Good gaming mice combine several important parameters: high sensitivity, ergonomic design and the presence of additional buttons. Bloody models have all this – we’ll tell you more about them.

A4Tech Bloody X5 Pro and X5 Max

  • Number of buttons – 9 pcs (5 gaming and 4 functional)
  • Type – optical
  • Optical resolution 16,000 cpi / 10,000 cpi
  • Backlight

We combined these two models into one block because they are absolutely identical in terms of design. However, the models differ in sensitivity (16,000 cpi for Bloody X5 Pro and 10,000 cpi for X5 Max), frequency (12,000 fps – Pro, 8,000 fps – Max) and maximum acceleration (35g – Max, 50g – Pro).

Both mice are made in a classic style, made of high-quality ABS plastic with anti-slip coating on the sides. The design of the manipulator is not symmetrical, suitable only for right-handers. The case is decorated with an RGB-lit X-series logo: the main one is on the back, and another one is on the left side of the mouse. The strip on the rubberized wheel is also highlighted.

Both models support 12 lighting effects: you can control them using the buttons, you don’t even need to install additional software. To change the color, you must simultaneously hold down the two side keys, and you can switch between effects using the wheel. A total of 10 colors are available – they can light up individually or change one by one.

However, the main feature of the Bloody X5 Pro and X5 Max is not the backlight, but advanced sensitivity settings. On the “belly” of each mouse there are four additional buttons for detailed configuration of technical parameters. About everything in order.

  • P-CPI: this option allows you to fine-tune the resolution of the manipulator. To do this, hold the corresponding button for three seconds, then select the desired resolution using the wheel. To confirm the choice, you must again press the button on the “belly”. For the X5 Max, the setting range is 100-10,000 cpi in 100 cpi increments. The flagship mouse X5 Pro has more customization options: from 50 to 16,000 cpi in 50 cpi increments.
  • D-CPI: this button allows you to quickly select an already set cpi in the range of 400/800/1000/1600/3200 cpi.
  • R-Hz: makes it possible to select the manipulator polling frequency between 125/500/1000/2000 Hz.
  • LOD(mm): This parameter allows you to change the sensor lift-off height between 1.5, 2 and 3 mm. This value can be changed depending on the type of table cover and mouse pad.

By default, mice are set to 1000 cpi, 500 Hz and LOD = 3 mm.

In terms of ergonomics, both models are very comfortable: they are large enough to fully accommodate the palm of your hand, and the cable is long enough (as much as 1.8 meters) to connect it even to a far away PC. Both mice weigh 140 grams each, which is also important for stability and good “grip” during active play. Additional plastic feet are included with the devices so that the mice glide well on the rug or table.

A4Tech Bloody W60 Max

  • Number of buttons – 10 pcs (8 functional and 2 for settings)
  • Type – optical
  • Optical resolution 10,000 cpi
  • Backlight
The W60 Max has a more playful...

The W60 Max has a more playful and aggressive design, with a backlit stripe and a classic Bloody palm print logo on the back, also backlit. The design is not symmetrical (the right key is slightly higher than the left one), but in general, both left-handers and right-handers can use the mouse (most importantly, try the grip before buying if you are left-handed).

Also, this mouse has as many as 10 buttons, 8 of which are customizable, and two more are used to change the polling rate (125/500/1000/2000 Hz) and the height of the sensor separation (1.5/2/3 mm).

To control the rest of the buttons, proprietary software Bloody 7 is provided. It is enough to download it from the official website of the manufacturer and run it on the computer to which the mouse is connected. Here you can set commands for individual keys (including weapon selection), select the backlight, adjust the sensitivity in more detail and get acquainted with the functions of the manipulator: for example, to change cpi, you need to double-click on “1”, find the required resolution using the wheel and confirm selection by pressing “1” again.

It is also convenient to adjust cpi in the application: by moving the slider, you can select an atypical value, for example, 777 cpi.

Such a wide range of settings makes the mouse an excellent tool for e-sports: if you are seriously into computer games, then the ability to precisely set the sensitivity parameters of the “rodent” will come in handy. In addition, it is very comfortable: the rubberized wheel does not slip even with active scrolling, the sides are also covered with anti-slip textured plastic. The legs, on the contrary, are made of smooth metal to make it easier to move the mouse around the mousepad. Add to this a long fabric-braided cable and you have an excellent gaming mouse.

Summing up, it is important to say that all three models belong to the affordable price segment. The most expensive X5 Pro costs about 3500 rubles, the W60 Max model costs 3000 rubles, and the X5 Max costs about 2500 rubles. Given the value for money, these mice can be safely recommended for purchase to all fans of PC gaming.

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