The BOSCH TIS30129RW coffee machine is presented in a stylish black case. It is intended for preparation of drink from grain coffee. Holds 1.4 liters of water and has a 250 ml bean container. Power 1300 W. It is able to automatically prepare espresso, adjust the level of strength, the degree of grinding and the amount of hot water.

The BOSCH TIS30129RW coffee machine is equipped with a display, a removable drip tray and a special waste container. It is supplemented with a cappuccinatore and also has a built-in coffee grinder and the function of a separate hot water supply. It is possible to prepare two cups of drink at the same time.


The device has a drip tray, a waste container, a bean compartment with insulation, a cappuccinatore, and also has a built-in coffee grinder.


The BOSCH TIS30129RW coffee machine is presented in a stylish black case. It has a laconic, restrained style that will fit into any interior. The body is made of plastic and steel.


Volume 1.4 l
Power 1300 W
used coffee grain
Display there is
pump pressure 15 bar
Bean container capacity 250 g
Width 24.7 cm
Height 42 cm
Depth 37.8 cm
The weight 7.087 kg


The BOSCH TIS30129RW coffee machine has many useful features and add-ons, such as smartphone control. It has a built-in coffee grinder, grinding degree adjustment, coffee strength control. It also contains a container for collecting drops and a container for waste. It has the function of automatic preparation of espresso, cappuccinatore and allows you to prepare two cups of coffee at the same time.


The coffee machine has a One-touch control system that allows you to select different drinks with just one touch. Customize all recipes according to your preferences by changing the portion size, strength and other parameters. The SensoFlow System controls the output of the flow heater. It is able to maintain a stable temperature and pressure, thereby allowing the aroma and tonic properties of the drink to fully unfold. The device flushes the internal pipes and removes scale automatically. The machine has a quiet reliable coffee grinder. The height adjustment of the dispenser allows you to combine it with a variety of cups. It is also equipped with a bean container lid, which allows you to keep the taste and aroma of coffee for a long time.