It is simply impossible to imagine a modern kitchen without a good refrigerator. Thanks to this household device, the shelf life of products is significantly extended, it helps both to store already prepared food and individual ingredients.

Refrigerators in the modern home appliance market have different characteristics, capacity indicators, temperature ranges and a set of functions.

A refrigerator is now a long-term investment that pays for itself over time several times over.
Today we will consider the LG GA-B379SQUL refrigerator with Multi Air Flow multi-threaded cooling.

This system is able to evenly distribute cold air so that the products are exposed to optimal temperatures even on the top shelf and stay fresh for as long as possible.

The refrigerator is two-chamber, made of metal and white plastic. There is a display on the door, the doors are reversible. You can adjust the opening of the doors in the direction convenient for you.

The control of the refrigerator is touch-sensitive, there is an energy-saving LED backlight.

The device has a fairly extensive indication: the temperature of the refrigerating chamber; freezer temperature; open refrigerator door; the open door of the freezer, thanks to which you can monitor all the parameters of its operation in real time.

The refrigerator is equipped with protection against children (against accidental pressing). No matter what happens, he will continue to work steadily.

The freezer of the device has the function of quick freezing of products, in which the products retain all their useful properties, as well as Total No Frost technology, thanks to which there is no need to defrost it anymore.

The refrigerator compartment also works with Total No Frost technology and has 3 compartments. There is a dry zone of freshness. The fridge door has 5 shelves.

The LG GA-B379SQUL operates with a single inverter compressor, has an A+ energy efficiency rating, and consumes 263 kWh/year of electricity. Thanks to the presence of an inverter compressor, the temperature in the refrigerator is controlled more gently and accurately, which reduces the level of wear and tear of the engine, increasing its service life.

Refrigerators with an inverter compressor are much quieter. The noise level produced by the refrigerator LG GA-B379SQUL is 39 dB.

The model has a large volume of chambers, the total volume is 261 liters. At the same time, the volume of the refrigerator compartment is 182 liters, and the freezer – 79 liters.
The freezer is located at the bottom and has 3 compartments. Freezing capacity 9.3 kg/day. The freezer is able to keep cold when the power is off for 16 hours.

Comes with ice molds egg stand.
The refrigerator weighs 62 kg. and has the following dimensions WxHxD: 59.50×173.70×65.50 cm.


With the LG GA-B379SQUL refrigerator, you will not only forget about the quick spoilage of food, but also about the complex maintenance of the device. It is enough to plug it into the network, set the freezing and cooling parameters, and it will do the rest by itself.

It does not need to be washed and thawed. Products in it will always retain their freshness, quality appearance and benefits.

Thanks to its universal appearance, the device will fit into any interior and emphasize it.

*Prices are valid as of 11/15/2021