Singing drinking songs is a Russian folk tradition that survived with admirable tenacity into the age of high technology. And in the 90s, it also organically merged with entertainment from distant Japan – karaoke singing. So to this day, at feasts, someone does “Oh God, what a man” while looking at the TV. If you love to sing at the holidays, CHIP will tell you about such an interesting invention that you will forget which wireless microphone is best for karaoke.

How to choose a karaoke microphone for home?

First, let’s talk about the banal. Before you start looking for a microphone, decide how you generally prefer to sing. It will be difficult to find the perfect option if you don’t know what you are looking for at all.

For example, if you like to sing duets, you will need two microphones – or even several if you have a mini-choir with friends. Then it is better to buy several microphones cheaper. If everyone will sing in turn, it is better to invest in one, but a very good one. For example, in one that we will talk about soon.

How is a wireless karaoke microphone different from a regular one?

Usually the microphone is connected to the karaoke system via a 6.5 mm jack or 3.5 mini-jack connector. This is at best: many manufacturers of karaoke systems love exotic connectors.

Wireless microphones for karaoke are used to connect Bluetooth of different versions. As a rule, karaoke microphones without wires are of two types:

  • First, the wireless device may already be integrated into your karaoke systemif you bought it as a set. Then everything is simple with the choice: the most important parameter when choosing will be compatibility with the system – look for the same microphone that is included in the kit, for example, on AliExpress. Alternatively, there are wireless kits that connect to karaoke systems.
  • And secondly, there are standalone karaoke microphones. They do not need to be connected to anything – the exception is a portable Bluetooth speaker, a smartphone or any device that has the same “bluetooth”. Thus, you can sing karaoke wherever your heart desires – even when fishing, even in front of a crowd on the street. Moreover, they themselves can work as a speaker – just insert a USB flash drive with music. They also know how to improve your voice – built-in mixers allow you to change the upper and lower frequencies and remove noise. This is a relatively new product on the market – that’s what we will choose today. First, let’s show what they look like:

Karaoke microphone with Bluetooth speaker – which one is better?

Where can I get such a miracle Yudo? The Russian market, in general, is supplied with stand-alone wireless microphones manufactured by the company Tuxun. Wireless microphones are kind of new for 2018, so if you’re looking for the best karaoke microphone to buy based on reviews, you don’t have much of a choice. However, we have compiled a small rating so that you know what to build on.

Tuxun WS-858: both microphone and player

Actually, this is a karaoke microphone, wireless, which one is better – black, pink or gold – it already depends on your color preferences. This miracle device consists of an ordinary microphone head and a handle, between which there is a rather weighty-looking control panel. It contains a Bluetooth module, a battery, a USB card reader, and a set of mixers that are controlled by buttons and levers.

Here is what this wireless karaoke microphone can do:

  • Connect via Bluetooth to a smartphone (for iOS or Android – it doesn’t matter) and work with any karaoke application at a distance of up to 10 meters;
  • Increase and decrease voice volume;
  • Remove echo when singing;
  • Read micro-USB drives with music (for example, with recorded “minuses” of your songs);
  • Manage the playback of songs from a flash drive: rewind, pause, start playback.

Given that the device can be inserted microSD card, this microphone itself is a portable speaker. You may not sing, let Shufutinsky sing, and you will sing along. The maximum capacity of a flash drive is 8 GB.

Moreover, the microphone has 3.5mm connectorwhich makes it possible to connect headphones to it. So you can just listen to music if the soul suddenly refuses to sing for some reason.

What more i can say? The device has a 1800 mAh lithium battery, it lasts for 5-8 hours of operation. The microphone takes about 3-5 hours to charge. Note that among the Tuxun models, this one is the simplest.

Tuxun WS-858

The WS-858 wireless karaoke microphone allows you to sing karaoke by simply connecting your smartphone via Bluetooth.


Tuxun Q9: both microphone and mixing console

This model also connects via Bluetooth to any device that supports it and can read a USB flash drive inserted into the connector with music. But, unlike the previous one, it is equipped with a large number of mixers that will not only bring your singing closer to professional, but also can serve as entertainment.

Here’s what you can do with the sliders on the front of the control box:

  • Remove noise. There are three filters to remove noise;
  • Enlarge and reduce volume vote;
  • Create sound effects – for example, echo;
  • Regulate frequencies. This is a fun feature: for example, by adding the lower ones, you can sing bass to entertain guests, and the upper ones can create a truly nightingale voice for yourself.

The device connects to your gadget and works with the karaoke app. The working distance is 10 meters. The lithium-ion battery is charged via the USB connector. The charging time is about 5 hours, and the operating time is 7-9 hours, respectively. Like the previous model, Q9 can be purchased in pink, gold or black.

Tuxun Q9

The MicGeek Q9 karaoke microphone 2 in 1 is a new, popular model of a functional speaker and a wireless microphone in one body.


Wster WS16: both microphone and color music

Models Wster it is easy to distinguish from a competitor in that the buttons are located on the handle. Yes, and the color range is more solid – black, white, dark red, gold.

Functionally, they differ little. The microphone is compatible with karaoke apps on Android and iOS. However, you can connect a microphone to your device not only using Bluetooth, but also via a microUSB cable. The functionality of the Wster WS16 mixers is absolutely identical to the Tuxun Q9, but, as already mentioned, the control buttons are placed on the handle – right under the thumb. In our opinion, it is much more convenient.

But what distinguishes the device is the enlarged speakers that can directly play music from the microSD card. And most importantly, colorful LED speaker lighting that will add to the holiday atmosphere and draw attention to you when you sing. You can, of course, disable it if you wish.

The microphone is equipped with a 1800 mAh battery, which is charged via USB. Here is an important thing to consider: the microphone is a condenser, so it picks up all sounds quite clearly. Therefore, when singing, it is better to keep it a little at a distance so that interference does not appear – for example, the sound of your breathing.


WSTER WS-1816 is a device that combines a Bluetooth vocal microphone and a universal backlit audio speaker.


OWL SDRD SD-306: design and duet singing

This set of karaoke microphones just looked into our souls and made us add ourselves to the selection. In addition to the look of a hypnotoad, the karaoke owl has two microphones for duet singing, two autonomous speakers for sound output, and an AUX output, which allows you to connect it to any stereo system.

The power of the speakers is 20W in total, and their frequency range varies from 100Hz to 18KHz. Like all previous models, “owl” can play music from SD cards, as well as via USB. The device connects to other gadgets via Bluetooth 4.2, but it charges from a wall outlet. But the battery is no worse than others: 1800 mAh with an autonomous operating time of up to 3 hours.

An important difference of this device is the ability to sing a duet, for which there are two rechargeable wireless microphones. “Owl” promises high quality sound, has an equalizer controlled by touch buttons, which can set the right sound for your song. Well, the backlight – so that they can be seen in the dark. In a word: love hypnosova. Everyone loves hypnos 🙂


Karaoke column OWL SDRD SD-306 with two wireless microphones on batteries


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Photo: manufacturing companies, Soyuzmultfilm