Russia is experiencing a boom in sales of portable acoustics. It seems that everyone has sharply remembered the times when it was fashionable to walk around with a tape recorder on your shoulder – well, or with mobile phone speakers at full volume. It’s hard to surprise the modern portable audio lover, but we tried to pick up six unusual mobile speakers for different life situations.

JBL Clip 3

Miniature speaker that won’t get lost anywhere

Music to go: 7 portable speakers for all occasionsFor a walk, to the gym, hiking, climbing a sheer cliff and even to the bottom of the sea, the small JBL Clip 3 keychain speaker will be happy to go with you. The device is equipped with a rigid steel carabiner that allows you to securely fasten it to your clothes or backpack, like a real castle . In addition, this speaker has a durable housing that is protected from shock and immersion in water. Of course, it is difficult to expect a killer sound from such a baby – its power is only 3.3 watts. But according to the reviews of the owners, its sound, although not loud, is very clean, pleasant and balanced – like other JBL products.

  • Sound: stereo
  • Food: battery powered
  • Connecting to a source:Bluetooth

JBL Xtreme 2

15 hours of operation and water protection

Music to go: 7 portable speakers for all occasions

Another speaker from JBL – this time with four tweeters and two woofers. The sound is very rich, the volume is quite high. “Bathing” it is not worth it, but the rubberized body perfectly protects against splashes. If the company has several such columns, they can be combined into a single system – you will “pump” a decent size site. Enough energy for the whole day – more precisely, for 15 hours of fun, as the manufacturer promises.

The main connection method is, of course, Bluetooth, and the device communicates simultaneously with two smartphones. There is also a microphone for answering calls.

  • Sound: stereo
  • Food: battery powered (10,000 mAh)
  • Connecting to a source:Bluetooth

Ion Party Rocker

Disco ball and mighty bass for an outdoor party

Music to go: 7 portable speakers for all occasions

Turn on music for the entire camp site, holiday village or night beach? Easy – with portable speaker party rocker from Ion. This speaker is a 50W portable club speaker for outdoor parties. Devices can be connected either via Bluetooth or via an audio line-in for connecting a microphone, so you can feel like an MC. And as a bonus – a built-in disco ball. All this is packed in a suitcase on wheels with a retractable handle and, by the way, is quite inexpensive for such a set. By the way, about color music: we also considered quite good speakers from JBL and Creative.

  • Sound: mono
  • Food: off line
  • Connecting to a source: line-in, Bluetooth

Ritmix ST-250 Bear BT

Children’s audio system in a soft toy

Music to go: 7 portable speakers for all occasions

Great helper for parents – portable speaker Ritmix Bear. You can turn on lullabies, radio, audio books and audio plays for your child with this cute toy with two built-in 3W speakers. The bear itself is fluffy, soft, well-tailored and will perfectly complement the interior of a children’s room, and most importantly – you can play with it! The bear can sing songs and tell stories not only via Bluetooth, but also from any player, from a separate memory card – well, or from a tablet that you would not regret giving to a child.

  • Sound: stereo
  • Food: on battery
  • Connecting to a source: Bluetooth, AUX, microSD, radio


10 thousand radio stations in a box from the eighties

Music to go: 7 portable speakers for all occasions

If you are a radio enthusiast, there is a portable speaker for you. SUPRA PAS-3907 — a device between the past and the future. In addition to being a radio with a digital tuner that can catch and record up to 10,000 radio stations (where can I get them from?), It can play audio from a USB flash drive, microSD card, and also be used as a speaker thanks to the AUX inputs and mini USB. Made in the spirit of Japanese radios of the 80s, the device is not inferior to them in terms of build quality and sound. But there is no Bluetooth in it. However, the target audience of this device does not really need it: radio speakers, like phones for the elderly, have their own buyer.

  • Sound: mono
  • Food: battery powered, USB powered
  • Connecting to a source: USB, mini-USB, microSD card, line-in, radio

Max Q67

Guitar “amp” and music center in one suitcase

Music to go: 7 portable speakers for all occasionsWe have already mentioned portable club acoustics, and here is the concert one. Guitarists, we remember you! For all lovers of live sound in nature, another portable speaker-suitcase is intended – Max Q67 power of 75 watts. In addition to Bluetooth and a USB interface for connecting a flash drive, it has a guitar input and two microphone inputs, as well as a lot of settings that make it similar to a concert amplifier. Are there any musicians among our readers? With this mobile speaker, you can arrange concerts right on the city streets, especially since it is powered autonomously.

  • Sound: mono
  • Food: battery operated
  • Connecting to a source: Bluetooth, USB, line inputs

Divoom Timebox

Alarm clock, portable speaker and 8-bit rainbow

Music to go: 7 portable speakers for all occasionsWe already wrote about this column in a selection of original alarm clocks – but as a clock. Meanwhile, Divoom Timebox – it is also a radio receiver, and a Bluetooth speaker with a power of 5 watts. In addition, it can be used as a speakerphone, play voice messages recorded on it and accompany them with a funny 8-bit animation that you draw yourself in a mobile application. A real geek toy with a music playback function that you don’t mind buying just for the fun of it.

  • Sound: mono
  • Food: battery operated
  • Connecting to a source: Bluetooth, radio

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Photo: manufacturing companies, Pexels