembly mechanisms, upholstery, etc. But, like any thing, sofas wear out over time, the upholstery is wiped off and it’s time to replace it.

But how to choose a comfortable, practical one and how to understand such a variety of sofas that the market offers us?

Types of sofas in shape:

  • Direct – these are classic sofas, they are placed along the wall, often complemented by a built-in table, or a folding shelf. You can choose for almost any interior.
  • corner – these are sofas located in the corners of the room, in such sofas there is a special niche for storing things.
  • With ottoman – these are sofas with a protruding part, without armrests – a kind of wide soft ottoman. They are usually placed in the corner of the room. Often these sofas are used as the main bed.
    With ottoman
  • Modular – consist of several parts that can be combined with each other into a single design, or each module can be used separately as an interior element. When compiled together, it is used as a sleeping place.
  • Island – are semicircular, round, rectangular or oval. They belong to the status, expensive interior items. They are placed in the center of a spacious room to create a recreation area. They are not used for sleep.

Decide what size sofa is right for you. Sofas can be:

  • Double – suitable for apartments in which one person lives, and occasionally guests come to him. This model is often supplemented with armchairs.
  • Triple – spacious, comfortable for families with children.

According to the transformation mechanism, sofas are of 3 types:

  • Book (or eurobook) – a design from the Soviet era, to unfold it, they move aside the part of the sofa close to the wall, and under the seat there is usually a niche for storing things. In the eurobook, the design is similar, but the difference is that the seat is pulled out. In terms of reliability, this design is one of the best.
  • click-clack – in this sofa, in addition to the main one, there are intermediate layout methods (half-lying and half-sitting). The basis of the sofa is a metal frame with wooden slats.
  • Telescope (roll-out sofa) is a design of 3 parts. When unfolding, the bottom of the seat is first extended, then the backrest is lowered, and the mattress is placed in the empty gap. The downside is that with frequent use, stripes and scratches remain on the floor.
  • Accordion – also a sofa of 3 elements (seat and 2 parts of the back), to expand such a sofa, the seat is extended until all 3 parts are in the same plane.
  • tick tock – similar in type to the eurobook layout, but the seat is extended using a spring. Due to the fact that this design does not have wheels, it does not scratch the floor.
  • Dolphin – Convenient for daily use. A platform extends from under the seat and rises with the help of an elevator mechanism.
  • Cot (French, Italian, American and Belgian) – also consists of 3 parts, the sofa opens and is installed on special arcs.