Despite the sufficient capacity, this is a fairly compact and lightweight device that is convenient to always carry with you. Its body is made of aluminum and has a thickness of only 14 mm. The built-in LED display shows the battery level so you always know when to charge it. You can connect two devices to this battery at the same time, it is also suitable for some laptops. The maximum current is 3A, the output voltage is up to 12V.

Importantly, the device has a wide range of protective systems. For example, from overheating during charging (automatically turns off), from overcharging and deep discharge, power surges and overload. You can buy a TopON TOP-T10 power bank at a price of 2200 rubles.

Samsung EB-U1200

The Samsung EB-U1200 model is remarkable in that it supports wireless charging – in other words, a power bank can be a charging station on which it is enough to put a smartphone or other Qi-enabled gadget. The model has only two connectors: USB-A and USB-C. To indicate the charge level, a classic row of LEDs is used here.

The maximum output current of the model is 2A, which is enough for fast charging according to Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 and Samsung Adaptive Fast Charger standards. The device weighs only 234 g, which is quite a bit for 10,000 mAh. Also, the model is available in pink color, which is sure to be appreciated by fans of bright gadgets.

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Canyon CND-TPBQC10

Another 10,000 mAh power bank with a USB-C connector is the Canyon CND-TPBQC10 model. It also supports fast charging (Quick Charge 3.0), which will be especially useful for Android smartphones. There are four connectors here: microUSB, USB Type-C and two Type-A.

The body of the device is made of light metal: it weighs only slightly more than the Samsung model – 247 grams. However, its design is not so elegant – it is a classic black “brick”. The power bank also supports simultaneous charging of two devices with a maximum current of up to 2A.

Mophie Powerstation PD 10K

The PD in the name of this mobile battery is an indication of support for the Power Delivery fast charging protocol.

The device is charged with
The device is charged via a standard USB-C adapter, there are 4 LED indicators on the case that show the remaining charge. The body of the Mophie Powerstation PD 10K has a fabric finish (although this is almost imperceptible in the photo). In addition to the classic black, the device is also presented in pink. You can charge 2 gadgets at the same time: USB Type-C and USB-A ports are provided. True, the maximum charging current is not indicated in the description.

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Baseus Mini S Bracket 10W Wireless Charger

Another compact wireless charger – but from Baseus. The prefix Mini in the title hints opaquely at the compactness of the device – and this is true. It weighs only 217 grams, and in size resembles a pack of cigarettes: 61x95x25 mm. The power of the model is enough to charge laptops (37 Wh), and the capacity of 10,000 mAh will be enough for 2-3 charge cycles of any modern smartphone.

Included with the device is a lanyard, for which it can be attached to a backpack or bag. Two of the three connectors work here – USB-C and USB-C. The charge level is displayed on a small LED display at the end of the bank.

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