Most modern TVs are equipped with Smart TV technology. Thanks to it, you can connect to the Internet through the TV interface and watch high-quality movies online. And even this is not the end, because having a camera and a microphone, you can communicate through the Skype application. But for everything to work out, it is important to correctly connect and configure Smart TV.

Smart TV connection

To use all the features of Smart TV technology, your TV must be connected to the Internet. This can be done in 2 ways:

  • wireless connection using a Wi-Fi network;
  • connecting the TV and the router using an Internet cable.

The most correct thing is to decide on the connection method even before purchasing a TV. However, it is highly recommended to purchase devices that interact with the Internet via Wi-Fi. This method of connecting to the network is much faster than an Internet cable, it is much easier to connect the circuit, you can avoid unnecessary expenses and laying a cable around the apartment.

Smart TV setup

In any case, connecting Smart TV technology to the Internet is easy:

  1. Cable connection.

This is the simplest way, although not very practical. An Internet cable is taken and directly connected between the TV, modem and Ethernet port. The connection will be recognized instantly, after which you can start using all the amenities of the Smart TV system on the TV: watch videos, download them, use Skype (if you have peripheral equipment).


  • moving devices is difficult and depends entirely on the location of the router and the length of the cable;
  • the slightest damage to the wire can cause some instability in the network or completely ruin the connection to the Internet;
  • over time, the cable sheath may crack, exposing the inside of the cable (increasing the likelihood of electric shock);
  • in some cases, it is not possible to lay an additional cable beautifully (under the plinth or floor), as a result, it will lie sloppy right on the floor.


  • the simplest connection scheme that you can think of (any person can handle it, even a full-fledged beginner);
  • there is no need to understand the settings and somehow additionally configure the TV to receive a signal;
  • 99% of all faults are in the cable – after replacing it, the Internet reappears;
  • An Internet cable is purchased at a low price, and the entire connection procedure lasts no more than 1 minute.

One end of the LAN cable must be connected to the Ethernet socket on the Smart TV, and the other end to an external Internet modem. The modem itself is also connected to the Ethernet port in the wall (if not already done). Then there will be a short recognition of the new connection by the device, and access to the Internet will appear. This completes the connection.

  1. Wireless connection.

To connect Smart TV via Wi-Fi, you need to have a built-in Wi-Fi module in your TV. It is he who will “catch” the Internet from the router. If this is not available, you should purchase a special adapter (a small device that connects to a TV / computer), which will act as a connecting link. This adapter is connected to the USB port on the TV.

First you need to make sure that the Wi-Fi router is working properly and is fully connected to the Internet. Further, after installing the adapter (not required with the built-in module), select the appropriate section in the TV options and start the process of searching for available Wi-Fi connections.

It is important to pay attention to the name of the available Internet network. If it turns out to be a neighbor’s router, it can be turned off at any time. Therefore, you should be responsible for the choice of available networks in order to have a constant and guaranteed connection to the Internet.

If you have a security code/password, you will need to enter it during the connection process. As soon as the connection between the TV and the Wi-Fi router is set up, the user will have full access to Internet resources and applications.

Also included with the purchased TV is always a user manual that has comprehensive information about the rules for connecting, setting up and using Smart TV technology.

How to connect Smart TV to the Internet via a LAN cable and via Wi-Fi, see the following video:

  1. Connection via computer.

The use of Smart TV technology can be achieved through a computer. You can connect TV in 2 ways:

However, an HDMI connection will not be able to access the Internet. Thus, it will only be possible to watch movies on the computer using the TV as a monitor.

But when you connect to a computer through the Wi-Fi setting, the Internet will become available, as if you connect to a regular router (in fact, this is the same thing).

After all the procedures carried out, it remains only to finally configure Smart TV.

Features of setting up LG TVs

Different TVs have different settings, so for the full operation of Smart TV, it is important to set up the device for a proper connection to the Internet.

For TV models from the manufacturer LG, it is often required to register in the Smart TV system. Without this, it will be impossible to install and use applications (as well as the rest of the TV functionality).

First you need to go to the main menu of the TV. Then in the upper right corner of the menu there will be a button for logging into your account. There it will be necessary to enter a username and password from it, but since the account does not yet exist, it must be created. To do this, you need the “Create an account / Register” button.

In the form that opens, you should come up with and enter a password, login, and also add an email address:


In any of the cases, during the registration process, you will need a smartphone or computer to go to your email and confirm the profile registration process on the network.

Further, the data specified during registration must be entered in the mentioned registration window in the main menu on the TV. After that, Smart TV will be finally configured and no other actions are required.

Connection features in Sony Bravia

Setting up Smart TV technology on Sony Bravia TVs is significantly different:

1. First of all, on the remote control, press the “Home” button:

Home button:

This will take the user to the main menu of the TV.

2. Then, in the window that opens, select the icon with the image of a suitcase, after which the “Settings” menu will appear:


3. In the drop-down list, select the “Network” item:


4. As a result, a few more items will appear, from which you should select “Update Internet Content”:


After these steps, the Internet will conditionally reboot, and the TV will tune in to the desired network. This completes the Smart TV setup.

Setting up Samsung TVs

The TV comes with a user manual that explains the connection procedure in detail, but not the detailed Smart TV settings. Perhaps this is due to the fact that Samsung is fully confident that there will be no problems during the connection:

1. On the remote control, enter the Smart Hub menu:

Smart Hub Menu

2. To check the operation of Smart TV, just launch any of the available applications:

Checking work

If it starts, then the technology is working successfully, and you can start enjoying all the benefits of the service.

What should I do if I can’t connect to the Internet?

But what to do when various errors occur, it is difficult to say. Each malfunction has its own solutions, so it is impossible to determine the actions that will surely help.

However, you can try to fix the error in the most common way. Dive into the Smart TV settings and change them if necessary:

1. The item “Menu” is selected, then “Network” and “Network Settings”:


2. A message will also appear there, prompting you to automatically try to set up the connection.

You should not immediately put an end to this idea, because it is quite possible that the TV will be able to solve the malfunction that has arisen on its own. Therefore, in the window, click on “Start” to begin the automatic configuration process.

If the Internet network can be configured, a corresponding message will appear. If not, then an error message will pop up.

3. If it is impossible to establish a connection in this way, you need to go to the “Network Status” menu. It’s located just below “Network Settings”:

Network settings

4. In a new window, you need to go to the “IP Settings” item, and then select the automatic receipt of an IP address:


5. If this does not help, then you will have to enter all the data yourself:


You can find out the IP address, subnet mask, etc. by contacting your Internet Service Provider via a phone call. Also, if you have a computer and use the same Internet, you can go to the local connection menu and select “Details”. The window that appears will show all the data about the Internet network, but only the underlined ones will be of interest for Smart TV:

Network connection details

They should be entered in the TV menu in the sections of the same name.

After the steps taken, an Internet connection should be established, and you can start using Smart TV on a Samsung TV.

Identical steps for setting up the network can be carried out on any other models, since the difference lies only in the location of the menu and the names of the sections. But no need to worry, because they will be intuitive: “Network Setup” and “Network Settings” are the same thing.

To check Smart TV, you can run any application or otherwise try to use TV features that require the Internet. If it worked out, then everything is in order, and if not, you need to adjust. Everything is very simple, the main thing is to understand the essence of the device and carefully read the instructions for the user.