The school year has ended, high school students and students are taking final exams, which means that the time is approaching for rewards for excellent grades or simply “for good behavior”. But what to give a young man when there are so many different gadgets around, and he already has most of them? Recently, many interesting novelties have come out that will surely become a welcome acquisition and, moreover, a useful device in everyday tasks. We have selected for you six interesting gadgets that will not burden the family budget too much and will be a nice gift for a child.

Headphones ELARI NanoPods 2

This is a new ELARI development, in which the company’s engineers took all the best from the previous model and added modern sound processing and wireless data transmission technologies to it. In addition, these fully wireless (TWS) headphones are IP67 water resistant, which means you can get caught in the rain and take a shower in them. We have been testing this model for a long time – they give a soft detailed sound with pleasant bass.

Thanks to a special solution
Thanks to a special in-ear attachment solution using a small rubber “fin”, ELARI NanoPods 2 look good in the ear and hold confidently even when running and jumping. Each earphone has a mechanical button with a status indicator. With a light touch, you can take a call, put music on pause or select the next track.

It is convenient that the headphones can be used separately, for example, as a mono headset, which is convenient to use to listen to music, be in touch and, at the same time, hear what is happening around.

ELARI NanoPods 2 uses a powerful processor that provides fast synchronization and data transfer. The modern Bluetooth 5.0 module provides a stable connection with a smartphone, while the signal range can reach 10 m, and you can safely use headphones indoors, moving from room to room. One charge of the headphones is enough for about 3 hours of continuous work, and if you are in a hurry, in 20 minutes they will be charged to a level that will be enough for 1 hour of playback.

This model uses a magnetic charging case, in which the charge level indicator is located on the outside next to the micro-USB power connector. If the built-in power bank is charging, then when the lid is opened, the LED will glow white. One charge of the battery built into the case is enough for three full charge cycles.

  • Review of ELARI NanoPods 2 wireless headphones: high-quality sound and water protection


    Review of ELARI NanoPods 2 wireless headphones: high-quality sound and water protection

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy A41

This smartphone is interesting because, despite the low price, it has almost all the qualities inherent in flagship smartphones. Firstly, it has a very pleasant appearance, where the bright color of the case leaves no chance not to fall in love with it. The A41 differs from most of its counterparts in a very compact body – it has a screen diagonal of 6.1 inches, which provides a very comfortable grip for small hands, which is typical for schoolchildren and students.

At the same time, the screen itself is large enough to comfortably watch movies on it and surf the Web and communicate on social networks. Bright juicy colors of the Super AMOLED matrix with Full HD resolution with magnificent regular shades will make even the owners of the flagships of the apple brand jealous. The smartphone has a powerful 8-core processor and 4 GB of RAM, providing excellent performance in everyday tasks and any modern games. Built-in memory of 64 GB is enough for both games and for storing photos and videos taken on the camera.

By the way, the main camera has 3 modules and is capable of shooting with a resolution of 48 megapixels, the front camera is capable of producing photos with a clarity of 25 megapixels. Our practical tests have shown excellent quality of pictures in the daytime and in the evening, for which you will not be ashamed in front of employees or your child in front of peers. The only negative of the camera is the lack of stabilization when shooting video. One battery charge of 3500 mAh with an average load is enough for about 3 days, and as tests for continuous surfing the Internet showed – for 14.5 hours, which is quite a lot. The novelty has already gone on sale at a price of 15,000 to 17,000 rubles.

Electric scooter FREECITY

When choosing a scooter, many are faced with a number of parameters that need to be taken into account so that later they do not experience problems during everyday use. The first thing you should pay attention to is the reliability and strength of the design and components, which should have a long service life. Given the rather high price of this device, compared to a bicycle, you need to expect that this vehicle will be used not only by children, but also by adults. At the same time, the electric scooter must have a weight that the student is able to lift. The FREECITY model can be compared with a Kalashnikov assault rifle in terms of reliability and convenience. Sturdy aluminum frame, smart battery placement under a removable top cover, wheels completely covered with durable guards – all this weighs only 12.5 kg. The cost of such a vehicle is about 26,000 rubles.

Convenient folding design, including the handles, will allow you to easily transport it in the trunk of a car. In an apartment, such a vehicle will take up 5 times less space than any children’s bicycle. As our operating experience has shown, the engine power of 350 W is enough to accelerate an adult weighing 110 kg to 28 km / h, and a battery charge for a rider of 85 kg is enough for 15 km.

The control of the scooter is easy and informative. The on-board computer with a round LCD display provides data on the current speed, battery charge, voltage, distance traveled and total mileage. The accuracy of the odometer and speedometer is quite high, but it is possible to adjust the computer to the diameter of the wheel.

The scooter has a rear-wheel drive and brake pads are located in the same electric wheel. They are closed from moisture and dust, which ensures reliable braking even in rainy weather. Wheels with a diameter of 8 inches easily ride on asphalt and paving stones (where the front spring shock absorbers smooth out shocks well), and on a country road, including on loose soil and grass. But it’s better not to ride on the sand with rear-wheel drive, because. the small diameter of the front wheel can cause it to fall and overturn the scooter. A spare battery for this scooter, including a larger one, can be bought from the seller or on Aliexpress, or assembled by yourself, although this will require soldering experience.

As an alternative, you can consider the Mijia Xiaomi M365 Pro electric scooter, which is based on a different design, but in general, the characteristics are similar to those proposed above. Its price tag is slightly higher – about 33,000 rubles, but the battery capacity, as well as the diameter of the wheels, are larger.

Game set

It is no secret that schoolchildren and students are the same children who mostly play computer games. Therefore, a good gift for success at the end of the school year will be a gaming mouse, keyboard and headphones, and for the best effect, they should have RGB LED backlighting. If there is not much money for a gift, then you can choose one of this set.

OMEN Mindframe Gaming Headset
The OMEN Mindframe Gaming Headset features a unique in-ear cooling system and, of course, great sound. Headphones can be configured through a special application, where you can set the appropriate type of backlight and the cooling efficiency of the ears.

As for the gaming keyboard, professional players choose a mechanical type, where the keys have a very long life of pressing, high clarity of operation, but also a very noisy click. Therefore, if the child plays in a separate room, feel free to buy the ASUS TUF Gaming K7 model.

Well, if you are in the same room with the player, then it is better to stay on the less professional, but quieter Razer Cynosa Chroma keyboard. It has a membrane key design and the sound of the keys is quiet. Of the minuses, we note the absence of separate multimedia control buttons, although the functions themselves are implemented through the Fn key.

Regarding the gaming mouse, you can...
With regard to a gaming mouse, only one thing can be said – it should be comfortable, i.e. suitable for the user’s palm, have a nice look with beautiful backlighting and good resource-intensive keys. For example, here is the model of the ASUS ROG Gladius II gaming mouse, which will surely appeal to home gamers, and it does not cost very much.

As an alternative, we recommend a very successful and extremely cute Trust LABAN GXT 188 RGB gaming mouse worth about 3,500 rubles. We tested it in games, and it proved to be just great.

GoPro Hero 8 Black Action Camera

The dream of any serious and not so young person is a cool camera that can capture the exploits and adventures while traveling, hiking and just doing their favorite hobbies. In most cases, this is a GoPro Hero 8 action camera. But such a pleasure costs a decent 30-35,000 rubles. This camera already has a built-in display and a water-resistant housing. The model has an excellent stabilization system, which allows you to use it on the move, and at the same time get an absolutely stable picture without shaking. But the memory card should also use high class and large capacity, which will increase your expenses. It is also worth taking care of a spare battery in advance, because. one included in the kit was enough tench for 90 minutes of recording.

As an alternative, but also with good image quality and stabilization, we can recommend the Sony FDR-X3000 camera. It has the same price as the GoPro Hero 8, but requires a special protective box to work in hazardous conditions. In addition, she does not have a built-in display where one could see the footage – only an LCD display for settings. True, the display for monitoring what is happening in the frame is on a special bracelet that connects to the camera wirelessly. This solution is convenient if you mount the camera on a helmet or clothing and control it from your hand.

More budget option for action-packed...
A more budget option for an action camera with very good video quality is the ThiEye T5 Pro model. This camera has an excellent wide-angle lens and a sensor capable of shooting in true 4K resolution at 60 FPS. Even in this camera, excellent image stabilization is used, which is supported even at the maximum resolution.

Now this action camera has risen in price to almost 8,000 rubles (most recently it cost 6,500 rubles), but still, it is much cheaper than flagship devices from well-known brands.

Quadcopter Hubsan ZINO H117S

A quadcopter is the toy that many young people dream of, but not many decide on this expensive purchase. After all, its use should be supported by serious hobbies in this area, and besides, controlling a quadrocopter requires skills, and it is better to train on cheaper models.

Experts estimate our offer as mid-budget – about 30,000 rubles (professional models with good cameras cost more than 100,000 rubles), but it has almost everything you need for “quality” air travel. Firstly, it is the availability of all GPS positioning and navigation technologies, high-quality motors, powerful batteries (2 batteries included), each capable of providing a flight for 23 minutes, and the radius of controlled flight reaches a record 1 km for such models.

In addition, the most important factor is the presence on board of a stabilized suspension with a camera capable of shooting in 2K (there are options with 4K), and the videos from it are of sufficiently high quality, at least in sunny weather. Well, in rain and strong wind it is better not to risk such a device.

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