If you live in a noisy and crowded city, where in the morning you are picked up by a stream of transport and carried to work, and the day passes in a hustle and bustle, communicating with a large number of people, sometimes you want to drop everything and leave the city. Buy a house, or a cottage, immerse yourself in silence, breathe clean fresh air.

Vacation home

Now the construction of country houses has developed, but is it worth changing a city apartment for a private house outside the city, let’s try to weigh all the pros and cons.

Advantages of suburban housing:

  • There are no neighbors behind the wall – no one will wake you up with a roar in the middle of the night, will not knock and ditch the walls, run over the ceiling, and will not flood you from above.
  • All communications are independent – If the cold has come and the house is cool, you can always turn on the boiler, and not wait for the central heating to be given. Similarly, when heat sets in, you can always turn the heating to a minimum or turn it off and not pay for it.
  • Have your own piece of land – you can use it for a vegetable garden and there will always be fresh vegetables and fruits on the table, or you can make a lawn.
  • Nature is always there and you do not need to carve out a day for a trip to the forest, barbecue, fishing, everything is within walking distance at any time. If you prefer a certain landscape, river, sea or forest, then when choosing a country house, look for an offer in such a place.
  • Enough space in the house and yard to accommodate all things and parking for the car.
  • Communal payments in the suburban area is usually lower than in the city.
  • Room remodeling – agreed easier than in an apartment building.
  • Space for children – large space for children to play outdoors in the yard, you can organize your own playground with swings and a slide.


  • Distance from the city – you need a personal car, since trips for groceries, things, building materials for repairs, visits to hospitals to get to the cinema or leisure centers will depend on the availability of a car, you will also have to travel quite far. You may need to travel to schools and kindergartens, if the nearest one is only in the city. And this is the cost of gasoline, and the loss of time on the road.
  • Infrastructure – Circles, theaters, sports sections, etc. if it is in the area of ​​a country house, it will most likely be at a considerable distance, and there will not be such a variety and choice as in the city.
  • Housekeeping costs – in a country house there are many areas that require attention and regular work. This includes cleaning the territory, and cultivating land on plots, the condition of the fence, drain, houses, irrigation, mowing, etc. You need to do all this yourself or lay in the budget the cost of hiring employees. In case of breakdowns and the need for repairs, you will have to solve all the issues yourself, and not wait for the arrival of the management company.
  • clothing – beautiful, fashionable and modern clothes will give way to practical and comfortable clothes in your wardrobe, something that you can quickly put on to go out into the yard and not be afraid to spoil it when gardening or working in the yard.
  • Neighborhood – it’s as lucky here, it’s good if the neighbors turn out to be friendly, but another option is also possible. When neighbors shade your yard, mow at 6 am, burn garbage under your windows, etc.

Vacation home

When deciding to move out of town, it is important to weigh everything well. So that later there would be no disappointment, but only positive emotions.