Robotic technology is systematically replacing human labor and household assistants are no exception. One of the well-known options is a robot vacuum cleaner. This type of equipment saves time, copes with complex tasks, such as animal hair, cleaning in hard-to-reach places, such as under a bed or closet, can be controlled from a remote control or a mobile device.

Such devices can be programmed for a certain interval of work or start cleaning on the way home, through a mobile device, using special software that is installed on a phone / tablet.

Manufacturers offer multifunctional devices and budget models, a set of technical characteristics, such as:

  • the volume of the garbage container;
  • presence / absence of wet cleaning;
  • suction power;
  • battery capacity;
  • the possibility of programming and remote control, affect the formation of prices.

We offer for review a novelty of 2020 from the okami group – PANDA EVO.


The standard package with the PANDA EVO robot vacuum cleaner includes:

  • wipes for wet cleaning – 2 pcs.;
  • side brushes – 4 pcs.;
  • remote control;
  • charger (docking station) with adapter;
  • water container;
  • brush for cleaning;
  • Russified instruction;
  • restrictive tape;
  • HEPA-11 filter – 2 pcs.

Also, you can additionally purchase a set of napkins for washing the floor, brushes, a limiter (magnetic tape).


The vacuum cleaner is made of durable black and gray plastic, with a geometric pattern in the form of small triangles. The texture is glossy, the size is standard, the shape is round. An additional element – the water container is made of transparent, blue plastic and, when installed, goes beyond the contour of the main diameter by several millimeters. The design allows the new technology to harmoniously fit into any interior, and due to its compact size, the base of the robot vacuum cleaner can be placed under furniture with legs.

Main characteristics

  • external dimensions: height – 760 mm, diameter – 320 mm;
  • weight – 3300gr;
  • Battery: capacity – 2600 mAh, type – Li-ion;
  • the volume of the garbage container is 800 ml;
  • the volume of the water tank is 180 ml;
  • charging to the full capacity of the battery – 240 min;
  • operating time without recharging – 120 minutes;
  • noise level – less than 50 dB;
  • height of overcome obstacles – 18 mm.

Functions and Modes

The PANDA EVO robot vacuum cleaner is designed to remove dust and small debris, carry out wet cleaning and can be controlled via a mobile device from a distance. Control is possible thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi module 2.4 Ghz. The motor that is used in the vacuum cleaner does not have brushes. Three power settings are available. Adjustment range from 1500 to 2150 Pa.

PANDA EVO includes a wet cleaning function. For this, a removable container is supplied. The volume of the container is enough for cleaning a small room. The liquid is supplied to a special microfiber cloth, and the vacuum cleaner performs the planned route.

This gadget is adapted for collecting pet hair, and a special knife, which is located on the handle in tandem with a cleaning brush, allows you to quickly clean the vacuum cleaner from the collected hairs.

Magnetic tape makes it possible to delimit zones and separate a part of the room where the vacuum cleaner will not clean.

Voice alerts are carried out in Russian, which makes interaction with the equipment simple and understandable.

The wheelbase and special sensors are designed in such a way that the robot cleaner is able to recognize significant ledges / steps and overcome obstacles up to 18 mm.


The PANDA EVO robot vacuum cleaner combines a sufficient number of functions for its price segment. Powerful, programmable and remote control keeps you clean while you’re on the road, doing other things or relaxing at home.