In order to extract sound from a cherry nine with an old radio tape recorder, it is not at all necessary to engage in archeology, transferring Olga Buzova’s tweets to CDs and audio cassettes. You can just buy a FM transmitter with Bluetooth – the best way to listen to audio on older audio systems.

What is an FM transmitter and how does it work

This is a small device that plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter and pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth or cable. When you turn on music on your phone, the FM transmitter (aka modulator) receives streaming audio from it.

Radio station in the car: FM transmitter - which one is better to choose?And sends it into the air via a radio channel – you just need to tune the radio to the transmitter frequency, and you can listen to the hits of 2019 on Pioneer of the late 90s. It is not surprising that this invention, which appeared just a couple of years ago, was appreciated by car owners, who for a long time and lovingly collected car audio for themselves.

FM transmitter: which is better to choose?

When it comes to choosing a car modulator, there are only a few parameters to consider in order to choose a good option.

  • Input-output interfaces. The device can connect to the phone via Bluetooth or microUSB, and the output to the radio can be not only FM, but also USB and line input (AUX).
  • Food. The supply voltage can be 12 or 24 V. We have already said that the gadget can be connected to the cigarette lighter, but it can run on its own battery. In this case, it can be placed anywhere in the car. By the way, in some cars it is even built into the steering wheel, for example, in Chevrolet.Bottom right - FM-transmitter with volume and call accept buttons.
  • Can be used as a charger. In this case, there are USB ports (from 1 to 4) to which you can connect your phone for charging.
  • Support for memory cards and flash drives. With the FM transmitter, it is possible to transfer music from different media – USB flash drives or microSD cards. To do this, the device has the appropriate slots.
  • Speakerphone. Most modulators that connect to a smartphone have the ability to receive calls. A handy feature so as not to get caught by the traffic police with a phone.
  • Remote Control. Some models are equipped with a remote control for convenient switching from a smartphone to a USB flash drive, and from a USB flash drive to a regular radio, adjusting the volume, switching tracks.

If speak about transmitter for cars, which one is better can be determined depending on the capabilities of your audio. Of course, if you do not have a 3.5 line input on your phone, then there is no point in choosing a transmitter with it. We figured out which companies produce the best gadgets of this type.to guide you.

Rating of FM transmitters with high-quality sound

Four firms are firmly in the lead in the market of music transmitters: Neoline, Ritmix, Intego, ACV. Let’s talk about the latest models of each.

Neoline Wave FM

Radio station in the car: FM transmitter - which one is better to choose?Extremely popular with buyers, a highly rated model – perhaps the best FMtransmitter 2019. The device is equipped with Bluetooth, microphone, Hands-Free function for answering calls. He can play audio files in MP3 / WAV formats from microSD cards, as well as USB flash drives. There are two USB ports for charging smartphones or tablets – the modulator itself is powered by the cigarette lighter. The kit comes with a control panel.

Ritmix FMT-A780

Radio station in the car: FM transmitter - which one is better to choose?Another two-in-one model is a transmitter and a 5V / 2.1A USB charger. Two USB ports allow you to connect flash drives, there is also a slot for microSD cards. But the device lacks Bluetooth – it needs to be connected to the radio, as well as a sound source via USB or through the AUX line input. But the price is more democratic.

Intego FM-110

Radio station in the car: FM transmitter - which one is better to choose?

Again, a gadget without Bluetooth – it transmits data to the car radio from external media, such as USB drives, microSD memory cards. In addition, any audio players that have an output for an audio cable can be connected to it. The device is simple, it works from the cigarette lighter, it strictly performs the functions of a modulator – and it’s good.


Radio station in the car: FM transmitter - which one is better to choose?The most cost effective company on the market. The presented model can be bought for less than 500 rubles. At the same time, it has a decent design with a built-in display, as well as a swivel mechanism. The gadget from ACV can transmit audio from flash drives, microSD cards. It has good broadcasting capabilities: it can transmit music over 206 channels in the 87.50 -108 MHz range. In addition, it has a customizable sound (6 equalizer presets). The display shows a list of tracks that can be scrolled through with the control buttons or using the remote control.

Thus, the top models are manufactured by Neoline, which has the most modern equipped modulators. The cheapest, but at the same time high-quality sounding options are with ACV. Good luck with your choice!

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