Any technique requires maintenance, which will extend its service life. And the owner of a laptop computer may be faced with the question of how to clean the laptop keyboard at home, since it is this part of the device that usually gets dirty quickly. The cleaning process is quite simple if you have the right tools and tools on hand.

Cleaning options and necessary products

Active operation of a laptop provokes the appearance of various contaminants on its surface. The keyboard suffers especially often, between the buttons of which dust, pet hair, crumbs and other dirt collect. In some cases, an emergency solution may be required on how to clean the laptop keyboard from spilled liquid, especially if the drink was sweet. It is necessary to act on the basis of the degree and complexity of pollution.

Coffee on the keyboard

Cleaning a laptop keyboard: options

  1. Simple or surface cleaning. This option is acceptable with minimal contamination of the keys and to eliminate dust, crumbs between the keyboard buttons. Such purification can be carried out with the help of improvised means.
  2. Thorough, “deep” cleaning of the keyboard inside and out. It should be done at least once every 12 months. In addition, this particular cleaning option is necessary if you want to reanimate a keyboard filled with any liquid (even water). It will not work without disassembling the equipment, and in some cases it is necessary to use special cleaning products.

Regardless of the chosen option on how to clean the laptop keyboard, you need to follow certain rules and tips so that the equipment does not suffer.

  • Before any manipulations, the equipment must be disconnected from the network. The laptop must be turned off, if possible, remove the battery. If the keyboard works via USB, then it is enough to disconnect it from the main device.
  • To eliminate any contamination, do not use alcohol as the main cleaning agent. The only exception is an aqueous solution of isopropyl alcohol (1:1). Otherwise, symbols will be erased from the surfaces of the buttons, and internal contacts may be damaged. Acetone and products based on it should also not be used.
  • Before turning on the device, it is important to wait until the keyboard is completely dry. And during the cleaning period, it is worth monitoring the amount of moisture that gets on the keyboard – it should be at a minimum.
  • Any manipulations performed with the keyboard must be extremely accurate, without sudden movements. If the key fasteners or internal contacts are damaged, the device will become unusable.
  • In addition to an aqueous solution of isopropyl alcohol, it is permissible to use a soap solution, wet wipes, special cleaning products for plastic and keyboards. Avoiding exposure to any moisture, you can use a can of compressed air, a vacuum cleaner, a hair dryer, a regular rubber enema, or a pear-shaped perfume sprayer. With the help of such devices, it will be possible to “blow out” all the dust from the keyboard.
  • Other improvised means to help solve the question of how to clean a laptop keyboard at home are:
  1. clean cuts of non-flowing fabrics;
  2. cotton pads, sticks with cotton tips or toothpicks with cotton wool attached to them;
  3. scalpel or knife with a very thin blade; before use, it is necessary to wrap the blade of the selected tool with a piece of soft cloth;
  4. brushes for painting or for painting work with a long and hard bristle;
  5. brushes, including old toothbrushes.

Faced with the need to carefully clean up a laptop after filling its keyboard with some kind of liquid, you additionally need to take into account the following nuances:

  1. as soon as liquid gets on the surface of the buttons, the equipment must be quickly turned off; you should also remove the battery;
  2. then you need to turn the device over and shake it well so that all the liquid pours out from the inside; act carefully so that drops do not fall on the screen;
  3. after that, you need to let the technique dry in an open, inverted state for several hours; to be sure, you can try to dry it additionally with a hairdryer or put pieces of cotton pads, rice cereal between the keys so that the moisture is quickly absorbed;
  4. if the amount of liquid was small, only the appearance of the buttons suffered, there is no need to disassemble the equipment with your own hands; in the situation of a plentiful bay with some sweet drink, the keyboard will have to be cleaned in a “deep” way.

If you do not want to use improvised means, in specialized stores you can either purchase sets consisting of napkins, liquid or gel for the keyboard and brushes, or buy a separate cleanser. It is necessary to use synthetic substances, based on the instructions.

How to clean dirt from a laptop keyboard: options for purchased products

  1. Gel “Magic Cleaner”.
  2. Velcro (liquid rag) “Bright Cleaner”.
  3. Universal wipes for cleaning Defender equipment;
  4. Sprays “Kramolin”;
  5. Probiotic cleaner.

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Easy and fast keyboard cleaning

The solution to the problem of how to clean the keyboard on a portable device, if it does not have significant pollution, is quite simple. In some cases, you can get by with simply brushing off external dust from the buttons or gently erasing with a toothpick, a dark plaque knife. However, when this piece of equipment has not been cleaned for a long period of time, you will have to tinker a bit and get to “hard-to-reach” places, ridding them of dirt, crumbs and dust.

Keyboard cleaning brush

How to clean a keyboard on a laptop: simple and quick ways

  1. Turn the laptop off and open, lightly tap on the bottom cover and shake the device so that crumbs and other similar particles fall out of the keyboard. Or use a sticky napkin, a special gel that will “pull out” dry dirt.
  2. To clean the surface of the keyboard on a laptop from sticky and greasy marks, you can wipe its surface with either special wet wipes or a sponge slightly moistened with soapy water. In water, it is permissible to dilute not only ordinary soap shavings, but also dishwashing detergent (literally a couple of drops), which fights greasy stains better.
  3. When surface contamination is sufficiently persistent, you need to use an aqueous solution of isopropyl alcohol, in which either the corner of a rag or a cotton swab is wetted.
  4. To clean sticky dirt between the buttons, you can resort to any convenient device: a brush, brush, scalpel with a cloth, a cotton swab or a toothpick with cotton wool. As a cleanser, the same alcohol solution or a store-bought product is used.
  5. Use a cold blow dryer or similar device to blow away dirt.
  6. When using a can of compressed air, it must be held at a slight angle to the keyboard surface. At the same time, try to avoid inhaling vapors that can act as a toxic substance on the body. After using such a product, it is recommended to ventilate the room well.
  7. Deciding to “pull out” the dirt, you need to arm yourself with a vacuum cleaner. However, you need to act very carefully and carefully so as not to pull out the keyboard buttons.

The combined use of these methods will help to effectively clean an important part of a laptop computer. If the keyboard is pretty dirty, you will have to apply a thorough cleaning option.

The process of “deep” cleaning of the laptop keyboard

Understanding how to clean the keyboard on a laptop completely and thoroughly, you need to stock up not only with the right tools, but also with patience and time. The main difficulty lies in the self-disassembly of this piece of equipment. Before detaching the keyboard or simply removing the keys, it would be useful to take a picture of it in assembled form. This will help after the cleaning process to easily return all the buttons to their rightful places.

Laptop Keyboard Deep Cleaning Tool

The technique for parsing the keyboard of the device depends on the laptop. A number of models suggest the possibility of removing this part. If this is not possible, then only the upper plastic nozzles are detached.

How to disassemble the keyboard: basic methods

  • Armed with a flat thin screwdriver, scalpel or small knife, carefully pry off the bottom edge of the button. Try to consider how the fasteners are made. Then slightly press (until it clicks) on the “antennae” of the mount, pulling the key up. You need to act without sudden movements, so as not to break the “antennae”. It is not recommended to remove the space bar, Enter, Tab and Shift on laptops – securing them after cleaning can be problematic.
  • If such a part of the device is removable, fixed at the top with jumpers, then they must be carefully snapped off one by one, gradually raising the field with the keys. When all the “clasps” are removed, you do not need to pull the keyboard towards you, because of such a movement, the main cable attached to the motherboard may break. When the keyboard is removed, the buttons are removed in the previously described way.
  • In a situation of internal fastening, the laptop must be folded, turned over, and the bottom cover removed. After that, determine in what places and how many screws the part is fixed to the device. Carefully unscrew such fasteners and remove the keyboard, again trying not to damage the cable and internal contacts. Then remove the buttons.

Returning all the keys after cleaning is not difficult. It is enough to fix each button in its place and gently press until a couple of characteristic clicks.

How to properly clean a disassembled device keyboard: instructions

  1. Removed plastic keys must be carefully wiped with wet wipes, alcohol solution or other cleaning agent. After leaving on paper or newspaper, “bottoms” up, until completely dry.
  2. Gently brush off all dust and dry dirt from the disassembled keyboard with a soft, thin brush. Or use a can of compressed air, a perfume sprayer with a pear-shaped nozzle, trying not to blow off the rubber nozzles on the button cells.
  3. Then wipe the laptop part with wet wipes or cotton swabs dipped in the selected cleanser. The use of paper towels or analog devices is not recommended. There is a risk that small paper particles will remain, due to which, when turned on, the contacts of the device may close.
  4. Finally, leave the laptop part to dry completely, then fixing the keys.

Dry cleaning laptop keyboard (video example)

To visually see how the process of removing the buttons from the keyboard goes, as well as to observe the dry version of cleaning the part from dust, you should familiarize yourself with the video below.

Not wanting to risk and disassemble the laptop yourself, but in an effort to save money without contacting a service center, it is worth cleaning the keyboard from external dirt and dust at least once every couple of weeks. And use the device as carefully as possible, avoiding situations where sweet liquid can get on the surface of the equipment.