The Philips GC4909/60 iron is for those who want to make their ironing fast and efficient. Thanks to its high power, this model heats up to operating temperature in seconds, while maintaining a stable steaming performance in all operating modes. And with the most persistent folds and creases on the fabric, deep moisturizing will help to cope.


The body of the iron is made of black plastic. The appearance is quite restrained and concise. The iron is equipped with a non-slip handle and wire swivel, which makes it very convenient to use. The outsole is made of stainless steel SteamGlide Elite, which provides a smooth glide on any materials.


Steam power up to 55 g/min
Control mechanical
Temperature control 3 modes
Water tank 300 ml
Water tank volume 300 ml
Power consumption 3000 W
Power saving mode Yes
Power cord length 3m
The weight 1.67 kg


  • eco mode
  • Horizontal auto power off 30 sec/ vert. 8 min.
  • Steam boost 250 g
  • Anti-drip system
  • Steam function
  • Vertical steam
  • Steam supply
  • Water sprayer
  • Indication of the need to add water
  • Ready-to-work indication
  • Self-cleaning from scale


The Philips GC4909/60 iron makes ironing fast and efficient. The iron has a self-cleaning function, when a special collector collects scale, preventing damage to the heater and clogging of the capillaries. You can clean the collector by washing it under the tap, it will take no more than 15 seconds. Thanks to the self-switching off system, the use of the iron becomes extremely safe. The iron forgotten on the stand will switch itself off after 2 minutes in a horizontal position and after 8 minutes in a vertical position.

The SteamGlide Elite soleplate makes ironing a pleasure and glides effortlessly over delicate fabrics. And a special valve controls the water supply, preventing the iron from leaking. Remove creases in hard-to-reach places, such as the collar and between buttons, with an extra long nose with steam holes. And of course, the convenience of this model will not leave you indifferent. The iron is equipped with a non-slip handle and wire swivel. A capacious reservoir will allow you to work for a long time and continuously.

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