Steam cleaners are a new word in the cleaning process. They cope with even the most stubborn stains, mold and other contaminants.

With their help, you can easily wash tiles, linoleum, plumbing, glass and other materials.

Steam cleaners have proven themselves in the market of household goods for the home and their range is regularly updated. Today we will take a closer look at the Kitfort KT-914 steam cleaner.

This is a versatile, multifunctional device that not only replaces a steam mop, glass cleaner, but also serves as a disinfector and steamer for various fabrics.

The steam cleaner is made of white and blue plastic, has 9 nozzles in the kit and a special compartment for storing them.

The steam cleaner moves on wheels, which allows it to rotate 360about and do not interfere with the cleaning process.

Kitfort KT-914 has a large, non-removable water tank with a volume of 0.75 liters. Heats water in 480 seconds and produces steam at a pressure of 3.5 bar.

The maximum power consumption is 1500 W.

There is an adjustable steam supply.

The device is completely safe. The design provides for a special valve that bleeds steam in the event of a pressure surge until the optimum, permissible value is reached.

The device is convenient to manage, because. The steam regulator is located directly on the handle. The length of the steam hose is 0.7 m, which makes it possible to get to the most inaccessible places, and thanks to the 4.5 m power cord, you can clean up anywhere in the room without thinking about where to reconnect the plug of the device.

The model has convenient mechanical control, there is an indication of inclusion.

Thanks to its small size and light weight, the Kitfort KT-914 steam cleaner is easy to maneuver and operate.

The device weighs only 4.8 kg. and has dimensions (HxDxW): 19x29x34.5 cm.


The Kitfort KT-914 steam cleaner is a versatile device that is easy to use, does not require special knowledge and skills, and convenient to store, due to the provided storage compartment for nozzles and a folding handle, the storage of the steam cleaner will be compact. It copes well with any contamination, disinfects surfaces, and safely steams all types of fabrics and eliminates odors from them.

By purchasing this device, you get a comfortable cleaning in a short time with a perfect result at the end.

*Prices are valid as of 11/16/2021