Not always the living area of ​​the apartment allows you to freely accommodate all family members. Especially in large families with two or more children. Then a lifesaver can be bunk beds. When one bed is located above the other.

Consider their advantages:

  • Saving space in the bedroom, the problem of placing two beds in a small area is solved.
  • Interesting and unusual design, conveniently selected design will create an original interior of the room.
  • Reasonable price – the cost of one bunk bed will be lower than the purchase of two full-fledged single beds.
  • Durability and practicality.

Types of beds in 2 tiers:

  • Standard – have 2 permanent sleeping places one under the other. They are stable, easy to handle, but rather bulky.
    • Beds-walls – the beds are stationary and equipped with a storage system (drawers, shelves, etc.)
    • Bed-sports corner – a bunk bed is complemented by a Swedish wall.
  • Composite – these are transforming beds from which, if desired, you can make two full-fledged single beds. Usually such beds do not have steps, but there is a ladder. They are stable, you do not need to lay them out and fold them every time. But there are also disadvantages – this is a rather bulky design, it is difficult to move such a bunk bed. It is important to immediately decide where it will stand.
    • With work area (table) – the table is located either next to the lower bed, or is a transformer – in this case, the lower bed turns over and becomes a table, or the table is pulled out from under the lower bed.
    • bed-wardrobe – also a transformer, but built into the cabinet. Suitable for both children and adults. When assembled, it looks like an ordinary wardrobe, but is easily converted into 2 tiers of beds. Ease of transformation is ensured by the gas lift used in the design. Thanks to him, unfolding can be stopped at any time and protect the child from falling or hitting.
      In this design, the beds are placed both above the closet (the furniture wall also has a small closet for storing things), and under it or in the middle (the bed is hidden in the closet).
    • retractable bunk bed – the bottom bed slides under the top during the day. Suitable for rooms with low ceilings, or for children who are afraid of heights. This design is less traumatic than others.
      Pull-out bed