The first guitars appeared in the 2nd millennium BC. Since then they have changed and improved.

Now there are no problems with the purchase of the first instrument, it is enough to visit an online store where a guitar is sold, but which one should a beginner guitarist choose?

Types of guitars

Today there are 3 types of guitars:

  • Acoustic (variety, folk, western or concert) – the saturation and volume of sound are created due to the wide cavity and narrow neck. Most often, such a guitar sounds in companies of friends and at chamber performances. It is played both with fingers and with a mediator. More often, metal strings are placed on it, adding sonority and sharpness to the work. In turn, these guitars are divided into:
    • The dreadnought (western guitar) is the largest among acoustics, stands out for its resonant sound and versatility. Used when playing in styles: country, blues, acoustic rock.
    • Jumbo – now this guitar is quite rare. She has sonorous chords, and rich bass notes. It was common in the mid-80s, among rockers, to perform songs without accompaniment.
    • The small jumbo is smaller than the regular jumbo in size and volume. But its sound is expressive and clear. Suitable for studio play.
    • Auditorium – used when playing in concert halls, in orchestras. In the genre of chamber music, folk, blues, variety.
    • Grand auditorium – the same as the previous guitar, but larger, it happens that it has a cutout – kataway. Plays in the middle range at low frequencies. Used in a variety of genres.
    • The folk guitar is an improvement on the classical guitar, on which it has become possible to string metal strings. This is a very good guitar option for beginners.
    • Travel guitar – a guitar for traveling. Its small size makes it easy to take with you on the go.
    • Parlor is a guitar with a graceful body, so it is often considered a female guitar. The soft sound is better suited for performing pop ballads or romances.
    • Russian seven-string – was popular in Tsarist Russia. It mainly performs classical works.
  • Classic – This type of guitar is more rounded and smaller than acoustics. On such a guitar, only nylon strings are put, and its neck is shorter and wider than that of an acoustic one.
  • electric guitars – These guitars have a solid body, they do not have resonators, but there are pickups. They are stuffed with electronics. Used to play in the style of metal, hard rock, punk rock.