Vertuo Next is the next generation of innovative Nespresso coffee machines. With just one touch, the coffee machine reads the unique barcode printed on each capsule to reveal all the flavors of different natural coffees.


The coffee machine comes with:

  • cup holder;
  • water tank;
  • container for capsules;
  • drip tray;
  • instruction.


The Vertuo Next coffee machine is the most compact of all Vertuo models and comes in 3 shades: red, light gray and chrome. There are also metal inserts that look very concise.


Housing material plastic
Type of coffee used in Nespresso capsules
Power 1500 W
Automatic shutdown after 2 minutes
Indication lack of water, water level, readiness for operation, need for cleaning
Max cup height 19 cm
Adjusting the amount of water there is


Choose your ideal cup size from five sizes ranging from espresso (30 ml) to large (230 ml) and extra large (414 ml). The device allows you to prepare an invigorating espresso or lungo in a short time. Serving size can be adjusted to personal preference. After making coffee, the device automatically turns off, which creates comfortable conditions during use.


The Nespresso Vertuo Next GCV1 coffee machine is an excellent choice for coffee lovers.


  • fast heating;
  • variety of choice of capsules;
  • stylish design;
  • silent;
  • ease of handling.


  • capsule price;
  • dimensions.