In the modern world, there are many devices that greatly simplify people’s lives. But sometimes they are not easy to use, for example, a scanner. In this article, we will consider in detail the procedure for connecting and using it, as well as understand the key nuances and features of this scanning device.

Preliminary preparation

Before you run the scanner and hope it’s easy to get it to work, you need to prepare ahead of time and choose the right scanner. It is advisable to understand a simple truth even before paying for your purchase in the store: few devices can work on a computer without drivers.

A driver is a special program that “introduces” a purchased device to a computer, allowing them to work with each other without difficulty.

If the drivers for the scanner are not available in the computer (often it happens), then there is no question of any work. The meaning will be identical, as if you connect a toaster to a milling machine – it just won’t work.

Installing the scanner

If the scanner is the simplest, most common, without tricks, then the Windows system has built-in drivers just for such cases. The same ones exist for mice, keyboards and other standard devices, but can the scanner be called typical for the general list of computer components? It is unlikely.

Thanks to Windows Update, almost any driver can be downloaded from the Internet without any difficulties. But there are moments like the following:

  • in the Windows that the user has, the Update Center does not work;
  • no Internet;
  • another operating system is installed (for example, Linux);
  • unable to find/download required driver;
  • the driver had no effect on the scanner or computer, etc.

Hundreds of cases of the most diverse nature can happen, and the result is only one – the scanner does not work. Therefore, the first and most important thing when buying a device is to check for an installation disk with drivers. This disc is prepared by manufacturers and comes with the purchased scanner. It contains technical documentation, contacts for feedback, verified and 100% working drivers for the purchased device.

However, occasionally such a disk may be absent. Here you need to check with the seller, because maybe there are enough standard programs on the computer to make the device work. Then the disk with the programs is not needed. But if the seller shrugs his shoulders, and the logical question is answered in the spirit of: “I don’t know, maybe I just don’t need it?”, Perhaps you should stop buying this scanner model.

Connecting to a computer

Connect the scanner in the following sequence of actions:

  • turn off and completely disconnect the computer from the mains with power;
  • connect the device and the computer with a special cable;
  • restart the computer;
  • at the end of the driver installation, a dialog box will pop up, which will notify you that the scanner was successfully detected and ready to work with it.

New modern scanners are easily connected to a computer using a USB cable. The connection diagram looks like this:


If the scanner is of an older type, it is quite possible that SCSI will be used instead of a USB cable:

SCSI cable

In this case, you should look on the scanner not for a USB connector, but for SCSI. It looks like this:

SCSI connector

Moreover, if the scanner is really old, it may be necessary to connect it with a separate cable to a power outlet in order to receive power. Difficulties are caused by the fact that it is not often that there is an extra outlet at hand, so sometimes you have to move the scanner to another place.

In specialized stores with equipment, you can buy USB-SCSI adapters that allow you to connect devices without fussing with extra components.

Next, you need to insert the driver disk into the drive and start installing them. It is best to select the “Easy installation” item if it is not clear how everything works and works. Advanced users can use custom installation if needed.

Often, the scanner driver installer dialog box looks something like this:

Installer Dialog

All subsequent work with the scanner depends on the device model and is approximately similar in structure:

  • the necessary image, file, text is scanned through the program;
  • the necessary actions are performed (copy cropping, color change, extensions, etc.);
  • the scanned copy is saved on the computer.

Do not be afraid if the file is being scanned for too long. It all depends on the settings in the program: the higher the user sets the requirements, the more time it will take for the scanning beam to analyze and create a copy.

For each action in a specialized program there are corresponding buttons. It is hardly possible to confuse the “Scan” and “Edit” pointers with each other. Misunderstanding happens when the program is exclusively in English. But scanners purchased in branded stores are bundled with disks with programs, often Russified. This minimizes the difficulties for users in understanding the operation of the program.

Mistakes, difficulties, nuances

It would seem that the scanner is connected, and no further action is required. It’s almost like that. But no one is immune from all sorts of problematic situations:

  1. Additional programs.

Depending on the scanner you are using, you may need a variety of programs to work successfully with the resulting digital copies of your originals. ABBYY FineReader is suitable for scanning and recognizing an image with a scanner (if not provided by the driver program), and Adobe Photoshop is enough to work with the resulting scanned copies. Therefore, you should not panic and surf the Internet.

Girl in front of a computer in disbelief

You should also not rush and install unverified programs from the Internet. They may well be on the installation disk in the “Bonus” folder or some other. However, this is optional, so if the manufacturer decides not to add them to the disk, this is not a violation.

  1. Do not use force.

Even if you need to scan a spread of a book that is not close to the scanner, do not press down hard on its lid. It is possible to bend or otherwise damage the scanning element (it is made of glass, which confirms the need to be careful with it). Due to these breakdowns, obtaining clear copies will be impossible, and repair is equivalent to buying a new device.

If, during strong pressure, the glass element cracks, this is a complete cross on copies of any nature. You can’t do without repair or buying a new device.

Treat the scanner with care. And don’t use powder cleaners. Small granules and crushed particles are ideal for cleaning a floor or table, but can seriously damage the glass element (very high probability). Human vision may not see them, but the scanning beam will certainly recognize them, which will affect the quality of the resulting scanned copy.

  1. The scanner is not working.

If the device was purchased from hand or was already in use, then it is unlikely that it will be possible to solve the difficulties that have arisen on your own. It is necessary to take it to a service center for repair to specialists. The cause of the breakdown can be hidden almost anywhere:

  • the previous user had constant power surges, due to which something burned out in the device;
  • the contacts/cable have come off;
  • other faults.

The scanner is a very abstruse and technically complex device. An ignorant person to climb inside the device with a screwdriver is highly discouraged. Even if you remove the scanner cover, forgetting to unfasten it, you will end up pressing documents and images manually. And this again reminds of the likelihood of a possible breakdown due to the use of too much force.

Document scanning

Complexity can also be hidden in the drivers. Modern computers perform several billion operations per second, so the probability of failure during the installation process is quite big. Sometimes the re-execution of the operation occurs quickly and successfully, and sometimes nothing saves from an error. There are countless factors that affect this, starting with system failures and ending with errors in the drivers themselves.

Therefore, the drivers for the scanner may be installed with an error. Then you should turn off the device, completely remove all existing programs for it and, after connecting the scanner, install them again. This will definitely solve the complexity caused by the incorrect operation of the drivers.

  1. Breakdown at the production level.

Perhaps, during the manufacture of the device, the scanning element, for example, was installed with a microscopic inclination. This is quite enough to cause the most unpleasant defects when working with the scanner. There is only one solution – to contact the company store with a mention that there are suspicions of a marriage.

If a marriage is found, the device will be replaced with an identical one, but new and without breakdowns. But when the expert opinions do not confirm the presence of a defective part, you can, for example, try to reinstall the drivers again.

Using the scanner is not difficult, it breaks very rarely, and we have already talked about the rest of the features. The main thing is to treat the device with care, and then there will be no need to take it for repair. And an abundant number of settings when scanning will allow you to get exactly the copy that you need.