Microsoft has released a whole line of wireless peripherals: the Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse, the Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard and the Microsoft Number Pad. All three devices support simultaneous connection to three computers and can switch between them using the Bluetooth button. However, this feature only works on new Windows 10 PCs – which is logical, because these are devices from Microsoft.

Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse

The mouse is available in four colors: black, gray, blue and brick. On our test, we had the most beautiful color of pale orange — it looks original and bright.

The mouse is designed for the right hand and is equipped with a thumb rest. The grip is comfortable – the hand lies on the manipulator in a natural position and does not bend. There are two additional buttons on the left side of the case – by default they are used to scroll the page, but the functions can be reassigned. The aluminum wheel scrolls clearly and stops immediately, if you remove your finger from it, you won’t be able to scroll further than planned.

The device runs on AAA batteries – the manufacturer promises that they will hold a charge for up to 15 months.

When you connect peripherals for the first time, the system prompts you to install the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Control Center application. It works only on Windows computers and is used to configure buttons and cursor speed – dpi is adjustable in 200-point increments in the range of 400-2400.

You can even record macros or assign keyboard shortcuts to the side buttons – convenient if you often work with documents or play games.

The mouse is already on sale – on Yandex.Market it costs from 2500 rubles.

Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard

As the name suggests, this is a designer wireless keyboard. It is really stylish: the case is thin, the keys have clear contours and a small but noticeable travel.

There are small rubber feet on the inside of the keyboard. The compartment for batteries is also hidden there – as many as four pieces are needed for operation. Charging the gadget from USB would be more convenient, but the battery would require more space.

When connecting, you need to enter a pin code on the keyboard and press Enter. After that, it can be configured in the “Control Center”: change the functions of multimedia keys, set parameters for applications, and so on. It is convenient that the device is equipped with buttons for switching pages Page Up and Page Down, as well as keys for controlling the sound. But the most unusual button is the one with a heart drawn on it. It is needed to call the emoticons menu – convenient and in the spirit of the times.

By the way, we managed to connect the keyboard not only to a laptop with a Microsoft system, but also to an iPad. To do this, you also needed to enter a numeric pin code.

The Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard model is available in black and gray from 4000 rubles.

Microsoft Number Pad

The Microsoft Number Pad is a portable digital pad that also connects to your computer via Bluetooth. The device is unusual and at first glance even funny – it looks like a calculator. What’s more, it even has a call button for the Calculator app! In fact, this accessory will be useful for those who use a laptop or keyboard without a separate number pad. Such a gadget is useful for programmers, accountants and anyone who works with numbers.

The block is made in the same style as other Microsoft peripherals – together the devices will look very harmonious. The calculator is slim and fits easily in your hand. It also runs on batteries – it is here alone (a lithium “tablet”) and is hidden in the upper part of the case.

As in the case of the keyboard, when connected, the computer asks you to enter a code on the calculator and press Enter. Next, the device is automatically added to the “Mouse and Keyboard Control Center”, where you can configure the functions of its keys: by default, these are mainly numbers.

Microsoft Number Pad is available in black and grey. It can already be bought for an average of 1500 rubles.

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