Today, more and more people care about a healthy climate in their homes and buy humidifiers. Humidifiers are designed to increase and maintain the set humidity in enclosed spaces. Ultrasonic humidifiers use an ultrasonic membrane to turn water into a fine dispersion and release it into the air. Thanks to this method, the increase in humidity occurs quite quickly. These devices are simple and unpretentious in operation, it is only necessary to monitor the water level and top it up from time to time. Otherwise, they work on their own without any additional help.

One of these representatives is a humidifier. Renton GH-825 – a top device that combines compactness and high performance.

Main characteristics

  • Type of humidifier – ultrasonic;
  • Power – 25 watts;
  • Water consumption / humidification intensity – up to 450 ml / h;
  • Humidification area – 40 m2
  • The volume of the water tank is 3.5 l;
  • Built-in hygrostat – yes;
  • Built-in ionizer – yes;
  • Timer – yes;
  • Management – remote control and buttons on the case;
  • Noise level – ≤ 35 dB;
  • Dimensions: height – 30 cm, diameter – 16 cm.
humidifier type Ultrasonic
Power 25 watts
Water consumption / intensity of humidification up to 450 ml/h
Humidification area 40 m2
Water tank volume 3.5 l
Integrated humidistat There is
Built-in ionizer There is
Timer There is
Control Remote control and buttons on the case
Noise level ≤35dB
Dimensions height – 30 cm, diameter – 16 cm
Humidifier Renton GH-825


  • Humidifier ultrasonic – 1 pc;
  • Remote control – 1 pc.;
  • User manual;
  • Warranty card.


The device is packed in a dense rectangular box with a convenient handle for transportation. The humidifier itself has a stylish and concise appearance, and thanks to its compact dimensions it is suitable even for a small room. High-quality abs plastic has no odors and is considered completely safe for home use. On the front side of the device there is a display showing the settings and control buttons.

Functions and Modes

Renton GH-825 is a modern multifunctional device equipped with many useful functions. It fills the room with pleasant humid air, similar to what is felt in the morning in the forest or mountains after rain.

device has 4 humidification speeds which allows it to quickly raise the humidity on an area of ​​up to 40 sq.m.. You can adjust the intensity of humidification both using the display and using the remote control.

The direction of humidification is regulated by means of a rotary nozzle.

The device is equipped with an ionizer, saturating the air with oxygen ions, helping to reduce the concentration of allergens and suppress the activity of various pathogens in the environment. The device has a beneficial effect on health and improves sleep.

Hygrometer measures the current level of humidity in the room, thanks to which this indicator is displayed on the display. Hygrostat allows you to maintain the humidity in the room at a given level. The device is able to maintain a humidity level in the range from 40 to 70%.

Users note convenient control using the remote control, quiet operation and low power consumption.

Display backlight allows you to use the device as a night light. However, if necessary, it can be turned off using the night mode function.

In the absence of water, the device turns off on its own.

The optimal area for efficient operation of the device is up to 40 square meters.


Humidifier Renton GH-825 – a great helper in the fight against dry air in the house. This device not only provides the desired level of humidity, but also makes the air cleaner and healthier. The cost of the humidifier is justified by its extensive functionality.