Flying alarm clocks, wheeled alarm clocks that run from you all over the house, projector alarm clocks, hologram alarm clocks… CHIP has found some fun and useful alarm clocks, both in software and in the form of gadgets.

Alarmy: sleep if you can!

Extreme alarm clock for Android and iOS

Original alarm clocks with which it is interesting to wake up in the morning

This adorable mobile app will take the soul out of you until you wake up. It turns on the alarm at the specified time – but to turn it off, you have to work hard. For example, solve an arithmetic or logical problem right off the bat. Or get out of bed and take a picture of a certain corner of the apartment – there are many ways. Otherwise, a loud signal will drill into your ears until you curse everything! And by the time you complete the task, you willy-nilly wake up.

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Divoom Timebox: more than just a watch

Bright portable acoustics plus an alarm clock

Original alarm clocks with which it is interesting to wake up in the morningThis rainbow 8-bit cube is actually a portable Bluetooth speaker. She can play music with a pretty good sound, work as a speakerphone, store and read voice messages, and also has a built-in radio and an alarm clock. In addition, it can be controlled from a smartphone through a special application. The speaker can not only wake up, but also lull you to sleep at night, playing meditative music from the application. And also display a funny eight-bit animation that you can draw on your phone yourself.

Sleep Cycle: smart alarm clock based on sleep phases

Wake up to sleep

Original alarm clocks with which it is interesting to wake up in the morning

This application has an entire US patent for its wake technology. It tracks the phases of your sleep while the phone is just lying next to the bed: it analyzes the sounds and vibrations that you make in different biological periods of sleep. Science says that when you wake up in REM sleep, you get better sleep. Therefore, the alarm clock sets itself at the most optimal time in order to wake you up in this particular phase. By the way, you can also monitor sleep phases through a fitness tracker or smart watch, for example, through the Apple Health app.

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Oregon Scientific: weather alarm

Thermometer, alarm clock and projector in one box

Original alarm clocks with which it is interesting to wake up in the morning

In general, this device is a home weather station, the choice of which we recently wrote about. But it has a built-in clock – this is one, and you can set an alarm clock on it – this is two. And when you wake up, you will instantly see the time and weather forecast for the morning: they will be displayed on the wall next to the bed. This is possible thanks to a mini-projector that displays relevant data on the wall in the form of luminous numbers, which is very convenient in the dark season. So if you urgently need to run outside, be prepared for anything right in the morning.

Dawn Chorus: wake up to the chirping of birds

Alarm clock with bird trills

Original alarm clocks with which it is interesting to wake up in the morningThis app is developed by the Carnegie Research Institute in the USA. It contains a library with recordings of sounds made by different birds – however, only living in America. Waking up to the sound of birds is a pretty relaxing experience. You can set an alarm and then choose which birds will chirp under your ear when it’s time to get up. The minus of the application is the absence of the Russian language, because the application has rich background information about all the birds whose voices are emitted by the phone.

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Roadstar HRA-1430: for retro lovers

Steampunk alarm clock radio

If you’re into radio nostalgia or are into retro aesthetics, this cool wooden radio can be your alarm clock. At the specified time, it will turn on the radio, waking you up from sleep.

The beauty is that the radio in it is analog, that is, in order to catch the desired frequency, you need to turn the knobs. Well, the clock, of course, with arrows. In a word, an excellent souvenir for those who are nostalgic for the twentieth century, and even with an alarm clock to boot.

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