Kettle Redmond RK-G200S is an unusual kettle. It will not only quickly boil water, but also improve its taste, and also serve as a night lamp or lamp.

Want to snooze for an extra five minutes in the morning? Or come home from work in the evening and immediately warm up with a cup of hot tea? It’s possible with R4S Gateway and Ready for Sky applications! The first is installed on a home smartphone or tablet and serves as a kind of transmitter for your commands, the second on the main mobile device. Turn the device on and off and activate all its functions, wherever you are. All you will need is an internet connection. At home, the signal is transmitted using Bluetooth.


Kettle Redmond RK-G200S has a body, which consists of black plastic and glass. Inside the kettle there is a customizable backlight. The glass flask of the teapot can shimmer in different colors, and what they will be is up to you.


volume 2 l
Heating element Disc heater
Heating element coating Stainless steel
Bluetooth There is
Inclusion There is
Water level There is
Sound signal There is
Maximum power consumption 2200 W
The weight 1.1 kg
Control touch


Kettle Redmond RK-G200S has the function of sound notification when turned off, changing the color of the backlight. You can regulate the water temperature yourself. There is also such a function as “Protection against turning on without water.”


This model can be controlled from a smartphone thanks to the Bluetooth module. You can remotely activate the device, set the temperature level or set the exact time to turn on. The model is suitable for a large family or company, because. holds 2 liters of water, which is 9-10 cups of tea.

Heating is carried out by means of a flat disc heater coated with stainless steel. When finished, the device beeps. You can control the level using a measuring scale. Kettle Redmond RK-G200S maintains the temperature at a certain level, which allows you to brew the addition of hot tea or coffee. The device has protection against turning on without water, which makes it safe.